North Carolina: 10 Shocks of Visiting North Carolina

By | January 21, 2023

North Carolina and South Carolina are not the same! I know that may come as a shock to some travelers, but it is true. Here we go through some of the main things that surprise tourists in a good way and a bad way when they visit North Carolina, the Tar Heel State. From Basketball to the mountains and so much more. The Biltmore, the Asheville Experience, and the Research Triange, not to mention NASCAR, some fun culture shocks tourists have when they visit North Carolina.
Filmed in North Carolina

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Hey there fellow Travelers Mark here With Walters world and today we are here At Pilot Mountain State Park in North Carolina and today we have for you are 10 things that shock tourists when they Come to the beautiful state of North Carolina and I think it's important we Start with this one and that is just how Many gorgeous Mountain Vistas and Views You have when you come here to North Carolina if you want to go up to the top Of Pilot Mountain you can go up there And have that beautiful view of the Entire State and around here down to Winston-Salem or you want to go see more Of the Blue Ridge Mountains or the Smoky Mountains the Appalachians here are just Gorgeous when you're going around just Taking it all in and it's just shocking How gorgeous it is but well the thing is It's not just to look at it's also to Hike to see all the waterfalls that are Here the natural water slides you can go On I mean it's just a really really Great adventury outdoorsy state to be in And having all these mountain ranges to Enjoy makes it a shackling gorgeous State to be in it was fantastic is if You're in the Blue Ridge Mountains the Smoky Mountains are really throughout The state the colors you get to see with The outdoorsness because my goodness in The fall we've been in the fall when the Trees are changing the leaves are

Changing it is just gorgeous but also in The spring where it's one kind of flower After another after another they're Blooming going away that another one Comes another one comes all that Coloration it's just it's just gorgeous When you're here so you get to enjoy a Lot when you're exploring all this Outdoor stuff the second thing that Might shock you is when you're exploring North Carolina you're going to be Driving and the the shock is just the Driving in North Carolina I mean I know This is kind of like the the heart of NASCAR country and no not everybody in North Carolina loves NASCAR but I think Everybody from North Carolina still Likes to drive like they're in NASCAR so Whether you're on I-95 or 40 or wherever You're going to go or in the back roads There's going to be some fast driving Like you'll be just keeping up with Traffic and notice oh snap I'm like Going like 85 90 miles an hour what the Heck It is something you need to be ready for In terms of the traffic and the driving You know if you're in Charlotte yes You're going to have your you know rush Hour traffic and if you're going 40 from The Research Triangle over to Winston-Salem just expect cars all the Time and and I-95 oh why why is it so Much too long well four lanes two on

Each side why isn't it bigger Florida New York New Jersey I think you should Pay for that because you're just kind of Driving through but I will say 40 when You come through it seems like that's More uh North Carolina's Highway because There's a lot more space on it a lot Easier going but yeah the driving here It'll get you and if you want to do get A little NASCAR in you well there is the Nascar Museum in Charlotte for you to Enjoy now my next shock for you is Do you realize if you're in the US and You're watching this video you're Probably either sitting laying or Putting stuff in furniture made here in North Carolina I mean North Carolina is Furniture Country USA so if you're going To be buying furniture from the US and It says you know made the USA a lot of Times it's made right here in North Carolina and the shocking thing about it If you go to places like high point or Hickory I've been to High Point a few Times with Jocelyn and they have Showrooms for furniture that are like The Disneyland or Disney World of Furniture where it's levels upon levels Upon levels just spread out of every Kind of furniture you could ever imagine And it's crazy but it's shocking is how Much Furniture is from here and how much You want to get the furniture because There's some really good stuff when you

Are here all right now my next shock for You when you come here this is probably The most popular tourist destination When you come to uh come to North Carolina and that's the Outer Banks just Your overall outer Banks experience I Mean when you go there the beaches there Are fantastic go and enjoy it but hey do Be careful because you'll be shocked how Strong those Riptides could be so if You're going with your kids make sure You're always paying attention to them All right also Outer Banks can you say Wild Horses yeah you'll see wild horses In certain parts running along the beach Like that's totally cool you don't like That oh the lighthouses that are there Oh you ever heard of the Wright brothers And Kitty Hawk that's in the Outer Banks And and if you don't even like that well Just go to Duck Donuts and eat that Because oh my God the Donut's there you See them make them for you and they're So they're so good and so you have all This great shackly wonderful things to Do when you are by the Outer Banks or in The Outer Banks or on the Outer Banks And if you go a little bit off the Outer Banks you can go see Gravedigger one of Those famous monster trucks their base Is right outside of there but honestly The Outer Banks is just a fun family Beach vacation getaway and you'll be Shocked how packed it gets in the summer

And during spring break time so make Sure you're booking plenty of head to Make sure you do get a place to stay and Do be ready for some heck of long lines Uh when you are there and speaking of Hecka long lines my next shot for you is The line that you'll see on the drive Through going to Bojangles so for those Who don't know bojango's famous chicken And biscuits it is a fast food chain Chicken and biscuit chain that's from Here in North Carolina and they love it Here as well they should because Bojangles is awesome their biscuits get Ranked to some of the best biscuits you Can get at a fast food place anywhere And so the thing is everybody wants to Go and so the lines there it can take a While so the fast food version you think That you know it'll be it's not Necessarily going to be super fast but It's so worth it okay so so get the Chicken when you're there or or if it's The morning why not grab a Cajun biscuit Oh my God it's it's basically like fried Chicken in a Biscuit Cajun spices oh It's so good it's so good so you have That but yeah the lines for Bojangles Um it might put you off but don't let it Put you off go and enjoy the the true Treat of North Carolina well there's More treats but I'll talk about that Later now my next shock for you is when You realize there's a castle here in

North Carolina but it's not the fact That it's an impressive Castle the Biltmore Estate it is phenomenal it's Gorgeous from outside inside the rooms The tours it is just so amazing it's Majestic it's incredible to visit but That's not what's going to shock you When you go there it's the sticker price To go and see the Biltmore because when I'm filming this the the spring like Minimum is like starting at 64 dollars Per person uh in the summer starting per Person is 76 dollars per person so it Can really you know whoo eat up a lot of Cash really quickly but man it is an Awesome setting if you're gonna go Um I think kids nine and under are free And there's reduced for 10 to 16 year Olds but yeah I mean you're gonna burn Through a lot of Ash when you go there So just know the Biltmore sometimes it's Better to just go oh that looks pretty From there I'll get the postcard and not Pay 150 some odd dollars for my wife and I to go there just saying all right now The next shock you're gonna have you Come here is just how much they love College basketball when you're here and You'll hear all kinds of sayings all Kinds of funny things the one I I kind Of liked I got to chuckle out of is is Duke is puke wake is fake but the team I Hate is state I'm like oh my goodness And I said that to my friends who are NC

State rides I'm like I don't have Anything against NC State I just heard This and like yeah yeah we got some Rivalries here so whether it is Carolina Blue you know going for the Tar Heels The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill or Michael Jordan played or you got The Duke Blue Devils you know you can go See them in the darker blue or you got The red NC State I mean college Basketball is legit a thing here so if You can get tickets go to a game because It is I mean you see some really dang Good basketball too and it's really a Thing here in North Carolina now my next Shot for you I'm going back when I Talked about those tasty treats I was Going to let you know about well one Thing you need to know is we all need to Thank North Carolina right now for the Joy and wonderful and happiness of Krispy Kreme yeah Krispy Kreme Donuts They're from here in North Carolina and If you ever see them and the hot you Know Donuts or sign is lit up the red Lights are on go get one or two or it Doesn't you won't be upset because They're fantastic okay but the thing is There's other Carolina treats when you Are here they're barbecue yeah the sauce It's a vinegar-based sauce so if you're Used to like the Tomato kind of stuff The sweet stuff or maybe the mustard Stuff kind of sauce from South Carolina

It's different here it's more vinegar Based and there are two different styles You know when you are here I mean you do Have the the Lexington style which is Vinegar with tomato so you have that and That's usually mostly shoulder if you Have the Eastern style that one is no Tomatoes but it's with the vinegar and And they're both fantastic you do wrong With either I'm just no vinegar does Play a powerful part in the barbecue Here but whatever barbecue hit you get Or heck whatever you get when you're Here make sure you don't forget to get The hush puppies and the coleslaw Because a Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum and Maybe throw in some banana pudding too You can't go wrong there and if you want To like just throw everything on there I Will say being from Illinois knowing About the Chicago dog knowing about the Carolina dog is something that you Really need to know when you come here And what it is it's a hot dog and on it It's got you know coleslaw and it's got Onions and it's got chili and there can Be some mustard in there and it's and It's fantastic and you don't put Anything extra on there because the Balance of all the flavors just make it Awesome so when you're here Krispy Kreme Right you want to get that you want to Make sure you get a Carolina dog you Also want to make sure you get some

Barbecue when you're here uh yeah I mean There's just so much to enjoy and you'll Get so pumped when you are here and the Thing is I'm just talking about the the Food dude that'll shock you what about The drinks and my next shock for you is The fact that coke isn't the biggest Thing out there here in North Carolina I Know when you're in the southeast of the U.S in the South you kind of think oh Coke is a de facto soft drink when You're here oh no in North Carolina they Invented Pepsi here so I actually see Pepsi quite often which sometimes seems Kind of odd when I'm used to seeing Coke So much after we've been down here for a Few weeks so that's one thing but they Also have another soda called Cheerwine And I'm going to tell you Cheerwine it Can shock you when you have it for the First time because for me it still Tastes like kind of like a cherry soda Mixed with some cherry cough syrup Connie I'm not a fan but I have friends That love it my buddy mark down in Texas I know he was getting some he got I Think 22 liter bottles to take back with Him to Texas because they didn't have it You know it's just like oh my God but The thing is when you're here try some Of that cheer wine you might get a Cheerwine float and you'll have places You know maybe you go to cookout they Might have something for you to try it

But yeah I mean Cheerwine Pepsi the way To go when you are here and another Shocking thing is how good the beer is Here in North Carolina especially if You're going to be in Asheville because Asheville I know for me the water in Asheville Asheville is gorgeous and I Guess that'll be another shock I have For you is your Asheville experience so Asheville if you go way over to the west Of the state you'll see you know in the Blue Ridge Mountains there's Asheville And there's the waterfalls and the and The natural water slides and and it's Just this cute town this cute City Really now it has great boutiques and Cool stuff and they kind of it's more of A laissez-faire kind of place people can Be whatever the heck they want and it's Just a really crazy experience because It can be kind of crazy when you're Downtown and sometimes it's in a good Way and sometimes that Asheville Experience might not be in a good way it Does have one of the highest crime rates In the state of North Carolina but I Know a lot of people go there because it Is near the Biltmore and it is one of The most beautiful Parts I honestly of The U.S when you go there we've been There like five or six times and we Still go back even though sometimes You're like oh downtown interesting Especially in the evening so do have a

Heads up so if you are there you will Enjoy it with the outdoor stuff and the Beer there is the battle I mean great Like I said great beer all over the State but the beer in Asheville's got Like a Next Level kind of taste of this I think it's the water maybe but it's Just amazing but do have a heads up when You do go to Astra because the overall Experience can be really great we're Really interesting when you are there All right so these are just 10 little Things that might have a fun way of Shocking tours when they come here to North Carolina what shocked you when you First came to North Carolina was it Visiting Charlotte and see how much it's Grown whether it was it going to see the Museums in Raleigh I mean dude it was so Cool to see there's so many good museums That rally are going to the Outer Banks I know for Liam it's when we drove down The highway and all of a sudden he's Like there's Gravedigger and he went Crazy he's like yeah so uh you'll have a Good time when you're here because this State is fantastic from mountains to the To the the ocean I mean it's just great And there's wonderful cities in between Just know that driving through it can be A bit hectic so I wish y'all the best we Have a great time here in North Carolina If you want to learn more what to eat in North Carolina Johnson's got a video on

That we've got the don'ts of visiting The Outer Banks to help you have a great Time in this great state and I'll say Bye from here in North Carolina

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