My YouTube Was Hacked… Here’s How (full story)

By | September 9, 2022

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The scariest situation of my entire life happened to me a few days ago. My main YouTube channel (this account) was hacked by a crypto scammer in China. He changed the name of my account to “Ark Invest”, changed the profile picture, deleted all of my videos, and was live-streaming a Bitcoin video featuring Elon Musk's face on the thumbnail. When I found out the news on a golf course in Wisconsin, I blacked out for 2 hours and couldn’t speak… Seriously. Thankfully, YouTube has been SO responsive and amazing to help me recover my account, and now it's back in full health.


Lastly, I want to say THANK YOU to this incredible community for all of your messages and support. I love you all!!! I’m back!

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This is the story of how my youtube Channel got hacked and how it Miraculously came back so i'm like Literally freaking out um can you gu You guys aren't admins i can't do Anything for the next hour and a half Please please please call youtube we Still have an issue they're still logged Into your account my whole life rides on This right now they just call youtube Try to go in this chat support and tell Them that you count as happy please a Few days ago i took my dad on a golf Trip to wisconsin every year we do a Father-son golf trip and this time we Were in uh whistling straits which is One of the best courses in the world I was playing really well i was on the 12th hole i was 200 par if any of you Guys know what that means And deanna texted my dad and said hey Drew's youtube is hacked call aj who's My manager And My phone was on airplane mode and then i Turned it on and i started freaking out I had no signal i i like blacked out i Was sent a screenshot of the channel and Basically there was a an image of elon Musk and someone was live streaming on My account they hacked my name to arc Investment or something they changed the Profile picture and they deleted all my Videos

Like i continued playing golf because i Didn't want to stop because we're on a Most beautiful golf course like the Dream trip of a lifetime this course is beautiful I think it's my favorite course in the World but i don't remember any shots i Don't i don't even know what happened i Don't remember those two hours of time On the last uh Six holes that i played with the signal Going in and out i was texting aj i was Like yo please help me out i was texting Everybody i know all my youtuber friends Like does anybody have contacts at Youtube my my account is hacked like This is literally the worst case Scenario aside from a family death or a Serious health scare between me or Someone i know and love This is the worst thing that can Possibly happen Seven years of traveling around the World pouring all my blood sweat and Tears into making content everything is My youtube creating content the Community that's everything to me and to See it go in the blink of an eye was It still it still makes me freaking Anxious like i'm sweating telling you Guys the story So i finished the round the last seven Years of work Has gone down the drain i got on the

Phone with aj and and gage was my one of My editors and they were on a zoom call And i posted on my instagram like Someone helped me like Youtube is hacked please message aj at and um aj got on the phone With a bunch of people and Somehow through friends of friends of Friends and and yes theory like thank You thomas put me in touch with your Manager pedro who put me in touch with Your youtube rep thank you for helping Me out bro bro of course man you're not Alone in this And we got in touch with the right People You know we were googling stuff and a Lot of the hacks we found could take Weeks or months or even uh never get Resolved and so my brand always thinks Worst case scenario i thought my life Was over i thought everything was going To i mean this is how i make an income This is how i pay 17 people on my team It's through youtube ads and sponsors And everything so yeah i was frantically Freaking out and uh this is like five Hours later that i found out and youtube I spoke to someone at youtube who was Super kind and she said to fill out this Form and we'll get back to you So i filled out the form and i waited And i kept checking youtube and i kept Seeing this freaking elon musk figure

On my page and then the hacker changed The freaking name of the channel to let Us stream or we will delete your channel Look at this threat Like literally my hands are shaking Right now showing you this it's Absolutely absurd Meanwhile deanna was helping out and she Was talking to aj and we were doing Everything that we could to let people Know to see Who was being scammed weren't have you Guys scammed i don't even know what was Being live streamed i just know it was Some chinese crypto channel that was Trying to gain followers or something i Kept asking my followers for help i kept Asking everyone to tweet at team youtube To to find out to put pressure on them And see what's going on Um and through my community i got in Touch with a cyber intelligence uh Expert named zach and he was super Helpful and he kind of knew what was Going on and put me in touch and It was a whole army effort of people Coming together and that was the most Amazing thing to see how amazing this Community is my twitter was blowing up My instagram dms my emails everything Was just i got like thousand thousands Of emails like you've been hacked uh We're reporting the spammer we're trying To get your account back

It's crazy to think of like my life's Work going into one project which is a Youtube channel and it can just get Hacked thankfully youtube has humans That i can connect with so i go to bed And i wake up and the channel's still Hacked but i get an amazing email from Youtube that says we're on the case We're figuring it out in the next 48 Hours youtube is gonna be back to normal We're gonna restore all the comments and All the subscribers because i had lost About 25 000 subscribers and i still Have lost them slowly but surely my Account started popping back and and i Was still traveling with my dad and i Didn't want to ruin the trip so gage my Awesome editor Love you gage you're the man he went Through and um restored the channel he He went on a web archives from like a Few days before and saw the channel what It used to look like and Resumed everything what it used to be And then um the account's back but i Just want to say thank you to all you Guys who Were here helping me out who reached out To youtube who were just here to support Me and and you guys are amazing Seriously i i make videos for you guys Because As much as i travel and learn about the World i want to share that knowledge

With you because i think that makes us All better people and happier and uh Thank you from the bottom of my heart This has been the most incredible Community Experiment not that it's an experiment But for lack of better word than i could Possibly imagine and uh it just almost Brings me into tears to see how you guys Have come around so so anyways the Account is in full health right now Everything is perfectly normal um i had To delay last week's video so the next One coming out uh this weekend will be Taking my jewish parents to a muslim Country we spent five days in turkey and Had a blast and there's so many amazing Moments from that and i think you'll Love it we're about to eat this whole Thing And then the following weeks we're going To be in kuwait in the world's hottest Country during the hottest time of the Year Oh man this is not good I'm feeling really really parched right Now and then lieberland which is a Self-declared micro nation on the border Of serbia and croatia i have an amazing Story there people come from different Part of countries and i really Appreciate it that they are so Excited about liberland so i have Incredible stories coming soon i hope

The algorithm will pick me back up i Hope you guys will be here with me and To know that i'm gonna do everything to Continue to keep this train moving Forward to keep it going because i'm so Passionate about storytelling and Traveling so that's the story of how i Got hacked and how it got back right now There's a reminder to change all your Passwords for everything because you Don't know who can uh scam you for Whatever and who can hack you and these People are freaking smart and they do This for a living so please be careful Out there this is a warning to all you Guys I love you all stay tuned for more Amazing videos coming soon thanks for Watching this one i know it's a Different kind of story but one that Needs to be told and i'm so glad that I'm back Love you all peace It's 7 00 a.m i just woke up and My whole team has messaged me that my Account is down it's off of youtube it's Completely off the computer Vinsky Enter Nothing This is my second channel these are all Second channel videos It means it's gone because of the Original hacker because of all the

Comments and all the people that um Flagged the account and because of the Content that was posted in the live Stream or there was a new hack when i Was sleeping All right guys good news we are fully Back in the clear i just got an email From my youtube contact and she said the Channel has been reinstated please take A look and let us know there's anything Else that needs to be restored I am so relieved this has been a Four-day process of getting hacked and Getting removed off youtube and being Scammed and all that other crap But it'll always come to an end thank You guys for being here for me if you Aren't already subscribed to my email List click the link below i send out a Weekly newsletter of travel updates and Hacks and secrets and fun stuff that i Own so i don't own youtube or facebook Or instagram so at any time those can Shut down but if you're on my email list You'll be able to see what i'm up to and Hear the latest scoop all things travel And in the world of drubinski so thank You guys i love you all and i'll see you On my email newsletter and in the next Video Peace

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