Milan Scams – What Tourists Need to Look Out for in Milan, Italy

By | December 24, 2022

Milan is an incredible world city and a city with great museums, high fashion, and Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper also brings in some nefarious people as well. From pickpockets to people trying to force you to take “free” trinkets, here are the most popular tourist scams in Milan, Italy
Filmed in Milan, Italy

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Hey fellow travelers mark here with Walter's world today we're here in milan Italy outside the duomo and today we're Going to talk about are some of the Scams you might see when you're here in Milan because i'm not going to lie to You milan is kind of infamous for some Of the tour scams that are here and you Really need to be prepared for them Because i bet you probably see one or Two of these while you're here if you Have put in the comments section below To see how many actually did take place On your trip to milan and i think the First one i want to talk about the one That probably will make you the most Uncomfortable is if you have people that Come up and try to tie a bracelet onto You or they're going to tie a brace onto Your kid or they're trying to give you a Flower they're trying to give you Something and the idea is like oh no It's free it's free it's a free love Bracelet it's a it's a piece bracelet It's it's a flower for for change or Whatever and then they're like oh but Now i want money and then they get very Aggressive with it this actually Happened to some of my students when we Were by the castle and i actually had to Yell for the police to get the people Off of them because they got quite Confrontational because they put the Bracelet on and my student couldn't get

It off so if anybody's trying to give You something like for free it's never For free there's always a scam involved Okay so just be aware of that one okay Just just ignore them or walk away say No and do not let them do that okay Because they will target your kids as Well which makes it a little bit scary Sometimes so do be aware of that the Thing is is they get a little aggressive When it comes to those tying those Things on you but another thing that's a Little concerning is sometimes you have Very aggressive street sellers that are Trying to sell you cds or toys or games Or gucci bags or whatever just walk by Them and just ignore them and it'll be Okay i mean that's my best advice for You and also i don't think those are Really gucci bags i'm just saying Because sometimes people think they Really are and they really aren't now Another thing that's really important Wherever you are and belong whether You're here at the duomo or you're over Walking through the galleria or wherever Or you're just going on the metro you Need to be really vigilant when it comes To pickpockets at any of these main Sites because they're out there looking For people that are on their phone or People are taking their pictures or you Know my buddy back here is taking all These pictures and he's leaving his bag

On the ground you need to be aware of Your stuff all the time have yourself Your wallet in your front pocket use Your money belt because there are a high Number of pickpockets here in milan so Do be careful especially at main sites Like the duomo or the galleria and that Kind of goes into some of the typical Kind of tourist scams you'll see when You are here like i said there's a Pickpocketing but also you know the bird Poop scam or the the mustard skin where They bump you and spill something on Your scam that does here quite often a Little grenite the uh like slush puppy Kind of stuff might spill on you like oh Let me help clean that off and they'll Clean it off while you put your bag down And of course they're dressed Immaculately because it's italy and they Say no your bag is gone and that helpful Tourist is gone that's why you do need To be careful with the overly telephone Tourists here when it comes to those Kind of oops bump moments but also it's Really important that you pay attention If you're at the train station if Someone's trying to help you get your Tickets from the little train kiosk or Someone's trying to help you put your Bags up in the In the train or up in the train you need To be aware because some of these people Have games and scams where they're kind

Of entertaining you they're looking After you but their buddy is looking After your bag or your wallet and by the Time you realize it's gone you're Halfway down to rome and they're Enjoying your money somewhere here in Milan now another thing is important to Realize is when you're here in italy a Lot of the beggars that you'll see on The streets are actually part of the Gang um they're actually not you know as Bad off as they seem because they Actually make some decent money from all These tourists giving them money so i Would say if you see vegas around town It's not up to me to tell you not to Give but i would say the city tells you Not to give to them because there are Programs that help people get back on Their feet here so don't think those Beggars don't don't believe all their Sob stories and the thing is it's not Just like locals you have internationals Here you'll have other people playing Like poor tourists like woe is me i lost My luggage or my stuff got stolen can You help me out i mean i've seen people That have been here multiple times at The same sob store and i'm like hey you Were trying to get me to give you money Yesterday and yet you still got robbed Again hmm Nothing you have to worry about when you Come here to milan it's actually the

Taxis now i'm not saying the taxes are Bad the taxes are fine here but taxes Here are extremely Pricey like if you want to come in from The airport with the taxi you could be Spending a hundred euros easy and when You're coming around what i recommend is If you're to get a taxi ask them how Long should it take to get there you Know check on your gps check on your Ways your google maps and see if it's Relatively coast in the relative Direction so you have a kind of idea of How long it's going to take because Sometimes they do take you for a ride But you know traffic can be bad here but It's good to have at least a rough idea When you're talking to the taxi drivers Now milan is not as probably popular for Tourists as a place like florence or Rome with the history and the art and All these things but what it's popular For and what's really good for is Partying shopping and going out to eat All right and because of that there's People that know that are maybe a little Nefarious that know that there's people Here coming to have a good time and They're going to use that to their Advantage so whenever you go out at Night always keep an eye on your drink Especially if you're going clubbing if Someone asks you to buy a drink for them Make sure you see the price of the drink

You're ordering because sometimes you Say oh i wanna be a beer Like a fountain beer right or a draft Beer And you think it's oh it's gonna be you Know six seven euros oh no that's the 15 Euro special beer you're like what and There's little scammy things like that That do happen so do pay attention and It's guys and ladies that do these Tricks on people so do be aware of that When you're going out at night i do have To say anytime anyone's playing a game On the street you're meant to lose you Know like the three card shuffle or the Three monty shuffle where it's basically Is the ball under this cup this cup or This cup you're born to lose on that one That's everywhere around the world and When i was coming from the central Station down here the duomo i did see a Guy playing that i'm like dude you're Gonna lose and shocking he lost so stay Away from the card games okay when you Are here and then i think one thing is Kind of an important one to note in Terms not necessarily a scam but just Something to be aware of is uh if anyone Tells you they can get you in to see Leonardo da vinci's last supper no Problem always take that with a grain of Salt because those things sell out those Tickets sell out months and months and Months in advance and sometimes there

Might be one or two tickets available You might be able to sneak in i mean it Does happen but a lot of times it Doesn't so if someone's making these Promises for you that oh yeah i can Totally get you in And maybe Maybe not because there really is only a 15-minute window and you don't get any More than that so it's very much a timed Special thing so just be aware of that When you are here all right so i hope These help you know some of the scams Look out for when you're here in milan What are some scams that you saw here in Milan let us know in the comment section Below so other tourists can be better Better helped out and better prepared For when they come here because it's a Cool city to visit with museums and the Duomo and all kinds of great stuff if You're here at fashion week it's Beautiful to see but it's good to know Some of these things anyway i wish you All the best i'll say bye from here in Milan

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