Our HONEST review of the SOLAR POWERED Silent Yacht 55

By | October 22, 2022

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Foreign [Music] [Music] Day we're packing up our apartment here In Barcelona we've been here for what Three or four days today's an exciting Day because we're hopping on a flight to Mallorca to go and see our friend's Cara And Nate and we'll be island hopping With them in the valeric islands and go And check out this silent yacht we've Seen pictures of it and videos it looks Bizarre very futuristic Yeah we want to learn all about it and Mostly see Kara and Nate so I guess That's why it's an exciting day So soon we're going to be catching up With Kara and Nate who we just Absolutely love but we're going to be Going on a silent yacht and there could Be a few problems because I'm gonna have To give my honest opinion on the boat And it doesn't have a mask and I know That Cara and Nate they're very friendly With the CEO or the owners of the Company or something like that I need to Walk a bit of a delicate line whilst Giving true and honest feedback to you Guys our um our audience I do I should Say it's an electric vessel so it's it's Sort of the way of the future and I and I absolutely love that I'm really Interested to see what I think of it I'm a little embarrassed about how much

Stuff we're bringing on board the reason We embarrassingly have four massive Suitcases is because we just packed up Our sailboat of five years La Vagabond We're now in transit to our new trimaran Being built in Asia we had to pack Clothes for humid Asia as well as 100 Layers of clothing for the Arctic Circle Which was a trip that we just went on And are still currently editing the Videos to share with you guys they'll be Dropping next week and I cannot wait for You to see anyway we couldn't think of a Better way to end our European trip than Catching up with some of our favorite People Kara and Nate they've been Traveling the world for seven years now And they're an absolute power couple They're always doing some insanely Awesome challenge together and sipping Champagne in between if you haven't Discovered their Channel yet you're Going to want to check it out [Music] Oh my goodness what this is so spacious We are in for a treat being a 55 foot Catamaran this boat has more than enough Room for the LA Vagabond family Including Rachel who's helping us out That's it Cara and Nate and Captain Mike the Silent 55 has four state-of-the-art Bedrooms with luxurious ensuites and Plenty of places for us to chill in the

Sun during our week on board Foreign I'm going to break it down into segments Which is a little bit different for us The first one I'm going to give you the Specifications of the vessel then we're Going to walk around and give you just Our first impressions and some sort of Negatives and positives that we get like Immediately we're going to do a solar Only propulsion experiment so we're Going to see how fast we can go using Just the solar panels I'm going to talk About whether or not I think this boat Is good to sail around the world to Circumnavigate or to take across an Ocean I'm going to use our seven days on Board as a bit of a case study that'll Give me an opportunity to talk about Kilowatts in kilowatts out whether we Use the generator how many miles we Actually covered all of the General Application of the vessel to how we've Used it at the moment and just yeah just A case study and then at the end I'm Going to just have a bit of a chat with You guys and give my final thoughts and And my honest opinion about the boat Foreign For the kids to be making lots of noise And using the coffee machine is it Today we can leave port and go somewhere New but not before doing a giant food Shop in the past I've dreaded stocking

Up our boat but somehow being on someone Else's boat and kind of feeling like we Were on holiday Cara and I were skipping Through the entire Supermarket like Giddy teenagers what just happened I Thought I was getting zucchini but Apparently these are cucumbers something Else but I'm all back on the Shelf That's it The girls actually did a really good job Of managing expectations These guys keep giving me about my Accent No you Sure It's only Cara then yeah yeah I Definitely want to tempt the Australian Accent you can leave that together yeah You'll have an entire nation of people On YouTube You're about to head off dock lines are Being uh changed we need to get hold of This super yacht next door because their Safety line is over our path when we Leave I've been banging on these guys we Know this 400 a night here Is that right to park or Euros a 400 Euro or not Crazy so now they've dropped that their Safety line there that's given us enough Room to get out so now we get the two Mooring lines stopping in the water I Can keep the boat here stable and then

We do the two cross lines on the key and The two outlines on the key everything Is on the key we are free you just tell Me and then we go out That sounded like a foreign language [Music] I must say it is silent it really is the Quiet yacht 55. [Laughter] And um this is the fuel dock and it's It's not completely exposed but it's Very exposed so given this is a solar Powered boat you may be wondering why We're filling this baby up simply put We're going to calculate from a full Tank how much if any fuel we use during This seven day voyage [Music] Yeah you can drop the knife [Music] It's got really Rocky coming out this Channel Laughs Yeah things are a little crazy right now I think it's gonna get better though [Music] Who will wait Well my partner and I have been sailing Around the world for the past nearly Decade we've stopped counting but we Probably would have sailed Well over 50 000 nautical miles and if You've got time go and check those Videos out we have no affiliation with

This company and I'm just interested in Giving people that are watching just the Best information that I can All right Riley how much does this Vessel cost 3.4 million dollars what's The length 55 feet what's the weight 32 Ton the size of the batteries 208 Kilowatts you get a good memory the size Of the engines dual 200 kilowatt engines How much does she draw one meter cool Which is very good yeah that's what we Draw on the lag box I'm often drawing um [Music] These are the goddamn shiniest Windows I've ever seen in my life [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Let's get to some of the fun Parts we're Going to talk about the positives and The negatives of this boat most Noticeably as soon as I step foot on This boat one of the positives was Really just how big it is this back deck Here with the saloon is kind of really Open and there's even full-size fridges It just feels like it could be your House or apartment everything's kind of Got a place second positive

Is the water supply we pretty much have Unlimited water on this boat we have Such a big battery bank that we can Afford to make water any time of the day To do washing they also have a Dishwasher we've been able to have hot Showers after we go swimming and not Really worry about how much water we're Using It's been luxurious that is such a Privilege to not have to worry about the Water Third positive this boat really is Silent when you're just using electric Propulsion Like we really could be sailing right Now to be honest in weather conditions Like this there is not a noise it's Incredible The first negative is going to be the Fact that we found it quite Uncomfortable when underway in rough Conditions there's just cucumber in Weird places this is probably for a Couple of reasons the first being that Because it doesn't have sales there's no Force kind of picking you up and making You a bit lighter and carrying you along The ocean it's it's quite a narrow boat With thick hulls and it's quite top Heavy so we found ourselves bouncing Around a bit Yeah the motion was Actually a real surprise because usually Heavier boats sit nicer in the water but

It really feels like our boat moves Better through the water with less Bouncing around the second negative Which I mean it's not really a negative But it kind of is no no for me this is a Huge negative there's no help the helm Is actually these two buttons here yep Which is very unsatisfying look at it You have to use two fingers maybe this Is the way of the future maybe so babe You're on a crossing and you get some Water in the electrics now what do you Do yeah is there no backup Helm right is It yes autopilot yeah no it's all the Trusses and this is the bigger Point Okay completely independent if but what If this is what if lightning strikes Kaput oh yeah everything is covered but This one is not on so hopefully it Should stay okay I I like to have a Helm I'm sure that they would do it for you If you asked like a wheel that's Connected to wire that is connected to a Rudder yes but if you have no electric And the the power is fair you don't even Have to approaching your dad So the third negative is probably and This isn't important again but all of The hatches none of them are facing Forwards so that means you can't really Get a nice Sea Breeze to come in and I Find them to be oddly placed they're not Placed where your head is so if you have The blanket on and it starts to rain

That's what happened to me you can't Feel that it's raining until your bed is Soaked So we've got a speed curve here which is Instructive if you go at six knots and Then if you go if you go at eight or ten You can see how much more power you're Using so it's actually really really Interesting and it's the same thing that We've got to deal with with ocean Vault Four knots at least we're super Efficient there six we're starting to Lose a bit eight is crazy 10 you it's Just insane 12 of you might as well just Have a nuclear power plant on board Here What have we got for lunch really we've Got Uh mustard and avocado you know quacky Fashion some uh sliced tomatoes and a Burger We're calling them tempeh club Sandwiches Darwin did you like Cara's guacamole [Music] Yeah let's get together it's been so Nice catching up with Kara at night the Past couple of days I think between us And them we'd all been on some crazy Adventures before they start we're ready For a little break there's been a lot of Catching up chilling out having fun on The board a few movie Nights already Which brings me to today's sponsor being

Expressvpn have we not had expressvpn on This trip alone it would have been Fairly restricted with the shows we were Watching as an example were actually Just in Norway and Riley and I couldn't Watch our favorite show Rick and Morty On Netflix not sure why it's a great Show but luckily we were easily able to Get around that so a huge thanks to Expressvpn expressvpn if you haven't Heard of it it's an app that lets us Change our location to anywhere in the World with just one tap but accessing More shows is is good it is really just The cherry on top though protecting your Online security has become hugely Important for us we actually got hacked Probably about five years ago luckily he Was a friendly hacker we really didn't Pay too much attention to all of that Like we should have been we'd just sail From place to place going to town log on To a public Wi-Fi network it's actually Super easy for anyone using that same Public Wi-Fi network to steal your Account login details your passwords Your financial details but with Expressvpn it encrypts 100 of our Traffic so we can protect our valuable Info there are tons of vpns out there And you do need to be careful about the One to pick many free or cheap vpns Claim to be secure but they have been Found selling their users data so please

Be careful we trust expressvpn because They're a premium VPN provider they use A special Tech called trust server which Makes it physically impossible for their VPN servers to store logs of any of Their customers as a special gift to you Guys we've partnered with expressvpn to Give you three extra months for free you Can just use our link here Expressvpn.com forward slash SLV I'll Also pop that link in the description Below thanks guys and enjoy on with the Show We spent the next two days discovering New anchorages in Majorca avoiding Magaloof at all costs running and Practicing riding the flight board the Idea was for each of us to try and Master this wild Contraption and have a Competition at the end of the week who Could foil the longest [Music] Very normal very normal Very normal happens all the time You just pull the line as tight as it'll Go put your hand through here And then you just repeat And Bob's your uncle Wow it's your uncle and batteries right Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah Very Advanced Get Up Get Away So Elena's got a sore ear Nate's mother

Used to pour rubbing alcohol into his Ear Is that right that's correct okay and we Don't have any rubbing we don't have Rubbing alcohol so we're going to use Gin that feels so weird I'm just gonna lay like this for a while Did the water come out ah no it's still There so this flight board you've got a Sore ear and I've hurt my neck We're in the water falling apart Damn it's still in that [Music] So one thing which I think most people Don't understand when they're discussing Electric powered yacht or solar-powered Yachts is how much power you can Actually get from the Sun with the solar Panels so we've got 15 kilowatts of Solar panels and what we're going to do Is Equal we it's not perfect because it's Just difficult to read so we're going to Do the best that we can to use only the Power of the solar panels to propel the Boat forwards So the Imports aren't oh dear the inputs Aren't perfectly precise so we're having To do our best estimate here so we've Turned side onto the Sun so that the Solar panels are receiving as much sun As we can have we're heading downwind so We're going to put the motors in neutral And I'm going to subtract the drift from

The ultimate speed that we get so that Will be taken into consideration So we've got roughly five kilowatts Coming in and we're using roughly five Kilowatts going forwards and we're going At 4.4 knots so now we are with the sun On the side Our drift now it's going to be about one Knot so it would be safe to say that we Could subtract that one knot off the Previous 4.4 So according to this very rough guide we Would have been using Five kilowatts from our 15 kilowatts of Solar panels To go 3.4 knots which is actually that's Much faster than I thought it would be Because this is what a 30 ton boat That's actually I think that most people Would go oh wow that's not very fast but To me like you just simply using the Solar panels I I would have thought one And a half knots or two so we're much Higher than that so that's actually Pretty good it's not practical to be Going around the world like that Especially when the Sun goes down but It's um using we haven't taken into Consideration the batteries at all there So that's it that's I'd say that's a Massive win the solar only experiment Looked promising but we're yet to talk About if it's possible to do an ocean Crossing in this I'm sure a lot of you

Are thinking how would this thing move When the Sun Goes Down And there's no More solar anyway we arrived at another Beautiful Anchorage in Majorca and Celebrated this relaxing moment in time We found ourselves in with no sails to Hoist and put away and no need to keep a Constant watch for schools or Coral Heads to a degree Foreign [Music] The most beautiful morning the water is So calm today and we're on our way to Ibiza which is 75 nautical miles from Mallorca where we just were we left at 5am this morning we woke up to the sound Of the anchor coming up and it's so Different being on another boat if this Was our boat and I heard the anchor Going off I would know Riley would need A hand and I'd probably get up and at Least make him a coffee but because this Isn't my boat I know Mike's got it I Kind of displayed in bed this morning And yeah watch the sunrise Mike's also Made croissants this morning and some Bread yeah it should be a really fun day On the water Do you guys remember like early days one Of our earliest videos where we're Sailing it's called like sailing into The Sun or something and we go past Ibiza and I'm like at the helm and I'm Like yeah it's a bit too cold to wear

Short skirts and go party in Ibiza now I'm getting my Ibiza moment you are not Wearing shorts I'll probably be out till like 11 but It's funny that we're coming back now I'm not going out Oh come on you have to no I really don't no I feel like you're Happy I'm so not interested You boys can watch the kids how does That feel I'll watch the kids by myself Okay yeah Yeah and not at least see it watch me All right fair enough let me know if you Think I'm turning into a grumpy old Captain he is [Music] All right can you take this boat across An ocean and take your tunnels off You can they have it's not really what These boats are built for but I don't Think that's what Lagoon's leopards and Fontaine pegeot are built for either These guys fly a kite out the front uh Which um I would be a little hesitant to Do I think I think pulling it back in Might be very difficult in a Squall but I haven't done it so you know maybe it's Great I don't think that it probably Would be but it should be said that's Not really what these boats are designed For but they can do it you'd be running The generator pretty much the whole way So at that point it would be a motorboat

So once you've crossed say the Atlantic You're going to be in the Caribbean and Then it's not going to be a super Pleasant boat to be aboard when it's Blowing 20 knots all up and down those Windward islands and getting those waves On a beam on this boat would be very Uncomfortable so what you're going to Want to do is get it up to the Bahamas Kind of as quickly as possible and then You could start playing games and Running the generator less and less and That would be quite fun or you stay in The middle training is and I'm not sure If I've mentioned that yet but that's Exactly what this boat is all about in In my opinion I don't know what they're Marketing it for I don't but that's That's the that's how I would be using It We made it to Ibiza Nate's playing the Drone there's a pirate ship over here uh And super Yachts everywhere obviously But it really feels like we're in Ibiza Now Whoa [Music] It was really funny as soon as we Dropped anchor Riley started playing This Ibiza playlist and it's all like DJ Hilarious songs that I probably listened To 10 years ago so we're all just Busting out in the saloon and uh made Some strawberry daiquiris and Nate's

Gonna go for a flyboard I might jump on As well I've had one go at it and we're Actually gonna have a competition uh the Winner I don't know what the winner gets But the idea is you have to go around The whole of this boat foiling which is Really hard it's hard to turn and stay Up obviously so yeah if you guys want to Actually see who wins the competition Make sure you go and check out Kara and Nate's video from this trip they're Gonna put it on their video There won't be nothing but big old Hearts Okay we're back on land I thought that I would use all of the Numbers so these numbers are going to be Coming at you thick and fast of our trip That we did as a bit of a case study so We were out there for seven days and six Nights the kilowatts generated by the Solar panels 392. kilowatts generated by The generator 720 generator run time 12 Hours generated consumption is 13.3 Liters per hour the kilowatts used in Total over the 6007 nights is 260 miles Traveled 175 nautical miles we did at an average Speed of 7 knots and the fuel that we Used 208 liters so to give you an example Elena and I on our 48 foot sailing Catamaran would use 208 liters in

Three months so different boat much Larger boat more people on board Different project but that that's um That's the power of sailing in some uh I Think what I've been doing is comparing This vessel the silencio Cinco Cinco to A sailboat which I really think I really And truly feel like it's inferior to in Every way that I consider important when I'm thinking about a vessel that I'd Like to circumnavigate in you can get a Really really good sailboat for 3.4 Million euro I'm talking like a h60 you Probably couldn't get a gun boat for That price but you could get two you Could get two rapidos which where you Would be you would have certain Navigated before before the silent yacht Had gone out of the Mediterranean and Tried to cross the Atlantic but that's Completely unfair they are not fair Comparisons this boat is probably more Aimed at people who aren't really Interested in sailing and they're more Thinking of a Greener type of motor Yacht so motorboats there are some Motorboats out there on the water doing Science breaking ice and just doing Incredible things on the water there are Some many plastic super Yachts out there Owned by wankers probably from Miami That are just you guys know me they're They're not my jam man so yeah I don't Like them now this vessel what I think

It is perfect for is cruising around the Mediterranean in summer probably which Is when everyone else is cruising around The Mediterranean So so in the mid you'll often find Yourself in a Marina and it's kind of Perfect right you just plug back into Power you fill up your batteries again Before you head off it's magic and I Really do love this company I love Silent Yachts I love what they're doing And I really mean that I was extremely Surprised with the 3.4 knots of boat Speed with only five kilowatts of power Coming in from the Sun during the solar Only propulsion experiment and I really Feel like that speaks to the efficiency Of the engines and makes me incredibly Optimistic about this type of technology For the future and just boating in General moving forwards that that I what I wasn't expecting it to be anywhere Near that so that's that's a massive win For these guys a company like this needs To exist in the Marine industry and They're out there doing it and I think That that's brilliant I would recommend That people come and Charter this vessel Um come and check it out for yourselves We'll have some links in the description And the other thing that I think is Worth uh exploring would be investing in These type of Technologies and maybe Even silent yacht in particular ocean

Vault maybe some of the battery Companies I think the industry is headed This way we all know that and Um yeah thank you for listening to My review I hope it was okay [Music]

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