Real Stories from Ukrainian Refugees

By | October 2, 2022

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Over the last few months in Europe, I’ve met with several Ukrainian refugees to hear their escape stories and I want to share them with you. Especially while I’m here in Krakow, Poland (the country where more than 5 million Ukrainian refugees are currently living), I feel that it's necessary to utilize my platforms to let their voices be heard, because they are human beings and victims of an uncalled-for war.

As I launch this video about Ukraine, I’m also thinking strongly about our friends in Iran, Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine, Somalia, Iraq, Libya, and other nations who are suffering from civil war, human rights violations, and/or political unrest. May peace prevail ❤️

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Yesterday I was boarding a flight to Poland when I noticed a woman crying at The gate I had no idea the story of Resilience that I was about to witness You want to pay for this girl because She can't get on she doesn't have a Credit card Excuse me Yes But it will be it will go on because [Music] Sir okay for you are you from Krakow Where are you from I've been in that situation where you Can't board the plane because there's a Problem so don't worry Um Yeah Ryanair is crazier with some peace My name is Drew Drew yeah my name is Did you leave Ukraine because of the war Yes yes I love to print with my two Children and now [Music] Oh my God I hope you will be okay It's too dangerous across the border in My town but there's a bombing every day I took my children they are eight months Twins wow and drive through Europe to my Friends for several days but it's too Dangerous now yes so why are you going Now Because miss my close people Are you scared are you nervous Wow did your house get like Bond your

House [Music] [Music] It's really sad It's in Ukraine because for men it's Forbidden to eat country anymore [Music] Wow Terrible situation nobody believed that Because We have a northern city yeah It's a very beautiful life basically Was it difficult to cross the border Like to leave Ukraine who knows it Wasn't difficult absolutely there's too Many people leaving or it's okay oh oh No it's okay maybe 20 minutes From five till ten bombs every day every Day bonds incidents That's so sad I'm really sorry to hear that Crazy world I'm here and you're here All right here we go to crack out in February of 2022 Vladimir Putin Unleashed what he called a special Military operation in Ukraine with Troops amassed on the Russian border Invading the East towards kharkiv while Simultaneously attacking from Belarus in The north and towards Odessa from Russia Annex Crimea to the South I had just Returned home from a two-week trip Around Siberia where I was detained at

The North Korea border I was bedridden Helpless and my heart was aching for my Ukrainian friends and their families my Brain was flooded with amazing memories From my time in Ukraine from Couchsurfing with a local family in Kiev To celebrating life in Maine squares Dancing at bars and enjoying the best Music in Hospitality in all of Eastern Europe but suddenly all of that was Threatened Within hours Air Raid Sirens blew across Kiev President zielinski is on every TV Across the globe as Ukrainian women and Children separate from their husbands And fathers to make the desperate dash Out west towards Poland Moldova Romania And other neighboring countries who rush To the front lines to offer humanitarian Aid we can all say that we have empathy For ukrainians but it's impossible to Really have a clue as to what it feels Like to be bombed every day forced to Leave your home and loved ones behind And move to another country with no Suitcase and no idea what tomorrow Brings to date around 10 million Ukrainians have fled and been displaced Around Europe with a significant number Residing in Poland I'm here right now in Krakow to meet with these refugees face To face hear their stories and ask what The world can do to help I want to use My platforms to let their voices be

Heard every morning is starting from a Calling or writing to my mom and to my Dad and asking them how they are and Every evening is the same they wanted to Take my CD as well but they were not Successful and I'm really happy please Don't stop supporting us this is really Important this is important for us for Our fight against the Russian Empire the Evil over the world I really really Appreciate your help and all the Ukrainians are thank you which part of Ukraine were you living in Odessa you're In Odessa and then tell me through the From your experience what happened my Experience near my home of warmth and Destroyed every single house and many Children and many diets on Europe diets Yeah you came to Poland with your family Friends no in college I'm alone yeah What about your family my family in Odessa because my father can't came in Another country and my mother It's a My father yeah and They stayed in Ukraine are they okay Yeah so so I want to come back in Ukraine very very soon because now I'm Volunteer and I want to help my Ukraine What do you want to say about Ukraine to People watching okay I want to appeal to The old board so uh Ukraine now defining And the fighting and we will vote and Um

Thank you so much I really appreciate it Yes I'm in the middle of Old Town Square And Krakow and there is going to be a Ukrainian protest with many of the Refugees and many of the um ukrainians Here because several months ago they've Been kicked out of their country and There are five million ukrainians in Poland five million and it's pretty Inspiring to meet them and hear their Stories and I've bumped into several While I've been here just across Europe In general and uh it's really Heartbreaking and emotional to hear what They've gone through In this war it's been terrible but right Now they're setting up for a little Gathering so let's go check it out [Music] From my side what I saw they took the Last bet in the city center of kraku Some grandmothers just go to the Countryside but take that places for our Refugees the situations was really For me it was really exciting how Polish People accepted our ukrainians their Supports I like Polish people I like Poland you know every day they're in Danger just because even today we have Two alarms yeah alarms and we're all Preparing for the 21st day of Independent of Ukraine Russians Preparing something awful but maybe they Scared maybe not who knows so explain to

Me what's happening I see police behind You I see people holding Flags what's Happening right now we're here Gathering Every day to the peace manifestations From the first day of the war today We'll build our like 180th day of the World two times a day from the first day And we're trying to let not to forget About the work doesn't work we're Talking about the war we're sometimes in The evening we have a screen where Showing information showing like Telephone pictures from from the Ukraine Because our mission is to demand Governments demand United organizations World governments to help Ukraine the Russians should be named as a terrorist State it's dangerous but my hometown is Curly it's Central Ukraine but near the East and my city near the Parisia We There is a nuclear station The biggest neutral Nuclear Station in Europe yeah and Russian bombed this Station every day my wish is that every People know about her in Ukraine because I struggle with volunteer to French and People came to me and asked oh my God Ukraine bombed every day really really Maybe on only East every day you know Every Ukraine won't every day and I say Yes yes it's part Russian soldiers I Don't know how how I can describe them Because they rape children children it Doesn't matter you are the man you are

The woman you are the child they can Rape you and they bumped every day They'd bombed civilian house malls Everything they destroyed everything and It looks like horror film but it's our Reality it's genocide of Ukrainian Nation and I want the world remember About us because for us it's very Important the moment you started singing Everybody came around you so Keep going [Music] From my my message is what it's just Understands that your voice is matter And we should all now showing our Position and to make whole world Understand that people are not afraid Anymore that Putin and Lucas and cause It murderers they fit on that fear and His friend will as long as they believe That the old words is afraid of them but It's not the truth we're all people and We can change future it's not only Ukrainian Russian war the third world War had been started and our mission for Now as a people to save life to save our Principles of humanity to fight for Freedom to fight for peace life and Russian Federation should be named as a Terrorist state Democratic world From our Positions Around the world I ask myself what is it

All for is it greed power Fame is one Man's ego worth the lives of innocent People as Travelers we say no to war From the uyghurs in China to Palestine And Israel to Myanmar to the Middle East And Ukraine the people of the world say No to violence everywhere as Travelers We live by three principles respect Responsibility and reverence we respect The sovereignty of Nations we hold Ourselves responsible for genocides and We Revere the lives lost to racist Religious or political violence by Educating our children that despite all Our wonderful god-given differences in The end we are all the same join me in Making this message clear to Russia by Donating directly to Ukrainian needs on The link below 100 of the proceeds will Go directly to helping ukrainians find Food Water Shelter and safety let us Join hands in solidarity for a day when Peace and human dignity will prevail

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