Packing up our boat FOREVER (Our last week Onboard..)

By | October 10, 2022

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[Music] Foreign [Music] Trip for say g'day to everyone oh hi Everyone Hi we were just chilling here On the bow Spirit just naturally don't Mind us This is actually a very emotional day For us this is going to be the last Passage that we do on the Vagabond Before we finally pack her up forever For real this time it's awesome I'm Excited for Vagabond Adventures like Really excited both of our kids had Their first footsteps on this boat yeah It's somehow not as sad as leaving it The first time though when we thought We're moving to the new trimaran because We're not fully letting it go yeah yeah She stays in the family I'm so excited Yeah I'll only gets so nervous doing This stuff What do you mean Oh oh liner I'm fully [Music] You're not scare you then or not no did Not that was so fake This is also a very exciting day because We actually have some on you on board we Have Ray everyone meet Ray Hi which is short for Rachel Obviously what brings you to La vagabond Um I've been following you guys for like Five years now and then I was always

Like huh I bet I could come be their Nanny and then so I finally just sent You guys an email and was like hi here's My resume And then here I am and you're leaving us Soon Ellie yeah I've got two days left So sad and everyone should well and Truly know Alex by now mm-hmm but g'day Mate Going this channel is narrow Lying around here to say the channels Narrow so I did you're so annoying can You stop saying that I'll stop prompting You and I'll just start filming you'll Be Hey guys I don't know why our engine go so slow But it does and just like that we're Pulling our sails down on our floating Home one last time while I know we'll Miss her hugely leaving lavagub on the Second in Jack's capable hands as we Sail Asia and the Pacific on our new Vessel take on bigger projects and raise Our boys is kind of a dream scenario and I'd love to think that in many ways We're handing this boat over to you guys So people who made this all possible We're really looking forward to meeting A lot of you here in Annapolis at the Upcoming boat show Foreign We had a lot to do in only a week Alex Who actually grew up here in Maryland

Managed to borrow this old but probably Unsafe car from his mate so we could get Around town Elaine is practicing convertible style So she can experience the apparent wind Speeds of the rapido [Music] Should I change Lions here things will Be less confusing if you speak plainly So Port or sub this is quite good isn't it Hurtling down the road What must be Nearly 50 knots [Music] That's why we've been fighting cameras Around or awkwardly Don't cry because it's not goodbye see You later yeah I can stop filming the room oh my Goodness what Guys no [Music] This is amazing oh this will come in so Handy I hope you have room in your bag I Will are you sure this will take Prairie Oh that's so good I've always wanted one Of these yay I'm glad you like it yeah I Absolutely love it and I really need Some of these as well uh-huh we're all About practical gifts yeah yeah Oh thank you so much I'm sorry I'm Filming this up now Packing up a boat feels like a

Never-ending Mission there are so many Hidden storage areas and dark corners on This boat that belongings just kind of Seemed to be popping out of nowhere all Week luckily though we'd packed up this Boat once before so we had way less gear And we well and truly knew our way Around the good old vacuum seal kit what Are you up to just going through some Sailing gear and trying to figure out What to send what to leave to jack for Vagabond Adventures um but we should Move all the stuff outside hey if it's Gonna rain Alex has already done it oh sick thanks Alex the boxes we were about to send to Vietnam might be on the move for two Months before arriving so we did our Best to pack it all cleanly and tightly It's pretty hard packing for three Places we're packing for spellbard we're Packing for the world tour where we'll Probably be hot so go hardcore winter Gear summer gear enough camera equipment To last until we get to Vietnam and Retrieve all of our belongings that'll Be sent there in the mail it's just Really hard to pick What we actually need now but we're Getting there it's a bit of a mess Riley's having a nap We're getting there That is dense it's a brick isn't it it's So dense

Foreign [Music] Packing And I don't think we've really filmed Much to tell you the truth the kids have Been at the pool all day which has been Nice for them and we've just been here Exploring every cupboard I just found This one and I remembered last time we Packed up the boat I thanked all you Guys Um here I am doing the same thing Hopefully we won't have to unbox this Until we get to Vietnam I found my own subscriber saying by the Way how have you been Ray how are the Kids been at the pool They're traveling it's really crowded Today Yeah so Lenny's Um learning to get along with everybody Oh and share yeah You'll have to film some for me okay There's a technique to this Is gonna go on a plane yeah [Music] See you soon okay [Music] Now in our recent episode titled trimer And update you guys might recall a Controversial topic of debate not quite As heated as the color of our interior Cupboards but a close second our leather Couches apologies in advance to team no

Leather on board but today's all about Them cutting up these beautiful and Expensive pieces of furniture to upcycle Felt so wrong yet so right so we've got Jesse here and Stephanie Wanted to say a massive thanks to the Couches it couldn't have been better I'm Glad it's working out call on the tunes As well mate so you know Thanks mate Guys travel safe I really appreciate it yeah Why are you so silly Baby Darwin [Music] Yeah what do you want man The boat was just getting Hectic with the two kids whilst we're Trying to pack up so we've got an Airbnbaits just down the road it's a Small walk from the Miranda so it just Could not be more convenient and Um It's got a nice patio here some coffee Table drinking coffee there's stacks of Room it's a really beautiful part of the World actually there's really big trees Green Rolling Hills Chesapeake Bays over There It's um It's very nice It's actually stunning I went for a run Like two mornings ago in this area and It's like a forest the trees some of These trees must just be so old this is

Incredible the stumps on them are just Massive to be producing that level of Enthusiasm enthusiasm before coffee must Mean something [Music] You've been good boys He doesn't talk no he's got a mouthful Of Mandarin doesn't he Run up There tonight When we're done with stuff Are you filming I'd like to talk I'd like to talk to you all about Andrew Huberman Andrew human of famed podcast Land he's one of my favorite podcasters And I have found him to be thoroughly Authentic and reputable and what he says I tend to agree with he's been named Scientific Advisor to athletic brands Which I thought was fantastic and it Makes me feel very happy to be wrapped Up in the whole thing and I drink Athletic greens as well so it's about Time you all heard from me about how Wonderful it is as well so it's got Prebiotics probiotics it's a superfood Complex it supports gut health immunity Digestion and noticeably for Elena and I Just your energy levels we use it all The time we really really love it and You know we think that you guys will get A lot of benefit out of it too with your First purchase athletic greens are going

To give you a year's supply of their Vitamin D3 and K2 as well as five travel Packs for free [Music] Foreign What's going on babe what are you Thinking about the leather heavy piss me Off so what do you think then about Having leather on the Rapido I love it Such conflicting emotions [Music] So what's happened well we're actually Going on an adventure after we finish Packing up the bags beginning with we're Staying on an oil rig I wish I will Explain more about soon but no flight Company wanted our almost American Airlines wanted our credit card Including this guy who's been Blacklisted for some reason yeah he Tried three of his American bank cards With Husband so we're gonna be dry Stay at the world's most dangerous Hotel It's actually gonna be fun we're looking Forward to a road trip So from here American Airlines have Completely screwed us over so we're Trying to figure out how to get to The world's most incredible dangerous Hotels thrilling what about thrilling I Like that word Ah it's very dangerous well first off How nice is it that we have half the

Stuff like packing up this time how much Easy is it twice as easy twice maybe Even three times a bit wow no it would Be exactly twice as easy if we have half The stuff it's math but It really has though the first time we Packed up our boat it was just a mess Because we didn't really have time to Like organize everything perfectly in Boxes and it was just like boom we just Threw everything so we're the first time When we packed up the boat it was like What is this doing on here like why do We need this how did this even get here Or where are the forks yeah it's so nice Packing up this time we're like great Bam everything goes in one box from Under the bed it's all together it's all From the same category of things Ellie What do you think about her in there Her and I became really good friends Ellie's brilliant I've never seen anyone Grow so much on board honestly she came And she really didn't know how to do the Stuff she's a teacher but she'd never Looked after two little kids before very Small kids or sailed or done any of that Stuff and after a couple of chats she Just And we invited her back we don't often Do that Rose and I contemplated a small Party or gathering for our last night on Board the Vagabond but honestly we were Just exhausted and couldn't think of

Anything better than a movie night [Music] Foreign [Music] Rush would be the understatement of the Century We've got six hours to drive until we Get to Wilmington and that's the last we're Going to see of La Vagabond for quite a While I'd say [Music] Again Very sad farewells she's been An incredible vessel that both of my Kids have both had their first steps on And just so many Like a lifetime of memory it's more Four lifetimes and memories it's very Sad Do you need any of these in the front Would you all right I've never done this Before [Music] He's just here mate thanks so much for All your help thank you it was a lot of Fun sorry about my sweaty neck there oh Yeah what's a good chance yeah we love You Alex I'm sweating too yeah oh it's All good it's so nice to get to know you Yeah thank you guys so much it was a lot Of fun I like said that he was gonna Bring his wife down to spend two days With our kids before they pulled the

Trigger on theirs eye opener isn't it oh Yeah [Music] Full time we'll see you over here I mean I am sweaty too [Music] You came for a road trip my dude I really did make it but it did house The bridge checking options [Music] [Applause] Toys and it's in a lantern but you're Eating it first and then you can play so Future plans what's coming up many People on the east coast of the US would Be familiar with Frying Pan Shoals which Is the most dangerous Airbnb in the US I Booked this in there then we're going to The Arctic Circle yeah I cannot wait for These Adventures that are upcoming like Which is weird because I booked them Thinking that you'd be freaking out so I Was like kind of thinking that I'd be Apologizing at the moment or wondering If you are okay with it all I was always Okay with the trip to the Arctic that's Been something on my bucket list for so Long and now that we're not living on The Vagabond anymore we finally have Time to do these different things like Before we go to event before we go to Asia it's really nice to switch it up And do different stuff I'm not sure About the rig thing maybe you will be in

Trouble for that we'll see But for everything else I'm just so Excited For what's to come See you guys next week for this wild Adventure in the meantime leave us a Comment we'd love to hear from you [Music]

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