Montreal – The Don’ts of Visiting Montreal

By | January 7, 2023

Are you heading to Montreal and not sure what to expect? Well we have the do's and don'ts of visiting Montreal, Quebec, Canada. From the Ferris Wheel that gives you a great view, but at a high price to restaurants that will blow you away with their food quality but sometimes their price as well, to the amount of road contruction that will make you not want to drive in Montreal. The best tourist information on Montreal to help you visit and travel better in Quebec.
Filmed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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[Music] Hey there fellow Travelers Mark here With Walter's world and today we're in The beautiful city of Montreal and today What we have for you are the don'ts of Visiting Montreal and you know in these Videos a lot of our don'ts are more dues But I really want to start off with a True don't when you come here in Montreal and that is anytime you're Going into a restaurant or you're going Into a store don't just start blaring in English look this is the French speaking Part of Canada we're in Quebec we're in Montreal they speak French here so you Should try to speak a little French now Having said that don't worry if you Don't speak French because everyone here Pretty much speaks English when you're In Montreal they speak English just fine And they'll understand you just fine but It's kind of rude just to start blaring In English so make sure you use your Bonjour which is good day or Bourgeois Which is good evening or Messi at the End of your meal which is thank you or Maybe a Si Vous Play which is please a Few words like that go a long way a to Ingratiate yourself with the locals when You're here so don't just come in blur In the English try a little French and Then switch to English because don't Worry Um they'll know you don't speak French

Just by the first words you say and They'll switch to English right away Okay now another don't I have for you is If you're gonna be here you'll notice The people really love their bikes here And you'll see bike Lanes everywhere so Yeah don't forget to rent a bike when You're here in the summer because it's Great to get around but my real done for The bike Lanes is don't block the bike Lane don't walk in the bike lane don't Stand in the bike lane don't scooter in The bike lane don't park in the bike Lane don't mess with the bike Lanes okay Because the bikers here don't get me Wrong people in Montreal really nice Totally laid back but when they get on Their bikes and you're not on a bike in The bike lane they're coming at you okay So just just don't mess with the bike Lane okay Now a little less let's move to one of These um don'ts that are really a do and That is don't miss out on Old Montreal Because when you come here to Montreal I Mean when you see the tourist pictures And everything most of the time what They're showing you is Old Montreal Whether you're going to plash or you see The malshei Bon Secour going to The Basilica Notre Dame I mean it is Gorgeous not just outside but going Inside yeah you got to pay some money to Go into the church but honestly the

Basilica Notre Dame is gorgeous inside And if you can go when there's a Performance going on it's fantastic to Go to okay but just wander around Old Montreal come to the Old Port it's just A really like my favorite word Quintessential part of coming to Montreal but it really is beautiful okay And when you come here I guess I do have Some specific don'ts in Old Montreal one Um if you go to the mache Bon Secour Don't think it's a mache don't think It's a market think of it more as a Tourist mall with tour shops in it so if You're looking to get the tourist maple Leaf maple syrup yeah they got that There or your Canadian souvenirs or your Montreal souvenirs they have that in There so the the mache part of mache Bon Secour is more of the mall versus Market Kind of thing all right second thing if You're going to be eating in Montreal And you're going to eat in Old Montreal I got to tell you this don't expect Cheap eating in Old Montreal you can eat All over the city really really well but For some reason because it's really Beautiful everywhere I'm guessing in Old Montreal you're gonna pay a lot more so Don't expect cheap eats and cheap stays And cheap fun when you're in Old Montreal but you gotta come on here when You visit there's museums to see the Architecture is gorgeous it's just a

Wonderful place to be and when I talk About eating another thing I got to say To you is is don't forget to eat the Local Treats but more importantly don't Feel bad if you go and eat at tourists Well-known locations to eat those famous Eats okay because it's really three Things you have to eat when you come Here to Montreal one you got to get the Montreal Bagels the bagels here are Fantastic the smoked meat sandwich you Got to get that when you're here is Amazing okay and then you want to get Poutine which is the fries with the Cheese curds and gravy on top you want To have all those three and there's tons Of places you can get it all over town But there's some more famous places to Get it you're like should I wait in Those lines and don't worry don't feel Bad if you do because it's so worth it So for example if you want to get that Smoked meat yeah you might want to go to Schwartz Deli and go wait in the line to Go get it because honestly it really is Amazing but they have a small location But it is so tasty and so worth it but You can go to other places as well but You won't feel bad going there because It's so good maybe you want to go to get The bagels there's a number of great Bagel places around the city one of the Famous ones is Fairmont Bagel they're Well worth going to and here's a great

Thing they're open 24 hours but there's Other ones that the saint via tour bagel Shop you can go there and grab that There's plenty of places for it so yes Don't miss the local treats when you're Here but don't feel bad if you end up at A tourist location to do it but don't Think those are the only ones to go to Okay so something to have a heads up on So speaking of eating another donut I Have for you is don't A Terrace The Patio the outdoor seating In front of restaurants and bars because In the summertime in the fall and the Spring when the places are open and you Can be outside it's fantastic because Montreal just has this such Cool vibe I'm getting Goosebumps talking about it But when you sit out on the class and You're having your really good beer here And they got good beer um another donut I have for you don't mess around with The beer here because it's a bit Stronger probably than at home that's Why tourists sometimes get a little bit Too tipsy when they come here to Montreal so be aware of that but Honestly enjoying your time on a class At one of the restaurants or bars it's Something you gotta do when you're here So another donut I have for you is Really an important one as a tourist if You're coming here and that is don't Drive honestly don't drive in Montreal

It is a headache and a hell waiting to Happen for any tourist and really any Local because honestly finding perky is Such a pain that it's not worth it Trying to decipher the parking Regulations and signs and where and when You can park there's also a headache but Really the biggest headache is all the Blueberry closed roads you have around The city because they're constantly Doing construction whether it's a bridge A road a sidewalk wherever it gets such A headache that you might get stuck in Traffic like the other day when I was Coming in from the airport we were Literally two blocks from the hotel we Were in the middle of like three lanes We couldn't get out my bags were in the Back and I'm like can I get out he's Like no we're in the middle of the road It literally took us 10 minutes to go Two blocks to the last two blocks to get Through our hotel just just drop it Don't don't drive in the city and what's Cool is don't drive in the city take the Public transportation instead because The Metro here goes a lot of places and Runs late the buses go over the place And they run late and it's really Helpful and it's relatively safe public Transportation too so you don't have to Deal with the driving just take the Public transportation okay and I gotta Tell you another don't that kind of

Deals the public transportation if You're going to be taking the metro Don't block the escalator just like in Any big city people get really upset With the tourists when they're blocking The escalators going to or from the Metro so make sure you stand on the side And let the people go by don't let your Bag or your zip line and equipment or Whatever block the escalator going to The Metro people please from the locals To you don't block the escalator to the Metro now moving into some more touristy Things Um I think another thing you need to Realize is look don't pay in US Dollars When you're here in Montreal I know most You say of course not they have Canadian Dollars here yes you're gonna pay in Canadian money when you're here and you Can pay in credit card most places it's Not that much of a problem Um but I'll say is a lot of people will Have their US Dollars and they'll be Places around here that will accept US Dollars but they'll do an exchange rate And then they're going to charge a fee For that or maybe an add-on additional Price to change the money you're paying That currency so I really recommend just Make sure go to the cliche the Geisha is The ATM take out some Canadian cash so You have that so if you need to pay cash You have it and just use your credit

Card otherwise to save yourself a Headache and don't use the US Dollars Also when you get your money here don't Throw away the coins look here in Canada The coins are worth something you get a Loonie that's a one dollar coin you get A toonie that's a two dollar coin okay So are you gonna take two dollars just Throw it in the garbage of course not so Don't just throw your coins away when You're here now one of those don'ts That's really a do you have for here in Montreal is don't think Montreal is just Old Montreal Montreal this is a city of Neighborhoods the neighborhoods are Fantastic going to Plateau Montreal or Just Plateau that's my favorite place to Go out and eat and drink because you Have so many great options when you're Out there maybe you want to go to Little Italy and you go to want to go to the Jean-tellon market it's out there you Can do that you can explore different Parts go with the Montreal mountain or Mountain Hill when you're here the park That's there you can go up on there you Got Chinatown like I said Little Italy You have all these different parts of The city you can go and explore so don't Just stay in Old Montreal go out and Explore use that public transportation Or use your two feet because the city is Actually really walkable so if the Neighborhoods in this city life aren't

Really for you I got another dome for You don't pass up the green spaces here In Montreal yes there's Mont Royale the Park I was talking about in the center Of the city you can go to but there's Other parks around the town I was Filming at LaFontaine Park the other day You can go over to the islands and Explore and do hiking there's museums All over the place there's so much Outdoor stuff to do bike pass hiking Pass walking pass you really do a lot of Stuff outdoors I mean have you not Noticed the zipliners going by behind me And if you want you can go to some of The islands around here I mean you go to The island literally right across from Here you can take a ferry over to to the Park genre pool and over there there's Museums there's pass you can go to and You can take the ferry or the Metro goes Over there you got a lot of options when You're here you want some more you know Flora stuff the the botanical gardens The Jardin botanique is beautiful here In Montreal to see all the different Floor that's on offer there it's well Worth checking out but one thing I will Tell you if you want to enjoy the green Spaces and you really want to enjoy Montreal um I got to tell you this don't Come in the winter like seriously don't Come in the winter January February cold Dark cold snowy cold wet cold with some

More cold look it's just it's just not An enjoyable place the city's great Don't get me wrong it's what we're Visiting but yeah you don't want to come Here in the winter and the locals will Tell you look our Winters suck I mean if You're if you do come in the winter make Sure you use the underground city kind Of stuff but connects the buildings Underground like the kind of shops under There to kind of keep yourself out of The elements because it can get Dangerous for tourists that don't know How to dress and acclimatize themselves To those cold Winters now another thing That's really helpful with those tadasas You know the outdoor patios but really Any time of the year is don't forget to Look for a Sanka set it'll be five to Seven five a seven is what it looks like Sanka said that means happy hour if you See a Sanka set that means you're Probably going to get a deal on some Drinks and some deals on some food and It's a good time when people from Montreal go out and socialize so it's a Great way for you to meet people so if You're moving to Montreal that's a good Chance to meet the locals or if you're a Tourist here wanted to meet some of the Locals that's another thing as well so Don't pass up those Sanka set happy hour Deals and if you're looking for places To have drinks one thing I got to tell

You um don't expect to see a lot of Locals or at least non-student locals And non-tourists Um on woo class scent or Crescent Street Crescent Street is more of a college bar Kind of some of the college students go Out and the tourists go out so if you Want to hang out with other tourists and College students that's the place to go But there's so many bars and restaurants In these neighborhoods around the city Go explore there and you'll meet people And you'll meet locals you have a good Time and a group and a good Brew I would Say so as we are a travel channel I Think it is really important we actually Mention some of the really nice things To see in a cultural sense and I gotta Tell you don't miss out on the museums When you're here in Montreal you've got The Fine Arts Museum or the bowats Museum you've got the Contemporary Arts Museum you got the red path Museum if You like more like Natural History Things going on I mean you got the Museum of History or archeology and History in Old Montreal there's a lot of Museums and galleries around town that You can go and enjoy to kind of improve Your cultural standing and honestly the The Montreal Science Center is really Cool to check out too so you've got Options if you're looking for something To do on those cold days if you're in

The winter or a rainy day other times of The year or if you're tired of the Beautiful outdoor and wonderful food go Get yourself some culture too now as a Tourist I do want to let you know um as A souvenir buyer I want to tell you this Don't buy any souvenir maple syrup when You're here because the tourist maple Syrup whether you're going on the zip Line or you're going anywhere the Tourist maple syrup that they sell and The tourist shops are always overpriced I mean they're gonna be fine but it's Overpriced like why should you pay 16 Euros because the maple syrup is in a Maple leaf when you can pay six euros For like literally three or four times The amount of syrup at the local store And take it home okay so that's one Donut I have for you and then another Donut I have for you is don't really Bring up Quebec Independence I know I'm A kid of the 90s and I remember when There was the independence movement and The separation of Quebec from Canada Movement that was out there and I really Would say is don't even talk about it Don't bring it up because either people Don't really care about it or they're Super passionate about it and as a Tourist you might not know so it's kind Of best to avoid that topping okay so What are some other don'ts that you have For tourists when they come here to

Montreal please let us know in the Comments section below so we can help Out and if you want to know more don'ts About Canada in general check out our Video on the don'ts of Canada to have You have help you have a better time When you're here in beautiful Canada and I'll say hola from here in Montreal

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