OUR FIRST TIME DOING THIS!! Family Adventures with Kids for the 4th of July in USA.

By | July 10, 2022

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Happy 4th of July and so much love to you, America!
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This might have been one of your best Weeks but I had one of the worst things That ever has ever the worst experiences Ever good morning from New England Bye So if you watched our last video there's That magical whale there are the sea Lions but what people don't understand Is the day before that we have Completely struck out did you remember That we went out on the water we side Thus is wildlife you can't predict it But then the very next day not only did We have the flying whale and the Magical Sea lions but I didn't even have time to Show you this but the day ended or the Literally foreign [Music] You think wow that's a big tail wow look At the tail right here So then we traveled from Central America To And Our kids are always like what's the next Holiday and I'm like oh it's Christmas For things so whatever that I thought They're always looking for the next Holiday and this time they're like after Easter then it was the next holiday and I'm like Fourth of July and they're like Huh what's that well the day has come And we decided we need to introduce our Kids to America All right why are we in Rhode Island

Best place to spend your fourth of July Morning that's what they tell us There that's what it's one of the first Ever parades yes Very patriotic we And you answered and you told us Bristol Rhode Island small town Bristol Rhode Island yeah ever heard of that place Supposedly it is the birthplace of the Fourth of July parade so much so that it Was rumored that they'd paint the Streets red white and blue the rumors Are true On behalf of Jessica just so happy thank You we asked where where's the best Place in the country to celebrate the Fourth of July you guys come through An essential All-American Town it was Everything I wanted in this East Coast Like All-American town and like it Should be on your bucket list like it Really is experience [Music] [Applause] [Music] Whoa Wow [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] And I'll tell you what I needed that and I think you and I both Needed that we both needed a little bit

Of ounce of patriotism in our life and To remember why this country Is great and we are grateful to live in America and we are truly blessed to be Here and for the sacrifices of so many People that came before us and that live Today Eternally grateful and America we're in Yeah Jessica's right absolutely uh Fourth of July in Bristol to your bucket List not just the parade the people the Town and walking the streets once they Shut down the streets but the parade Hadn't begun like just walk into town One of my absolute favorite experiences Yeah I think it was beautiful Just so my wife went Oh Wow yes yes oh In Liberating She's looking to kill it Oh yeah [Music] [Music] Whoa That's it sending a message [Music] Good try watch the ball watch the ball Oh yeah [Music] Success Oh wow

Vanilla vanilla follow him Wow yeah boys [Music] Beautiful Keep going Wow wow Jess good hit wow [Music] Wow yeah [Music] Wait a minute [Music] Thank you That was good dirty Okay okay [Applause] [Music] [Music] Oh here it goes Thank you Oh you just had to beat the teenage Girls [Music] That's amphibious what is Oh yeah Yeah that's amphibious Oh I'm going for it America Sweet [Music] S [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Music]

[Applause] [Music] Still got it And they said that the only time they'll Ever gonna do it just tonight is the Only thing what is it I just said [Music] And then the grand finale of this week The frosting the cherry on top has been This place where we are right now Chatham Bars [Music] [Music] As I was walking That ribbon of highway I saw above me That endless Skyward [Music] I saw below me That Golden Valley [Music] This land was made for you Our highlight from here that we did as a Family was clammy it was really awesome We went climbing four years ago we went Out and we worked six hours and we got Three quarters of a toe well how are we Gonna find it you ever have an itch Yeah that's what we're doing Scratching all right scratching guys What'd you get wait for reals [Music] So it can't go through oh that's good Hey

[Music] Wow Yeah [Music] See what you got pull it up and see if We got anything We did oh Dorothy's got one measure Yours Oh it goes through all right toss it and Say bye baby Pull it up oh Yeah you got to visit us you have found So many buddy [Music] Yeah did you get one Yeah you did Vanilla Okay watch where it lands because we're Throwing it here [Music] What Is it hey wow dad let me see how many You got buddy Whoa you're gonna measure them all How many Nice Hey wow that's a big one Nice That is neat what What Are you We've never seen one that's alive Manila do you see that right by you Oh it's okay vanilla look way careful Look behind you

Of course your craft look at that stuff Growing on them they're so crazy All right minnow you ready Yeah Oops You found it don't worry there it is we Can okay buddy and one more Watch where it lands Whoa buddy wow look at that Full Bucket You'd think we're the bucket of this Family or something but I had one of the Worst things that ever has ever the Worst experiences ever I'm being dramatic I was asleep Oh you do Okay we went sailing there's a lot of Great whites in this area and I was like Are there great whites can I get in the Water with them like I would love to Swim you're the only crazy person who's Like so can we get in but then there's Seaweed in the water I'm like uh maybe We should cancel all our plants my maybe Number one phobia in all of my life I think you could call it an actual Phobia I think you could call it a Phobia because you trip out thank you For seeing me This is literally your nightmare Jessica will you carry me I don't care About there who wants me to carry them Go first [Music] I'm coming to get you buddy

Mine was Nightmare this is your worst Nightmare All right Dad Here's your camera babe Actually I'll do the camera you sit on This Shuffle thanks guys man what Heroes To walk us out on this Is so impressed you're supposed The what Killer Babe scale of 1 to 10 how bad was that Seaweed for you it was the worst Experience in my entire experience I Believe I believe that All right guys okay how do we do this Can we teach me how to sail I don't know How to sail That thing go the opposite way that you Want to turn okay Okay Let's go Do I see that okay I just beat up too if He tries to tilt The other one is said how scared is Everybody right now Callie looks to be About a seven or eight maybe a nine now Are you scared All right I forgot to turn mom you hold It well hold the camera All right you guys watch out If you're pretty aggressive no don't Don't don't He turned easy turn where are you diving Yeah what do you mean

What's your what's driving In these dangerous Earth Your captain of course he's Captain all Right Garrett was most improved sailor At the Saint Francis Yacht Club no Rookie of the Year oh Rookie of the Year Back in 1998 You're safe Callie okay What's up Dorothy they only get us Across with me Pirates ahead All right you ready to drive Okay swap with Dorothy Nice Nice turn this a little more that way Perfect Okay pull this a little bit tighter A little tighter Can you get it Wow vanilla you're the fastest What did you say America we love you we Want to send you guys to here we are Doing a gift of a trip from us to you so You can stay here at the Chatham Bars And check out our Instagram today it's Just happening for a week or so good Luck and have fun with it Thank you New England Belong here I gotta take her out of here right away Bye [Music] Very good [Music]

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