Puerto Rico: What to Know Before You Visit Puerto Rico

By | November 26, 2022

Are you heading to Puerto Rico and are not sure what to expect? Well we try and cover where to stay, what to eat, what to see, and what to do on your next Puerto Rico vacation. From incredible food like Mofongo to bioluminescence bays, to beaches that are beyond beautiful Puerto Rico has a lot for travelers to know about before they go.
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Hey there fellow Travelers Mark here With Walters world and today we're here In Puerto Rico to tell you what you need To know before you come to Puerto Rico And you may ask yourself Mark there are Literally hundreds of miles of gorgeous Beaches in Puerto Rico why are you Standing in front of a baseball diamond To start this well I'll be honest to you Baseball is the national pastime of Puerto Rico and if you get a chance to Go to a game when you're here go you Will see the passion of baseball that Honestly I haven't seen in the U.S for a Long time and you see when you're here So that's one thing if you get a chance There's a game go do it okay but if you Want to like the tourist sites to go see When you're here I think that's a good Place to start with our what to know Before you go one thing I would say is The most popular place people go because It is the capital is San Juan okay and You go to San Juan you really want to Focus in Old San Juan the historic part Where you have the El Modelo the castle On one side there's another San Cristobal Castle on the other side of The old town and what you have is elmoto Is a smaller Castle kind of complex to Check out San Crucible is is a much more Massive complex but in between you have All these streets you can explore you Have all the museums you can visit in

San Juan there's art museum contemporary Art museum museum of the Americas There's so many things there going to The cathedral it's beautiful I mean you Have a lot to see in Old San Juan it's Probably the most popular place for People to go and a lot of people that's All they see because the cruise ships Come in there okay but Old San Juan is Definitely a must even if you're going To be heading to the beach at least Spend a day exploring Old San Juan Before you go out and hit back and and Have a few uh pina coladas and enjoy Your time here okay another thing I Think is really important for things you Need to see and things you need to plan On when you're going to come is going to Some of the bioluminescent Bays that are Here there's actually three Bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico There's like five in the world if you're Not sure what that is you know when the The boat goes by and it glows and Glitters in the back because the algae That's inside of there yeah that they Have three of them here one Laguna Grande is in the Northeast that's Probably the easiest one to get to if You're going to be doing you know Staying in San Juan about an hour and a Half drive to get to it and go there or You can come in the south west of the Country there's actually another one

Down there and then you have out in the In one of the islands you have mosquito Bay that's the best one to go see but The thing is if you're gonna go to them Remember new moon is the best time to go It shows up best but you want to check To make sure you can actually get a spot Because you can kayak through them you Can swim in them but a lot of times it's All set up by tours and if there's not a Spot in the tour for you that can be a Problem so definitely book that ahead When you're planning a trip to make sure You can have it scheduled around a good Time to go now another thing that I've Seen people come to Puerto Rico they Want to go to are the beaches I mean It's an island there are hundreds of Gorgeous beaches all over Puerto Rico no Matter where you're going if you're just Driving around pull off go up to the Coast go to the side of the coast and Just enjoy a beautiful beach okay now I Will tell you not all beaches are good For swimming some of them like we were On the North Coast visiting beaches and There's signs not apt for swimming so You want to be care careful with that Especially with little kids you can go And chill out on the beach but maybe Don't go in the water maybe just your Ankles other parts you're fine like in Rincon you can go surfing and there's Plenty of places to go so just have a

Heads up but there's beaches all over For you to enjoy and when you do hit the Beaches and go into this sea I mean you Got the Caribbean you got the Atlantic So when you have all that water around Snorkeling diving deep sea fishing heck Parts of the year you can do whale Watching different you know here by Rincon I mean there's a lot of water and And sea activities you can do when You're here but if you want to do Culture there's a lot of small towns you Can go around so don't just take the 22 To the two to go from San Juan here to Rincon get off and see some of the small Towns Isabella is a nice little you know Nice little town you can visit on the North Coast there's other ponds you can Go down there there's a lot of different Towns you can see to kind of take in a Bit of the culture when you're here Which is nice but honestly for me Puerto Rico is about the nature and it's not Just beaches you have to realize is Puerto Rico has topography there's ups And downs places you can go hiking There's cave systems you can go explore Yeah spur lunking kind of stuff you can Do that here and for a nature lover Probably the most important place to go Is a national forest where you can go Hiking there which is gorgeous I will Say though make sure you always stay on The path for your safety that's

Something you really need to think about Okay so those are some of the like Tourist hot spots to visit when you're Here but there's there's more of the Guts of your travels the infrastructure Your travel you need to know about Before you come to Puerto Rico and one If you're looking at money well it's a U.S territory so the US dollar is the Currency here and ATMs are all over well Not all over but there's enough ATMs That you don't have a problem getting Cash out Um credit cards are widely accepted MasterCard Visa I've had more issues With my American Express getting Accepted here than other places so That's one issue I would say if you're Looking at what cards to bring but I Would have cash because when you go Around you're going to see these kioskos They're like outdoor Huts or outdoor Restaurants more of an outdoor kiosk cut Where you're going to get your it's Showing like the pork where you're gonna Get Seafood you're gonna get drinks use With those cash is preferred and Sometimes catches all they take so it's A good idea to have cash with you when You are here and of course when we're Talking about money we got to talk about Prices now a lot of times I've looked Online people say oh Puerto Rico's cheap No it Puerto Rico is not cheap okay I'm

Not saying it's expensive but it's not Cheap if you're going to be in San Juan And just staying there think about going Out to eat it's like taking your family Out to eat in Chicago or or LA or New Orleans I mean it's it's not cheap okay So think about that for San Juan now if You go to other parts of the island yes The prices come down and it's more like Middle America prices are middle European prices it's not expensive but It's not as cheap as people make it seem Online so I do want to give you a heads Up for that and for the locals it's a Lot more expensive than it is for you or Me okay so that's one of the reasons I Think it's important when you're looking At prices when you go out to eat you do Tip at the restaurants 15 to 20 percent If you're you're going to one of the Beach bars which are a lot of places You're gonna have a good time there You're getting a drink throw a dollar Down for a tip for your drink when you Do that tip your guides or if you're Going to do surf lessons you know tip Them as well if you go on a dive you Want to do tipping because tipping is a Thing here so you know that Um another thing people like to know is They're coming to Puerto Rico I know It's a U.S territory but what about the Language is it just Spanish or can I Speak English everywhere well look if

You're going to be doing tourist stuff English will be fine and if you're in San Juan if you're in anything tourist They'll start with English with you Because they look at you you're not from Here we'll speak English but Spanish is The language of Puerto Rico and even if You don't speak Spanish learn a few Words before you come and I'll be honest These five ones will help you please por Favor thank you gracias yes see no no And bathroom Those five words will get you so far and The people here are very proud of their Country and they want you to enjoy it And they're going to share things with You like I'm gonna tell you right now I Did not get all the cool place to see in What to see in in Puerto Rico so please Locals tell people where they should go What should they see what they should Eat what they should do in Puerto Rico And go read the comments below because They will be super helpful because the People really are wonderful and if you Try to speak some Spanish and they've Switched English no problem it will be Greatly appreciated okay but if you Don't speak Spanish And then English and you'll figure it Out and they'll figure it out and the People here really are wonderful and I Think that's another thing I want to Talk about are the people when you come

Here they are like many tour guides like The people of Puerto Rico are very proud Of Puerto Rico you see the flags flying All over you see the pride all over and If you know look in the comments section Here anything we do on Puerto Rico we've Never had more input before we came when We mentioned oh we're going to be going To Puerto Rico we got hundreds of Messages from our fans and fellow Travelers about what to see and do and That pride comes through so don't be Afraid to ask people for help whether It's a place to eat or where to go or Where not to go because that's one of The nice things about the people here Because they are boisterous they are fun They're going they're loud they're a Wonderful part of coming to Puerto Rico Okay so make sure you meet some locals When you're here even if it's just Talking to your bartender at the bar now Another thing I think people want to Know about when they travel to Puerto Rico is safety is Puerto Rico safe and We actually have a whole video on safety Things in Puerto Rico what to watch out For what you don't have to watch out for But I'll be honest Puerto Rico is a Pretty safe place to visit Um actually safer than a lot of the Places to go in the states okay and if You come here the only issues I'm really Going to tell you about with safety

That's probably going to affect you is One the Sun up there is going to beat Down because it doesn't matter if you're Hiking if you're going to be you know Out on the water if you're going to be Swimming if you're going to be enjoying Like San Juan Old San Juan or wherever That Sun is going to get you so make Sure you layer up on the sunblock you Have your hat I got a hat over here for Me but also have bug spray as well Because the bugs can get you as well but That's probably the biggest danger you Have is the elements here now I do have To tell you hurricane season here is From June to November so you do want to Watch out okay because Puerto Rico has been hit Maria did Horrible damage here in Puerto Rico and I'll be honest how they've come back You're like this is so awesome to see Like the people the spear the people Coming back out and coming through it's It's amazing but during Hurricane Season You do need to pay attention and I guess You know if you're in San Juan I mean You know pickpockets in the old town Maybe don't go to La Perla which is Right near the Old Town the colored Buildings down there like that would be Some safety stuff but in general Honestly Puerto Rico is a safe place to Go you know whether you're a family Whether you're a Solo Traveler solo

Female traveler lgbtq this is a pretty Safe place to go so I I don't have any Worries about that like I have no Problem sending my nieces and nephews to Come here my kids to come here I Wouldn't have any problem with that okay Now the next thing you want to think About is what to pack when you come here Look it's an island it's chillax time it Is light colored clothes stay away from Black and brown and stuff like that Because the sun makes it too hot okay so Light colors t-shirts and shorts swim Trunks have those have your flip-flops Bring your sunblock your hat your bug Spray honestly you might want to bring Some of the beach stuff you got kids Because you can buy all the beef stuff Here it's just a little more expensive Because it is it's an island I mean Island prices happen but if you want to Help out the economy buy it here and you Can get everything here you know I mean You I mean I can get swim trunks my size Here which I don't always get when I Travel the world so that's really cool Um but honestly one thing I would say is Also pack like one nice shirt and one Nice pair of shorts or one nice pair of Pants because if you're going to go out To dinner especially like an Old San Juan they have nicer restaurants and and You'll notice that people don't wear Their bikinis to go have dinner okay so

Have something at least one outfit That's kind of nicer I'm not saying suit And tie but I'm just saying you know Have a nicer maybe a college shirt for a Guy maybe a sundress for a woman and You'll be fun now how are we going to Get around Puerto Rico what I'm going to Tell you right now forget public Transportation it's non-existent or Basically non-existent okay you're gonna Need to rent a car when you're here that Is just the way it is now you can Arrange drivers to take you between Cities okay so you can do that I mean Honestly when you fly into the airport In San Juan they actually have standard Fares for attacks to take you to Different parts of the country so you Could use that if you're just going to Stay like in Rincon or you're just going To stay in ponds like you can do that Right but I'll be honest with you to see Those little hidden beaches and to go to The the caves and see this do all these Things you need to rent a car and I'm Going to tell you make sure you're Running your car before you come here Like you're booking your plane tickets Book your car then because you want to Make sure you actually get a car because When we were booking I mean a lot of the Rental agencies were already booked out We went with Enterprise and did find Something and they had something for us

That was nice but if you're looking on The weekends or like spring break kind Of times those those car rentals can Really disappear quickly now if you're Just gonna be staying in Old San Juan or In the San Juan area you can do taxis And Ubers that's not really a problem You can arrange your drivers that's easy Enough but outside again you gotta rent Your car and when you're driving around I will warn you the speed bumps here Will like not break your they're not Cable to Coast it's not back Breakers But they're definitely like Bonk your Head on the top of your car if you're Going too fast you do need to pay Attention for that and the cops will Pull you over if you're speeding I will Let you know that one oh and if you do Get a ticket you're gonna have to go to The town you got the ticket in you have To go to their town hall and there'll be A place where you go pay expect to spend Some time waiting there they're always Very nice very professional but just Know you're gonna have to pay okay it's Gonna be in town and the thing is if You're a U.S citizen remember your Driver's license work here it's pretty Simple my insurance for my my company in The US works here as well so I was fine With that Um I will say when you're driving around Do be careful because it's definitely

Much more offensive driving here so you Might want to be a bit more defensive Always be paying attention I mean I Would put the GPS coordinates in before You start driving so everything's set up Versus like trying to do it while you're Dealing with all the traffic and if you Can avoid driving at Old San Juan I Would do that like what we did we flew In got a taxi into all San Juan stayed There for a few days is then we had Arranged with that taxi driver to come Pick us up a few days later he brought Us back to the airport we got our car There and then we went exploring okay That can be a nice way to do it another Thing about Transportation you need to Know if you want to get out to some of The islands because Puerto Rico isn't Just one Island it's archipelago there's There's multiple Islands if you want to Go to Mosquito Bay to see those Bioluminescence yes there is a ferry That goes out there but most likely You're going to fly there from San Juan You're Gonna Fly there so you have that Option so there's domestic flights as Well to get out to the islands Um I think another thing people like to Know is about accommodation where are You going to stay there are plenty of Hotels that are here but there's also a Lot of apartment rentals that you can Get and and that's what we've done

Because it helps save money because you Can go to the grocery stores buy eat Breakfast at the you know apartment and Then save up that way but honestly There's a lot of options out there now There's not a lot of like chain hotel Options like if you're in Mainland us You have you know all the Holiday Inns You have the ramadas you have all those Things everywhere here it's more local Hotels and local setups so you will have To search a bit more but there is a lot But I will say this book your Accommodation as early as possible Because then you're guaranteed to get Something in the part of town you want To be in like we stayed literally behind The Town Hall in San Juan it was perfect Location but we also booked it six Months in advance so something to kind Of think about when you're looking for Accommodation oh also if you're staying In like an apartment building one thing You need to realize is the doors don't Always open directly there might be a Little button to get out you have to Push the exit button and then it will Unlock the door for you to get out now In your accommodation you might want to Know some of the basics like what are The plugs like the plugs here in Puerto Rico are like the US plugs okay that Three-prong plug we have that if you're Looking for Wi-Fi and cell coverage if

You're coming from the US Congratulations your cell phone carriers Work here as well you have that so You'll have your data you have your Phone calls I will say though don't Expect to have your cell service Everywhere especially if you're like Right on the coast or one of those kind Of hidden beaches or you're driving Inland sometimes you don't get a very Good signal so you might be able to make A call but you might not be able to send Like the pictures of the beautiful Places you are so have a heads up for That in terms of wi-fi at accommodations We've been at and restaurants we stayed At it's fine it works fine we haven't Any problems usually we've had like two Netflixes going at night and I'm working At the same time no big deal so you'll Be connected no problem when you're here Now another important thing whenever you Travel is know what time zone you're in And here we're actually the Atlantic Time zone which as a traveler I kind of Compare it like this it's like the Eastern Time Zone but without Daylight Savings Time ish technically it's one Hour ahead but a lot of times you're the Exact same time as eastern time in the U.S just to give you a heads up you Might want to check to make sure your Phone should auto adjust when you're Here but that is one thing to know now

Another thing people ask about is Service when they go to a country and The thing is service here in Puerto Rico I will tell you this remember Island Time is Island time so you need to have Patience when it comes to service so Food drinks might take a little bit Longer but it will get there but just Make sure you order a side of patience When you're going to the restaurants and Then I think I need to talk about my Favorite part of coming to Puerto Rico The food look we have a whole video on The eats of Puerto Rico it's on Jocelyn's Channel just go there and we Have a full thing but I want to give you Some of the highlights what you have to Realize is plantains are a thing here Okay plantains like like bananas okay And you'll have it in different forms You have tostones which they'll take These plantains chop them up fry them Smash them then fry them again oh so Good you have that as a starter or you Just have like a normal like fried Banana chopped up and fried that's Really good but the biggest one the Biggest plantain thing you're gonna see Is with Mofongo and Mofongo is the the Plantains and it's fried smashed put Together and you'll see it like a bowl Or you'll see it like a dome kind of Thing and they'll put you know either You know pork or they'll put steak or

They'll put uh Cameron's uh shrimp in There fish in there there's all kinds of Stuff but Mofongo is this Plantain kind of Bull thing I don't know how to explain It it's just it's just really wonderful And it's really the food the most Popular food here in Puerto Rico if you Go any place where tourists are they Will have Mofongo on the menu get Whatever you know meat kind of filling Or stew you want with it and you'll Enjoy it okay but obviously we're here On an island the seafood here whether You're getting I've had an excellent Stuffed red snapper group or shrimp oh My God so many good Seafoods you can Have when you're here and I know Seafood Is a thing here but for me the tastiest Tastiest tastiest to get when you hear Is lechon asado if you're not sure Lechon is it's roasted suckling pig and If you're lucky you'll see some of these Kioskos these little kiosk things I was Talking about you'll see those out there And they'll have a roasted pig out there Like on a spit you want that and yes you Buy it by the kilo and you want to eat It by the kilogram because it's so good And there's actually a Ruta de lechon de Lechon there's actually a you know a Pork Highway like for tourists to go on But not just tourist locals go and have That and you might not be able to get

Lechon Asado you might just see what's Called perennial which is like pork butt You can get some of that when you're There um I had that with my Mofongo so Good so good but also there's all kinds Of little snacky dudes you can have Little Fritos little fried things that Are out there little like you'll see a Lot of bakeries around here and you want To go and grab some stuff from The Bakers whether it's a quesito which is Like a like it looks like a cannoli with Some cheese inside that's really good or Or a empanada Empanada Diaz which are Empanadas basically are like the the Half Moon shaped pastry stuffed with Meat or chicken or or sidewall mixed Seafood oh so good you can get vegetable Ones that's great but there's all these Little great snacks you can get at Bakeries around the island that's Fantastic drink wise yes you can drink The water here and when you go to Restaurants they'll always give you Water when you're there which is nice But obviously a lot of people just buy Bottled water as well so you can get That all the stores have bottled water So you can do that but you can do tap Water it's okay make sure you stay Hydrated because of that sun okay but Some of the other stuff madaya is the Beer the main beer here India's another Puerto Rican beer you can have

Um but you know rum Bacardi you know Like rum is a thing here in Puerto Rico And this is the birthplace of the Pina Colada so get a pina colada when you're Here and if you don't drink rum it's Okay you get pina coladas without rum The thing is there's just so many great Things you can have here pasteles I mean There's just there's just so much good Food you're gonna have so when you come Enjoy the nature enjoy the people and Enjoy the food and I hope this helps you Know a bit more of what to expect when You come here to Puerto Rico because We've got videos on safety in Puerto Rico that don't support Puerto Rico the Don'ts of Rincon the donza San Juan but Let's be honest they're mostly dues Anyway I wish y'all the best I'll say Bye from here in Puerto Rico

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