Naan bigger than your family! #travel

By | January 12, 2023

the family naan is no joke here at Barton Rouge in Chester, England. The food was amazing but the family naan was crazy in size. If you happen to be passing by tell them Wolters World says hi. Bring some friends to have the family garlic naan though as it is crazy big! #indianfood #chester #england

Thank you Hey there fellow Travelers Mark here With Walters Williams today we're in Chester England at Baton Rouge Indian Restaurant and it is fantastic but I Gotta warn you if you order the family Non It seriously is the size of a family but It is pretty good Over here Pinch Oh not good that's good and the verdict Is I failed but this is really good there's No way But if you want to you can come here and Try but maybe bring a friend or two or Four to finish this

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