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By | September 19, 2022

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[Music] Alex can you hit the man overboard Button what if you guys were offshore And someone happened to fall overboard They didn't have a plb on them which you Should always have or an srs or you Weren't hugging the e-perm What if this did happen and all that They had on them was an air attack air Tags retail somewhere around thirty Dollars we're gonna go and pick up this Dude fingers crossed for apples Um This week is actually all about safety At sea and before we find out whether or Not we're ever going to see raleigh Again uh we're actually going to go and Fall for life La vagabonde is currently in charleston On the east coast of the states we came Here to collect some of our gear we left In storage as well as do a sailing and Medical course after this we'll be Getting our sailboat up to annapolis Where she'll be getting done up for Charter and we'll be making our way over To vietnam to our new trimaran sounds Like a lot but that's not all if you Watched our last episode you will have Heard that we're planning on a trip up To the arctic circle before we finally Moved to vietnam so stick around guys to Watch a young family fly so close to the Sun that their wings melting off and

Inevitable plummet to earth is just so Staggeringly obvious that it transcends Cliche and morphs into tragic irony in Fractions of a second where the normal Evolution period would be Glacial or at least like a few months or Something What Okay so Didn't really go far i went Today with us sailing we're going to Jump in a life raft set off some flares And practice man overboard drills which Was convenient because we had this idea To try and find a man overboard with an Air tag which we'll find out if that's Possible or not later on anyway what we Were about to learn was that having Up-to-date and even new gear is super Important but that's kind of still not Good enough we need to know how to Activate re-arm have the necessary spare Parts or they won't necessarily work Okay this is always good because this is Pretty old equipment so now we could get The other raft from your board So this life raft is 25 years old and Hasn't been serviced and did not inflate So this is what you don't want Make sure you get a new life raft where Did this laugh come from it came with The boat when we purchased it Yeah this is our life raft and the Listing when we bought the boat is

Included safety equipment life raft Check marks It's great that we are all seeing this Because what have we found in this Ancient survival kits ralph We found a paddle or two not very Efficient drug facts okay we're gonna Get warmed up Ourselves So this is our friend i'm really excited To see this hopefully inflate it was Serviced two years ago I'm so scared right now Okay i see red on the line that must Mean out there It's okay to stand up and just as if You're lifting it out Come up keep on falling yeah even keep On pulling keep pulling Okay if you're stepping into the lab This is really comfortable this is Actually Twice as big and much more comfortable Than i would have thought i i think that I could spend 10 15 days in here but yeah i think Bringing a Bringing bringing some fishing gear On board [Applause] Maybe not 15 days [Music] Nicely done Years of getting yourself into tender

All right What happens in the life raft stays in Your life We're talking about gag balls A massive thanks to the charleston Resort and marina for letting us stock The vagabond here and come and use their Facilities for our courses by far our Favorite hangout spot in charleston Riley and i have been hunched over our Laptops for a few days leading up to This point completing our online theory For both the sailing course with u.s Sailing and the medical course look at You boss woman In between organising meetings Checking on the channel your life has Changed look at the Look at your surrounds at the minute i Know Bizarre we didn't see the kids all day And although i in particular felt pretty Guilty about being away i knew that what We were about to learn would create an Even safer environment for all of us on Board and this was really important okay We're in the theater hey maureen check This out Hey Throughout the day we'd receive little Updates from ellie and maureen it looked Like the kids were having a blast What is that Oh my goodness

What's the star wars thing an astro tech Joined or astro mech it's r2d2 Attack the Humans me a coffee Make me laugh I don't know [Laughter] That is so bright so now if you want to Dip it in the water for a second Just Oh jesus [Music] That is so bright It is really bright So we're gonna go and throw the fender Overboard as if it was a victim in the Water understand that a fender actually Drifts faster than a person in the water So Man overboard man overboard i want you Pointing ashley okay i'm gonna get two To three boat lengths away when a crew Member goes overboard it might be the Most experienced person on board we Definitely encourage people to make the Time to train even the youngest sailors On board how to drive and facilitate the Turns necessary to get them back on Board some people are reluctant to try And we were certainly guilty of this During our first year of sailing it's Already raining and we've got a pretty Big storm cell behind us so we're just Running a few

Uh man overboard procedures with just The engine on and that's you just got to Adapt to the conditions so Sometimes you're able to sail in a Figure of eight come back around and get Your victim sometimes it's probably best To just turn up into the wind get the Sails away immediately and get the Engines on it depends on all the Different circumstances surrounding the Man overboard and you should have a Series of procedures lined out and be Practicing with your crew And we got it What's going on bud oh there's just a Storm coming over with lightning so We're just gonna go dock for a bit and Then come back here cool so really want Someone in the water always like you've Got to take your rings off yeah Thunderballs Well this is really funny We have the whole crew here huddled Inside la vagabonde because this big Squad just came over [Music] [Music] Dennis josh playing not current Situation everyone You're not doing it with a thanks for Today colin you're legendary collins see You see ya sailing course complete we Couldn't recommend this course highly Enough if you're a coastal cruiser u.s

Sailing safety at sea course is the way To go and if you're a blue water cruiser Like us the safety at sea offshore will Teach you so much if you want to learn More or book yourself in i'll pop the Link in the description below Okay time to find out if we're going to Find riley or not with this air tag we Put ours in a waterproof case [Music] You excited no How are you going mate good just got the Jib out Ready to drop me in the field of course Yeah are there sharks here uh not this Far north Yeah yeah Yeah there's there's uh about five Different species of sharks um but the The biggest and the most notorious is The bull shark so try and keep you away From those today i am genuinely worried Because i just don't like murky water it Just It freaks me out i really really don't Like it no one believes me but i i can't Stand it [Music] Alex why have you got me in a blindfold [Music] Yeah this is really freaky [Music] I just got stung by a jellyfish I saw a heaps of them i can't see him

Now um So i'm gonna i'm gonna check the air tag This is the air tag one of the one of The number one cases of man overboard is Wearing a tea towel as a blindfold so We're trying to replicate that situation To make this just as realistic as Possible okay so we've hit the man Overboard button just in case we can't Actually find him with his air tag i can No longer see him Around the boat All right where is my i'm going to my Find my Oh there we go oh my god lol You can see You can see him moving away okay um Directions there's no freighters coming It's just some jellyfish okay That's facing away from him It says Says he's that way That's not right oh I'm not joking that was another one No i don't want a car we can't get a car It's a good looking boat It really is Okay it's saying it's to starboard can You go to starboard go like 90 wait Yup 90 degrees to starboard i'm gonna Get into the survival position With my knees tucked up Okay it's a little bit off it's saying He's there when really he's the audi

High [Music] I miss the boat Oh no Thank god i've got the life sling Here [Music] Right You're next so i think because this is On water it's obviously it doesn't have Maps or directions really it's kind of Confused By a jellyfish oh did you Oh shmoogie got stung like jellyfish Really do you want me to wee on it So we're actually going to try again and See like how it looks um At a further distance so if they did Fall overboard maybe you didn't notice Let's see if it can get us close enough Because that was like about 30 to 40 Degrees off i think which isn't very Good because it's a big ocean out here All right you ready for round two can Everyone just remember that this is um Very serious this is a very legitimate Way to rescue people and you can use This in lieu of an e-berb or a plb so Just remember you can click this button And it tells you how many meters you are Away from the person i'm going to see How far that lasts Alex you ready yeah thank you [Music]

Really Come on I must have Oh no I didn't give him Nothing Really oh my gosh Geez lucky we're taking precautions with This Man on your board button because Hello I forgot to give you this alex Round two alex is in the water because Elaine is a soup Arnold getting in this brown water They're a shark there are bull sharks in This thing there's definitely jellyfish Elena's getting the boogie off me geez i Love that girl so for the sailors out There what we've been doing is wanting To head sail in and then basically Heaving too with just the main and it's Been working really really well so we've Been stoked with that how's the distance It's not giving me it's not giving me The direction which is super unhelpful Really smoky it's going in and out a Signal and it gave me meters who would Have thought it's not as good as a plb It was a gimmick so that we could all Get you guys to watch a safety episode Now do your man overboard drills will You be in big trouble let's go get him Man

[Music] Okay so you can see It's saying he is that way and i can see Him now about a quarter of a mile off That way so it's like it's exactly 90 Degrees wrong Maybe i need some movement Well the boat's moving bob [Music] How you going there mate not bad Have you been stung yet Good what we learned is when you jump in The water with an air tag it leaves a Final location at that point and stops Updating even after five minutes of Sailing away it'd be like trying to find A needle in a haystack with that old Position better than having nothing at All i guess so but only just Last in our to-do list was to visit john And complete our medical course which Would give us our mca certification are You excited for the couple of days ahead Really I'm really excited to learn more Honestly today we're actually going to Go over our plans for certain scenarios In different countries as well as Dissect what's in our medical kit we're Going to pull it apart i like it and see Where we could improve our goal is to be Like 100 set up for absolutely anything On board that would be a dream at the Moment i don't feel like 100 confident

And that's why we're actually getting John on board he has three decades of Experience in survival training what's Up like 30 years or something He's a flight and yacht medic who offers Extreme medicine and rescue training i Actually i didn't know it was extreme Medical if you put the extreme at the Front or something i start to get a Little bit more are you excited now this Is extreme yeah man [Music] Kids are away and it's a day for medical Training well He's a fast [Music] Abort we were just talking about the Number one cause of medical issues on Board and what's that john because this This was just astonishing we just Had this conversation with all the Trainers around the world the other day It's mental health the number one Medical issue on board it needs to be Brought to the forefront it really does I don't think we're talking about it Enough not man overboard not falling From the rigging like fire not drowning Not sharks mental health yeah yeah gotta Look after each other everyone mental Health is the most common issue on boats Worldwide there you go we've certainly Felt a bit of this for sure but more Than that for the eight years we've been

Out here cruising we've experienced a Few much more scary incidents at sea Probably the worst being what we thought Was a broken neck 600 nautical miles Offshore where no one could help us We've had propeller cuts sigue terra More impact wounds severe allergic Reactions Thankfully we've got by with the medical Kit we currently have and our previous Advanced first aid training but a couple Of those times were borderline so it was Definitely time for us to do a more Intense medical course with john and Msos what are some ways we can prepare Before leaving shore and the general Mind slash body maintenance we can book Ourselves into year to year yeah we Talked about the mental health being one Of the main issues the loneliness of Just being out at sea and being away From the familiarity of people that we Know are that's the difficult part kind Of sexy If you want to watch the full version And learn a lot about medical kits Life-threatening medical emergencies at Sea and how to prevent them the full Version of this episode is over on Patreon to watch a massive thanks to John and msos for the training we Already feel so much more prepared Having ordered their offshore medical Kits and signing up to their telemedical

Support services so we can call them for Advice anytime i'll put their website in The description below as well if you Want to learn more You

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