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New Travel Content Every Day Leading Up to Christmas! We hope we can get you into a holiday travel mood on our different channels!

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Happy holidays fellow Travelers for December we're gonna do something a Little special for you every single day There'll be a new bit of travel content Coming out at all the different Walters World channels out there on Saturdays You'll have our Walters World videos on Sunday Walters World eats on Monday Professor Walters to learn a little bit On Tuesday's Walters World shorts comes Out with a new video on Wednesday Another Walters world video on our main Channel and then Thursday and Friday we Have new blogs about different places Around the world so if you're tired of Hearing our voices with all those videos You can just read the blogs instead but We want to do something special give you 25 days of travel during the holiday Season and yes one of the videos coming Out this year will be our annual 12 Days Of Christmas travel from all over the World so it's been a fun year it's been A great time and we want to show Everybody happy holidays Merry Christmas Happy New Year have you celebrate we Hope you have a great one so uh hope you Enjoy the videos this month bye

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