RV Life SUCKS (14 Reasons Why)

By | November 27, 2022

14 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Live in a RV, Airstream, van or any tiny house. There are many wonderful reason to live in a RV, but in this video we tell you the reasons why you shouldn't…specifically as a family with a small child and dog.

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We have been living in this Airstream Behind us for the past five years on and Off it started out with just the two of Us living in it it was great there was Enough space yeah yeah and then we got a Dog and a month later after getting the Dog we found out that I was pregnant so Two quickly became four we re-renovated The Airstream but we really had to Utilize the space because we're in 200 Square feet with four people and it can Get tight at times I guess our dog is a People kind of like a people while There's hundreds of reasons why we love This lifestyle there's definitely a lot Of issues and struggles with it and Hopefully by us creating this video we Can help you guys out there that are Wanting to move into a tiny house and Airstream or like van life some of our Tips are going to be about family but Others are just going to be General Foreign [Music] Airstream and you're in RV parks parking On the side of the road like there's Going to be noise there's going to be Traffic there's going to be other rvers Out partying late you're gonna hear a Lot with your thin walls and as a family Too when you're living in a small space With a child that goes to bed earlier Than you you try to you know be Reasonably quiet so that they can stay

Asleep in some ways we've been able to Do that is a sound machine is a must It's great for us too cni as well it's Really nice to drown out the other noise Earplugs are also great something that I Recommend also is to expose your child To noise when they're sleeping when They're really young start when they're A baby because as they get older they'll Be able to sleep through anything and That is such a gift I didn't realize how Much of a struggle it was going to be to Find level ground to park on and Leveling the Airstream front and back And side to side it's so much extra work To do that I did not anticipate when we Got into this lifestyle and if you're Off by like a degree or two it feels Like you're walking uphill and downhill Just going up and down your Airstream And that can get really annoying Especially when you're sleeping and also The shaking whenever somebody walks Around or moves or shifts a chair you Feel it everybody feels it which gets Really annoying at night when you're Trying to sleep and you just want a Still bed and someone goes in and out of The Airstream or walks around and you Just you're shaking in your own bed We're in and out of the kitchen yeah We're in and out of the fridge Packing up the air Ing up the air

Especially when you have a child and Like you're already on the road for Hours at a time and you have to get There and set up and it's a lot ready For them to be in the car so long and Then you have to do all the tear down And Lucky for me I take care of everything Inside the Airstream so I pack it all up And set it all up again and see it does All the outside stuff so he's dealing With all like the poopy stuff the stinky Slinky and I'm okay with that you're Going to be dealing with a lot of Repairs on the road it's way more than You think especially if you're going With something vintage something that Breaks down over time it seems as though No matter how many Renovations we do in This thing something always breaks Something always goes wrong something Always needs updating it's kind of never Ending and you're gonna have to get Comfortable doing these repairs Water shouldn't be coming out of there Right you're gonna have to have all the Tools I'm gonna have to get a light to See under here to be able to fix your Own problems on the road [Music] Hey You can't rely on mechanics when you're On the road you don't know where you're Going to be you don't know where you're

Going to break down it's not going to be Conveniently in front of a mechanic's Place so you need to carry your own Tools and you need to be able to solve Your own problems And privacy are definitely an issue for A little family in a little space we Need more physical space for our Daughter because she's getting bigger Yeah at first it worked out for her in Her little room yeah but we knew that Eventually this was going to become her Bed and then maybe we'll put like some Curtains here so she gets her own Privacy we get our own privacy yeah Being on opposite sides of the Airstream As far away as possible and so it can It's a good thing it's a good thing yeah Gotta keep the magic alive And now a short break from this video to Hear about a special RV product we want To give a special thanks to Brooklyn Bedding for sponsoring this video we Designed a space for our daughter to Sleep for the first four years of her Life but we knew that she would Eventually outgrow it and we would have To move that spot to another area in the Airstream so in Brooklyn Bedding reached Out to us and said hey we have RV Mattresses do you want one we're like Absolutely this is like perfect timing We were thrilled that there was finally A mattress company that specializes in

RV mattresses because most of the times The mattresses that are in RVs are meant To be cheap and lightweight you want Your mattress to be good quality And a lot of the times the mattresses Don't conform to the same sizes that Regular household mattresses do and Designs like ours our Airstream is Entirely custom it's such a struggle to Find the right mattress size that was Before we knew about Brooklyn Bedding They have a ton of different mattress Sizes on their website according to your RV Brooklyn Bedding makes affordable and Very comfortable mattresses Sia likes to Call me Princess and the Pea which I Think is accurate because I'm super Picky when it comes to mattresses how is Asleep Perfect I didn't want to get out of bed We ordered the Aurora Luxe in a twin XL Which will perfectly fit our odd size Front dining room table area it comes in Soft medium and firm we ordered soft Because we prefer soft mattresses I deal With neck pain so I tend to do better When I'm on a softer mattress [Music] They use eco-friendly products which is So important to us in this space and the Top layer is made of copper Flex foam Which makes it cooler for sleeping Antimicrobial and gives it strength from Wear and tear over time

And this company stands by their Products they're so confident that You're gonna love this mattress that They have a 120 night trial that's good Customer service and they're offering a 20 discount for you when you check out Just enter Kristen and see ya and get 20 Off Now back to the video Regulating the temperature in the Airstream is also a job depending on Where you are if you're in a humid Climate you want to make sure it doesn't Get too humid in here if you're Somewhere really hot you don't want it To be hot and dry you don't want it to Get too dry in here because the wood can Start cracking if you're somewhere also Really hot you have to have the AC on All the time we have a new AC and it's Still on the louder side so you're Constantly hearing that loud like Humming noise which can be annoying at Times especially when you're filming you Gotta turn off the AC and sweat buckets While you're filming if you live in an Airstream you 110 need one of these it Reads the humidity levels as well as the Temperature especially now that we're in Such a humid climate here in Costa Rica There's a definite lack of community When you're on the road sure you get to See beautiful places and new sites but You don't have neighbors that stick

Around very long you don't have like the Same kids that come and call on your Child to go out and play you're on the Road and you're like a vagabond and I Found that we really did start missing Community and that's why we ship this Airstream here to a community in Costa Rica so that we can have both these Lifestyles together grocery shopping I Mean I love grocery shopping but Sometimes I don't feel like doing it Especially when it's like multiple times A week which is what we have to do in Our case when there's four of us we make Atlas's food as well so we have a little Fridge a little space and we can only Get so many you know items in that Fridge at a time so we have to just shop More often Finding spots to sleep is sometimes a Big struggle especially during High Season during High season places get Booked up months and months in advance And if you're exhausted after a day of Driving you just want to park relax that Might not happen some days I recommend Planning way in advance if you can if You know where you're going to be book Sites in advance definitely during High Season and in popular areas laundry when You're constantly on the road especially If you're moving around a lot like daily Or every other day it gets hard to find A time to do laundry or a spot to do

Laundry we do have a portable one it's Like a washer and then spin dryer but It's small you can only do a certain Amount at a time and then if you're Constantly moving there's not enough Time for everything to dry so everything Just accumulates especially with the Child there's like parents you know how Much laundry you get with a child it can Get difficult at times we also do carry A line so we can hang dry stuff but if You're moving around so much and there's Not enough sun to dry your clothes fast Then you're dealing with like damp Clothes and then you end up having to Wash them again sometimes when you're Living this lifestyle it feels like you Have several full-time jobs and then You're a parent on top of that it's just Like why do I know can I clone myself Please please Physically moving your Airstream your Your van your tiny house around the Continent Can get very annoying at times Especially when you're checking in and Out of RV parks or campgrounds Constantly you're checking in and out of Places which is time consuming then that Can that can eat up parts of your day Sometimes we don't even know where we're Going to sleep and we're literally Wandering around trying to find places To sleep where we show up to parks and

They're they're closed or they don't Have sites there's some apps that we use To find like free places to stay but Even when you get there it might be full That that spot that you're able to sleep In has somebody already there now you Got to drive another 10 kilometers down The road to find a new site gets Annoying [Music] Cleaning up you gotta do it daily all The time when you're living in such a Small space everything gets dirty a lot Quicker and then you have a child and a Dog in there as well and it's just like You're constantly cleaning food on the Ground toys everywhere and I just feel Like a big chunk of my day every day is Spent to just cleaning up our home so For cleaning supplies we have like the Little the little versions of everything This is actually a toy that Kai got but It works great it's a little mop we have A little broom that folds up we got this At an RV shop it's by Camco and then we Have a little vacuum as well a little Dyson that works really well [Music] Internet is such a struggle on the road I I can't express it enough some days we Just have to give in and go and like Work in a coffee shop all day because we Work online and if you rely on the Internet you're just gonna struggle in

This realm you'll be dropping in and out Of reception and you can't you can't be Hot spotting like all day every day off Your phone there are certain devices Available to give you internet I mean Starlink is available in certain areas That relies on satellites there's also Skyroam which is a device that we've Used for years and years around the World and it works great when it works But certain areas it doesn't work Because it relies on cell reception so If you're outside of an area without Cell reception Your skyroam your internet is not going To work certain RV parks have Wi-Fi Available if you're lucky and you're Parked close enough to the modem Something we've realized in the Airstream is because it's all metal on The outside it's very reflective of any Signals that are coming in so on the Inside we might be not getting any Wi-Fi And we step outside and it's full bars Less emfs on the inside of this Airstream I could go for the Wi-Fi Though Can't really have guests over I mean we Can but they can't really sleep inside With us especially now that we're Turning the front of the Airstream into Kai's bedroom there is no space for Extra people they're going to have to Bring a tent if they want to stay with

Us you want people to like be able to Enjoy the Airstream but there's just not Enough space sorry but sometimes that's A good thing I also really enjoy my own Space Towing the Airstream something that I Know very little about well I know it From the passenger perspective because I Am terrified of Towing the Airstream Just constantly worried that you're Gonna crash your entire flip your entire Home imagine you were Towing your entire House with all of your belongings Everything you own with you everywhere Accidents happen on the road every Single day and it's just terrifying Knowing that your whole house is with You and could just like you could just Lose everything I have to like Channel My inner Zen mode to get through some of Our trips you're going to want to have The right equipment want to make sure That your vehicle can tow the weight you Want to make sure things like your Brakes and all that everything is in Order and you just you feel comfortable Hitting the road or you just gotta see It he's really good at it [Music]

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