By | September 12, 2022

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[Music] [Applause] Do [Music] It's pretty sad to see everyone go i'm Going to be on board by myself for a While but it is it's really good for Myself and elena and probably even the Kids to just spend some time either off The boat or just apart from each other It'll be good for us it's good It was very sad to see Alex how you going dude all right yeah Yeah Oh man alex sir You're gonna be looking after the boat For august and september yeah we're Gonna replace the gooseneck replace some Running rigging halyards line sheets Cosmetic stuff some gel coat issues beef Up the tillers make those so those are a Little bit more functional and usable For clients replacing the trampolines Little odds and ends that kind of stuff Show me this food dude Lasagna more lasagna I'm glad we ordered eight rather than Four all of this has been done for Vagabond adventures On adventures Yo Hold on it's so weird talking to the Camera without elayna holding it and Saying hey what's going on what are you

Doing where are we going what's Happening we've just fueled up we've Just left hope town we've got about 400 Miles to go the weather looks good i'll Take you through all the weather in a Second Little shower as we left but the sun's Come out now [Music] We're just going over the last of our Plans we're motoring out and we're just Making the last of our plans here and Checking the weather before we Head up through South man of war which alex and i have Both agreed has a Strong Magenta line to go through there so that Looks safe you gotta check double check And then triple check all of this Here Here And then local knowledge as well the Weather in general I mean it's hurricane season so you need To be careful there are tropical waves Coming off of west africa just Constantly one after another after Another and then occasionally one spins Up into a hurricane that might go Somewhere we've got a forecast that says There's no hurricanes anywhere at all in The north atlantic or caribbean sea that Is what we needed no hurricanes when you

And i saw that we're just like Time to leave But even if it's not a hurricane these Tropical waves can just bring a lot of Power in the atmosphere and it can cause Massive gas huge thunderstorms and stuff Like that that are more localized rather Than a large Defined spinning tropical rotating storm There's actually a tropical wave that's Hitting like now so there's a few little Squalls around but it's very tame a Couple of days with no wind as the trip Goes further on that'll probably result In what do you call them pop-up Thunderstorms a pop-up thunderstorm They're all of the things that we're Sort of dealing with at the moment i've Always found it's good to have no Hurricanes in the area while sailing You agree absolutely subscribe to that Theory yeah a couple more little rains Falls off here to starboard too Okay let's try again so ag-1 is Definitely worth a try if you're after An energy boost and something to cover All bases not only is it filled with Antioxidants adaptogens prebiotics Probiotics and all the incredible green Things but it's so easy to drink it's Just one scoop or one travel pack for Every eight ounces of water it also Supports your immunity and gut health We've been hearing for years that good

Health starts in the gut so this is a Huge reason why we love recommending Athletic grades to you all so much these Legends are going to give you five Travel packs and a year's supply of the Vitamin d3 and k2 with your first Purchase just click the link in the Description box below Are you excited to see the house yes But i know where we sit there you're Gonna hide it yeah Come on I have to go to the [Music] Okay house found the keys Magdalena is our dear friend mike's mum Who let us stay in her place in downtown Charleston for a couple of weeks oh yeah Now we're talking Look at this I couldn't expect anything less from Magdalena Whilst initially we wait for the boys to Arrive with the boat then riley's mom Comes to visit we plan to do some Sailing courses here and go visit our Storage shed to suss out how much stuff We have total that will be shipping to Vietnam having a house during this odd And busy time for us is going to be a Huge help This lasagna is so good Mama mia hello How you going

Hey Lenny how you going mate You're eating rice I just ate a lasagna How was your trip over hilarious oh my Gosh Why am i not surprised can you explain The the tangle with the b1 and b2 visa To enter the us by vote you need to be On b2b and we all have two visa apart From Because we did that people get an Appointment So presumably that's to stop um an Illegal alien such as darwin What working in the u.s Yeah or is he a terror he looks a bit Like a terrorist all right Yeah if i was a profiler i'd profile him Directly under terrorists So yeah that's hugely inconvenient so It's 400 miles we should be there and i Know another's three and a half or two And a half days but i'll send you a Message soon Alex is a legend Alex is so cool Oh keep an eye on him i'll keep him out Of trouble All right thanks see ya What's our boat speed now It's building Uh we're getting getting close to five [Music]

This boat is Ship shape and in bristol fashion it is Schmiko there's no nappies anywhere i've Got some things that i've done so i've Got my own little area there where my Life jacket goes and We moved the grab bag down there [Music] The sun is about to set we've had a Wonderful day sailing we've now got the Full main up and the code d Which is a little dicey given how many Squalls are around the place doing sort Of nine knots recently which is better Than the five that we were doing earlier The Weather models of the six that are now On predict wind Three of them are saying just go Directly to the gulf stream but two are Saying go north so We're going in between all of them which Is exactly where we don't want to be Going we're going there fast This is just a beautiful evening isn't It just gorgeous so you've been getting Updates about the Weather From how am i ian yeah i've reached out To my dad My friend jonathan and ian who are all Cruisers anytime one of us does a longer Passage offshore we'll send them a link For the spot tracker periodically

Throughout the day and throughout the Evenings they'll check it so i'm getting Multiple updates from multiple sources So if anything's coming up behind us Throughout the evening It's just good to know for sure real Time satellite imaging Of storm activity is an absolute Game-changer isn't it yeah absolutely It's a sense of Comfort and security knowing that There's people on shore that are Watching out for you making sure you're Good there's no surprises And then it just alleviates a lot of That stress and allows you just to sail The boat and Enjoy beautiful sunsets like this [Music] Probably the best thing that's happened For me on this trip I've had a bed i i sleep in the saloon With lenny i haven't had a proper bed in Like Three years No cot No hot mama as temperature wise elena And i being in a small cabin it's always Very very hot two fans cranking This is A massive amount of room Normally in the middle of the night Lenny will Just angle himself to a certain he kicks

Me he just kicks me flat out in the side Like a Like a sheep or a mule i haven't been Kicked at all on this trip and it's been Very relaxing [Music] [Applause] [Music] We've reached the gulf stream so we've Got an extra two knots of Current behind us zero wind it's Annoying to be motoring but It's nice to experience the ocean when There's just no wind it's really Beautiful There's a bit of elevation here And here This edge here is more well-defined and That's more fluffy over here looking at The at the top of the clouds just Watching for for as it's building yeah Um and then a well-defined lip on the Bottom but can you see them build in This part of the world oh yeah you can Actually watch the elevation Yeah yeah yeah so the one we've got out Here right now there's not much Elevation build so usually i'll i'll Look sort of between the i guess the Humps of the clouds and then that's a Good indication you know if they're Coming together rapidly that's a good Indication of a fast build and then just Overall just

Elevation the forward edge that lip you Know a lot of times you'll see sort of a Curvature As it comes down and then flat on the Bottom and that's when you get a lot of That wind and the rain out of that Leading edge So we're doing a little uh Investigatory deconstruction but mike And the tide will look beautiful yes Yeah by breaking it right now yeah yeah So what i think we'll probably do we'll Strip this for micah off this old stuff Probably look into just replacing this Top section and then we'll clean this up And varnish it and it should look Brand new Yeah that's just black Do you reckon we'd be able to buff this Wood up and get it looking good My guess is it's probably just like a Marine grade fly lenny what happened Lenny lost his water bottle and the Water taxi is turned around to pick it Up [Music] Oh thank you That's hilarious Good job How does that lightening make you feel Much i'm glad it's way over there yeah So hopefully that'll keep trending to The northwest And we don't have to muck around with

Any of it off our starboard bow here There is A stack of lightning just going crazy There's probably Four different Cells all That are all developed that it's it's Almost like they're joining and there's One complete thing but Yeah there's a Lot of electrical activity going on over There we're just sitting here looking at This lightning it's probably 20 miles Long there's a strike probably every Second it's all the way along and they Just go on one after another after Another the wind is actually supposed to Come from that direction over the next Five hours so we're just hoping that They don't get blown over our head I'm still happy that they're there Rather than there which is where the Wind's coming from but Sitting out here enjoying everything It's all quite beautiful as the sun sets But also a little terrifying um just Knowing that that's in the area A question for everyone because we don't Have google out here at the moment How far does the sound of thunder travel I guess eight miles what did you guess Alex Alex is going 10 i i went with 8 Nautical miles elena would just lose her

Marbles at this she'd really really love This Electrical storm off here how to flick Through your footage on this camera Yeah i saw some of the lightning shots Yeah and i can understand why you didn't Want to go anywhere near that like it Was just a very alive part Of the world hello everyone How are you all going We're currently motoring one engine with Just above idle and we're doing 7.7 and 7.6 knots with the gulf stream Behind us we're Hammering we're kind of nearly there i Haven't done as much filming as i'm sure Elena would have liked gulfstream comes Up and sort of curves around so we'll Exit it and then at some point tonight The wind is supposed to fill in From the south west which will which is Great for us we should be able to sail Into charleston if the wind blows 15 to 20 like it's supposed to we could Get there in there at midday if it blows Like it is at the moment we may not even Get there tomorrow at all that's how Much we are and always will be at the Mercy of mother nature doing Seven Seven and a half knots now we're just Coming out of the Golf stream so it's three in the morning It was that rule wasn't it yeah the rule

That everything happens at three in the Morning What's his name Yeah Flying fish Yeah yeah alex was saying there's Nothing like sleeping offshore I tend to agree with him when you do get Down and Get into a proper sleep It's a very very deep beautiful sleep Things are starting to get a bit serious Here we've had some container ships i Can see a bridge up ahead we've got a Current with us so we had the gulf Stream out there assisting us and then It's an in-going tide here so we should Get another couple of knots out of that And then we should arrive by sort of Midday we might watch an episode of Sailing la vagabond Make sure you're all subscribed We're gonna put proper sailing attire on We'll have to put this code d away we're Heading this way the wind's here and we Have to come up the channel like this And then around an island we're going to Be pointing too far into the wind for This coat so we'll have to Blow that probably in the channel Somewhere alex and then and roll out the Headsail and keep an eye out for massive Containers And these green cans here

Are we looking mate Like we've done it Where are we going lenny we're going Back to the water the vagabond where There's more space okay I don't think there's more space on la Vagabond than this big house [Music] Are you excited to see dad lenny He's all the way at the end of the dark So it's only been four days But you guys know riley and i are always Together so i'm really looking forward To seeing him I'm actually gonna take him out for Dinner tonight Found this nice little place downtown Their boat is all the way at the end of The dock it's like a 20-minute walk Hello Hey Hey lenny ah so good to see you you Excited to see me lenny Oh my gosh that is the longest walk it's Crazy hey [Music] Oh my god The whole gram just went in the ocean [Music] Oh man Wow How was the sale the Sale was absolutely beautiful i haven't Got to spend that much time on the water

Away from the kids It was Really really beautiful all of it was Downwind it would have been nice if we Had two extra knots at various times of The trip but it was super calm probably The highlight was when we got to into The gulf stream we're doing nine knots With just the code d out and it was like Glass i couldn't believe it oh that's so Good it was like we were operating under A different type of physics it was like Boats just went faster oh my god it was It was it was insane i couldn't believe It i kept looking at the at the sig the Speed over ground just going like And then the other thing was the light Show that mother nature put on for us it Was Insane what you guys will see we can't Play Three hours of lightning strikes but it Was happening every 0.5 of a second Which is Some of our stuff in storage You're talking about one side of your Mouth the other I know something's going on i started Oh and we have something Crazy to tell you as well Oh yeah I still can't believe we're gonna do This yep i can i organized it so come Along to the storage chat and let us

Reveal all So ellie's actually got the kids so that We could go to this storage unit and see What's left in there the stuff in Storage Was when we thought we were moving from This boat straight to vietnam to the new Boat but the boat bill got delayed Because of covert and supply chain Issues So we left luckily we didn't ship it all To vietnam when we did because we would Have been without so much stuff we Currently have on the boat like life Jackets and everything we just put some Stuff in storage that we didn't really Need so i'm interested to see what's Still there because we haven't needed it For the seven months we've just been Sailing for So i'm hoping we can get rid of some More stuff We're always just trying to minimize Minimise Fingers crossed can you put that cheese In your bag [Music] I can't say what a relief it is to see That there's only two boxes here we can Do this all today we thought this would Be like a week-long event We're gonna get this done So we just realized that a lot of what Was here was winter stuff which

Makes perfect sense of course we didn't Need that for that last season of Sailing Yeah sleeping bags Underlays Bitter spear It all stinks so we're gonna take it Home and wash it and vacuum seal it more Than a little dusty and get all the rest Of our stuff off la vagabonde and then And ship it all to vietnam But we do need these boots We need these now because we're going to Svalbard [Music]

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