Our Home in Costa Rica…But There’s a Problem

By | November 9, 2022

Living in Costa Rica is idealized by so many, but the realities are challenging. We deal with rain, humidity and wildlife…and we were not prepared.

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We are back in Costa Rica we're back you Can probably tell by like farm animal Sounds that are around us the roosters Everything they don't they don't just Wake you up in the morning but Throughout the night they just love to You know Do that for those who haven't seen our Last video that we uploaded on me coming Back to check in on the Airstream to Make sure that there wasn't any mold Inside here's a little recap a month ago I flew to Costa Rica last minute just to Check in on the Airstream it's currently Rainy season in Costa Rica and our Airstream has just been left alone out In the open exposed to the elements and We are really concerned that there might Be mold or animals living in there we Didn't know thankfully there was nothing Living in there and the humidity level Wasn't too bad but I still wanted to Suck out moisture the problem is we're Currently not hooked up to electricity And the only Power we have is generated Through our solar panels I connected a Dehumidifier to our solar system and Then connected that to a timer so that Four hours a day the dehumidifier was Turning on to suck moisture out of the Air and then I flew back to Canada and Wouldn't be returning for another month My concern is that during rainy season It's really cloudy and that there isn't

Enough solar power to charge up our Batteries before the dehumidifier drains Them so worst case scenario is the Dehumidifier isn't on when we walk into The Airstream and the humidity level is High now we're back here and we haven't Checked on the Airstream yet and we're Gonna go do that right now I have a good Feeling about it so Better I don't [Music] While we're here we're going to give you Guys a little tour of some of the spaces That are built in the community Foreign [Music] We are really hoping that by now we had A structure built for our Airstream but It took way longer than expected to come Up with the designs for this structure Now that we have those designs we can Get started building as soon as possible [Music] She's still here Luna's here looking Good from the outside Raya Louie your bus is still here good Sign This View So beautiful Hey snakes Stinky but it's like It's not a bad smell it just smells Stale like it needs to be aired out is

The dehumidifier on it's on it's on come On coming up it's on wow that's Impressive that is important It works it works that's amazing so that Means it's been going this whole time Humidity is at 60. what was it at when You were here like 75 80. wow so Humidity has gone down that's a healthy Humidity level not too dry it doesn't Feel wet in here it feels dry the Humidity is good yeah it feels dry feels Dry there's definitely a lot of cobwebs Oh what a relief Okay the Airstream is in better shape Than when I left it it's even drier and Less moisture in the air and there's no Critters that we see any any like Mouse Poo any of that these things are full Look at all that water Wow that is a lot of water can you see It yeah it's it's full it's up to here Yeah we bought refills so that we can Refill those that's Max too yeah add This you're home Bud You're home Yeah this is your first home The mold was in this area I remember you Yeah messaging me or videoing with me But it doesn't look I covered I mean it looked doesn't look fine but It doesn't look worse it doesn't yeah It's definitely not bad and I covered it With this bag so that any moisture that Could drop wasn't dropping directly on

On the wood because that was the problem Before okay I'm gonna turn this off Right now just so we don't have to Listen to a fan here I drilled some Holes here's like a hole for the water To drip and I can see it dripping out And then this is like an airflow hole I Also made a few others so that air can Get in and then water leaks out our sink Is copper and it's made this like patina On the sink but that can just easily Come off you actually see patina on like Old churches and roofs that are copper This is amazing I don't I'm But I don't really want to open Cupboards yeah let's open cupboards Let's see I'm scared because we're in Costa Rica How many Critters live in Costa Rica Pretty much all the critters in the World so snakes scorpions spiders and Everything else I mean I like that you kept all this Open I guess right yeah it's more of an Airflow yeah yeah I'm not seeing any Mouse poo yet Okay Any major issues the fridge oh my God The fridge No It doesn't even look bad at all yeah it Looks okay freezer Looks good in there I did clean this when I was when I was

Back here I'm refilling all these Dehumidifiers we have many of them it Basically sucks up the moisture in the Air and then dissolves into the water These get all filled up and all of them Were filled up see I had refilled them a Month ago and they were all filled There's a lot there's like over 15 yeah About 15. See Once all this is dissolved it just fills Up this bottom With all the moisture that was sucked Out of the air this stuff is septic safe So we can flush it down the toilet we're Just not going to pour it on the land so I'm just going to fill up this Water bottle here With the liquid and take it to a toilet Flush it And then we'll be ready to go to absorb Some more moisture in the air over the Next month this is like October is the Rainiest we've been told it's the Rainiest month of the whole year and Then it starts to get drier from then on So we just need to survive one more Month We bought these refills for all of these Tubs So that we don't have to keep buying new Tubs now that we own the tubs we can Just keep refilling them and it's really Cheap I mean this was maybe two bucks

For for a refill it's probably three Bucks for a brand new tub and I've just Been reusing them and it's an amazing Way if you're in a humid climate with a Lot of rain to suck moisture out of the Air without any electricity I put one of These in the car when we left it because The car was going to be here for a Couple months all over the Airstream Between the tubs and the dehumidifier That we have running inside it took the Moisture from like 80 percent to 60 in The Airstream and 60 is is a healthy Range you don't want it too dry and then All the wood starts cracking and then You know there's not any humidity you Need some humidity but not too humid That mold starts growing thankfully There was no major damage done to the Airstream and there was no Critters Living in there All of our methods of sucking out Moisture have worked and you'll be Shocked to see just how much moisture Was sucked out of the air [Music] This is um the second bottle that I have Filled this times two it was all the Water that was sucked out of the air in The Airstream over the past month only Plus we have the dehumidifier running That's like plugged in and connected to Our solar running for a few hours each Day so that's crazy it's rainy season

It's so wild in like a few months it's Not gonna rain at all for months and Months and months it'll be dry season There won't be a single drop of rain we Refilled all those tubs that are in the Airstream checked everywhere it doesn't Look like there's any mice didn't find a Single piece of mouse droppings which is A huge huge plus not even really insects Which is amazing because we're literally Parked in the jungle I mean if I was Living in the jungle as a mouse I'd Rather just live out there where my food Is and where my home is but right now Let's go give you a tour of the communal Spaces here a few minute walk from our Land and you're at the Community Rec Center called the Hive and the shape of A hexagon perfectly placed in the Community right beside the community Garden Welcome to The Hive this is one Of our community spots where we gather Together enjoy each other friends family Everybody in the community to have Dinners together to go swimming just to Hang out to work to do whatever it is The largest bamboo structure in Costa Rica I've been told and it's just it's Stunning and the views are incredible You can see the garden the yoga Shala And then just the mountains all around [Music] Right from this view we've seen two cans We've seen birds of paradise we've seen

A fox we've seen monkeys different like Types of reptiles it's it's amazing that You can just sit here and admire the View and you are immersed in the jungle Here I'm not into bird watching but Think I might get into it now that I'm Here the last time that I was here the Middle area this Garden was Not as thriving as it is now it's just Like so Lush and full and what's really Cool about it is the rain water drops From the center into the garden and Waters the plants there's these like Little cubby areas right now there are Some like games and books in them I have No idea what the future holds for these But I think it's gonna be fun probably More games and this way I'll take you in A sec is where the banyos are as well as Some beautiful sinks and outdoor showers This is a guy's washroom Darkness Very simple this is all teak wood this Is local teak wood and the walls Are waddle and dab ahead Beautiful made with like clay straw sand Limestone Limestone and a lime lime lime Yeah lime amazing it's super organic It's Earl's washroom there are three Stalls it's darker in here even when I Turn the light it's still on the darker Side but at least you can see where the Toilet is I love these Stones these are Like real stones

It's amazing Really beautiful And this is the communal kitchen there Are two stoves and ovens Large fridge there's a sink tons of Cupboard space with everything you need To cook something lots of counter spaces Too and then there is a table over there To eat and hang out out here is probably My favorite part about this whole thing We got the kitty pool over here and then We have the large size pool over here And I think it's only about four feet Deep for the whole the whole length of The pool which I like so it's great for Laps great for playing and the view is The best part of course there's a jungle Right behind it and we've been here Swimming and there's been a whole family Of monkeys passing it's just like it's Paradise they're gonna have some chairs Set up here as well as a couple of Cabanas over there It's like the perfect setup to just Spend a whole day swimming enjoying the View out with friends people in the Community family I think a lot of time is going to be Spent here On the other side of the pool there's a Hot tub as well that is heated by fire And the pool is salt water there's no Chlorine here of course in an Eco Community where people are like so

Conscious of Health and Wellness we try Our best To you know be as healthy as possible Outdoor showers you can't live in the Jungle and not have outdoor showers so We've got two communal outdoor showers Here when the water drips down it's like A nice waterfall Cascading over your body so sensual try To do this without getting wet That's not full of course because I Didn't want to get wet There we go it's like a nice waterfall Super nice so you can shower before Heading into the pool and afterwards and Any time of day so you want to take a Shower Can I capture this sure can I capture it Okay we're actually filming a so Manuel Watched our videos on airstreams and Then You bought one yeah we ended up buying One and traveling uh 44 States yeah Yeah I love it I love it you never know Who you're gonna bump into like here in The jungle Met somebody who watched our videos on Airstreams we're convinced to buy one Yourself travel around and now we're Meeting here for the first time in Alegria in Costa Rica it's a spectacular Place it's really special and it draws Like-minded people together totally Thank you

[Music] [Music]

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