Ohio: The Don’ts of Visiting Ohio

By | October 15, 2022

Heading to Columbus, Cleveland, or Cincinnati? Well there is a lot more to enjoy in Ohio! If you are wanting amusement parks, Cedar Point has one of the largest and best collections of roller coasters, you can enjoy boating on Lake Erie, and some tasty treats as well! The Ohio State University Alumni won't let you forget the ”The” in ”The” Ohio State University.
The Do's and Don'ts of visiting the Buckeye State, Ohio.
Filmed all over Ohio

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Hey there fellow travelers mark here With walters world and today we're here In dublin ohio for the don'ts of Visiting ohio and i thought a field of Corn is a perfect place to begin our Video and my first don't for you when it Comes to ohio is something that you Don't just have to worry about when You're in ohio but when you travel Around the world and you see people from Ohio and that is Don't freak out when people make a small Flash mob when they hear O-h and then someone else go io For ohio and they'll use something like The corn stalk here to be the eye in Ohio and you'll see people make the oh Ohio and you know and if you're not an Ohio fan you're not from ohio you see Them do it and sometimes they'll suck You in but don't freak out with the Little ohio flash mobs you'll see when You're here now i'm actually just a Little bit north of the ohio state University and i think another don't the People need to know is don't forget the V in front of the ohio state university Because the people from here won't let You forget it okay and i think another Thing is important one that i really Needed to know that i really forgot when I got dressed this morning is don't wear Blue and yellow when you come to ohio Because those colors are not cool

Especially if you're in columbus and Near the ohio state university because Nobody likes michigan and yes i know Those michigan fans will say actually It's blue and maze look nobody cares Michigan nobody cares but just don't if You start shooting columbus you're Wearing blue blue and yellow it's not Gonna go over well all right so let's go See some more less rainy parts of ohio Hopefully to continue our list now Another thing that you might worry about Your teeth safety is don't worry about Busting a tooth when you bite into a Buckeye so if you're not sure what a Buckeye is when you're looking at the Candy buckeye i should say is this is a Treat from here in ohio and what it is It's a peanut butter ball covered in Chocolate and it looks like a buckeye Right and it's something that you will Get a lot of places i know i had a Number of ohio state grads that were my Instructors back in college and whenever Ohio state and illinois played they Would always bring us buckeyes to class And since it was that time and ohio State kind of destroyed illinois every Time we got to at least enjoy something From the destruction that our team got From the ohio state buckeyes so there is That now my next don't for you is don't Think that north carolina is truly the Birthplace of aviation because the

Wright brothers they're from here in Ohio if you go to dayton they actually Have a memorial to them there and Speaking of flying high another donut i Have for you is don't think florida is The best place to go in the u.s for Roller coasters because the best Amusement park for roller coasters Anywhere in the u.s is cedar point Because it seems like every year they're Trying to make the tallest the fastest The the longest roller coaster possible And i've been going there actually i Went there a ton as a kid that was our Summer vacation going to sandusky going To cedar point heading over to cleveland Had going to toledo we did ohio all the Time and that was the highlight was Going to cedar point so so don't think You have to go to florida for real Roller coasters cedar point beats them Every time now another thing where you Might think you need to go to another State to enjoy something is Don't think the christmas story house is Actually in indiana because it's not It's actually in cleveland you can Actually do a tour of the house from a Christmas story you could even spend the Night there but do realize don't think It's in indiana it's right here in ohio Now another thing i think is important For people to realize is when they think Of the midwest and i think ohio like

Ohio midwest it must be one of those Landlocked states well my next don't for You is don't think that ohio is Landlocked lake erie out there is Fantastic and yes there are beaches you Can go and enjoy it's great for sailing I mean every summer we'd be in sandusky We would have a cedar point we'd go to The water parks and we'd go sailing in On lake erie we go and put in bay and All kinds of stuff and all kinds of Other little places along the way but Don't think there's no beaches because You can get out there and you can enjoy The water when you're here in ohio it's Not just corn fields Now when you are driving around in ohio I do have to tell you one thing is don't Call it soda they call it pop here so When you're grabbing a coke or grandma Mountain dew or or whatever just know It's pop and my dear friend cara dear And i would fight over this summer after Summer when we would talk about soda Versus pops like why you call it pop Like why are you calling soda because It's soda not pop but here it's Definitely pop when you're in ohio now Another donut i have for you is don't Forget to thank ohio the next time you Dip your french fries into your wendy's Frosty because ohio is the birthplace of Wendy's and while you're driving around Ohio and you're dipping your fries into

Your frosty i think there's another Doughnut i have for you and that is Don't think that the rose won't get you When you're here in ohio whether it's The potholes or the road construction or The cost of the turnpike the roads here Can get you but what's cool is actually The drivers in ohio are actually pretty Good drivers so it's not the ohio people That drive you nuts when you're driving On the highway on 90 or whatever it's Like people from indiana that just park In the left lane and go over there now Another donut i have for you to come Here is don't forget to bring some Outdoor gear when you're here because There's state parks you can go visit you Can go all along the beaches and things You can go to Hawking hills state park nelson kennedy Legend state park i mean there's a National park that's right outside of Cleveland cuyahoga national park you can Go there and you can hike on the ledges You can take a train through there you Can do bike trails i mean there's a lot Of state parks to go and enjoy and city Parks to enjoy when you're here in ohio So don't think you're just going to be Going cincinnati columbus cleveland no Go to some of those state parks go to National park this year and enjoy those As well now whenever i travel obviously Food becomes an important thing for me

And one don't i have for you is don't Skip out on the ice cream if you can get Graters ice cream or jenny's ice cream Those the two ohio staples and they are Really Really Really good and yes they do have a Buckeye flavored ice cream so you can Have that i personally like their s'more One but you know i'm a greaters guy some People are jenny's people i'm a greater Guy but honestly you will have really Good ice cream when you're here another Food thing that people usually talk About when they come to ohio is the Chili and my don't for you is don't get Shocked when you see them pouring chili On top of spaghetti noodles and then Topping it with cheese That's chili three-way and if you're in Cincinnati or by cincinnati or other Parts of ohio you'll see skyline chili And people will tell you oh you gotta Get skyline chili and and my don't for The chili thing aside from don't be Surprised that happened is don't be Upset if you're not a fan of skyline Chili because for as many people that Have told me when we're going to ohio You had to have skyline chili the same Number of people said i don't really Like it that much so it is one of those Things but you should try it when you do Come here oh also a side note if you're

In cincinnati don't think that the Cincinnati airport is actually in ohio It's actually in kentucky another don't I have you and this is kind of a dump That really should go with any place you Go but don't dis ohio to the locals look The local people from ohio they'll say Some bad stuff about ohio but it's like It's our state and we can complain about It but you can so if you're in cleveland You say oh the mistake on the lake They'll be like nah man we're pretty Cool and honestly cleveland when they Say cleveland rocks it really does like Cleveland is awesome from the Architecture rock and roll hall of fame Um the christmas story houses there i Mean it's a really really cool city and You go around columbus is well worth Visiting i understand why anybody that Went to ohio state anybody that's from Columbus defends that city to the end Because it's actually a really great Place and ohio actually is a really Really nice state to visit with the Cities to visit the small towns you can Go to heck another don't for you it's no Matter what town you go to don't skip Out on eating at the local bar because You'll meet some locals you get to talk To them you get some great food and i'll Be really a part of your experience here In ohio but don't diss ohio and to go Along with that don't think ohio doesn't

Have culture there are a number of World-class museums and exhibits and Places to visit when you are here in Ohio if you're in cleveland the Cleveland museum of art has an Incredible collection of art you have The rock and roll hall of fame that's There or if you're going down to Columbus you got the franklin park Conservatory and the the botanical Gardens there that you can check out the Center of science and industry is really Cool i mean columbus itself is just a Really nice town to be this is ohio State campus i mean it's got some really Really wonderful places to visit here in The museums and the sites and heck There's small town museums you're here Here where i'm at right now there's Actually a finnish heritage museum you Can learn about the fans of ohio it's Unbelievable but it's here and so don't Think there's not culture for you to Visit when you are here in ohio and Speaking of culture when you are here a Lot of people like to go visit the amish Country when they are here in ohio and What you don't realize is As popular as pennsylvania is with their Amish there's actually more amish people Here in ohio than there are in Pennsylvania and the thing is my don't For that is Don't joke around when you see that

Horse and buggy sign when you're going To be on the road and you're driving Around there's like five counties that Have quite a few amish people in there And you can drive the amish county by Way but just just have a heads up Because you'll be driving all of a Sudden oh my gosh horse and buggy So do you take care when you are driving In amish country and when you're there Don't forget to pick up some furniture Because man they make some awesome Furniture and they have really good Candies as well so don't forget to stop Off there as well and enjoy the amish Country and my last stone for you is Don't worry about leaving ohio hungry Because when you come here look i know i Talked about skyline chili and i talked About wendy's those are fast food things But for me Coming to ohio there's so much great Food when you're here and there's a lot Of different influences like if you're Up if you're you know you're by Cleveland right you have a lot of Eastern european influence so yes the Pierogies that are there the polish boy You're gonna have the kill bosses just In general i mean there's a lot of Really good eastern european food but When you travel around the state the People have so much pride in their state I mean that's the reason why you don't

Dis it because they are very proud of Their state the people take pride in Their food and their their communities And their community bar their community Restaurants so you actually eat really Really well when you are here so don't Worry about eating When you are here because you eat very Well i mean i'll be honest joss and i Had the best shrimp and grits we've had North of the mason-dixon line ever and i Was in cleveland so when you are here in Ohio Make sure you maybe Add an extra you know hole on your belt A little bit that way uh to enjoy a bit More of the tastiness whether it's the Ice cream the chili the pierogies or Whatever and i really hope you have a Great time here in ohio i know for me i Spent every summer as a child in ohio in Toledo sandusky then cleveland and it Was a wonderful part of my life and i Hope you have a great time when you come Here to ohio because don't think it's Not a place to visit because honestly They got some cool stuff to see anyway I'll take off and i'll see you later and I'll say bye from here in ohio

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