Lost in Congo and Trading a Crocodile for a Bed 🐊

By | October 22, 2022

While in Congo, we got lost in the jungle and had to trade a crocodile for a bed in a pygmy village. Full Video:
#shorts #fearlessandfar #travel

I'm walking through the [ __ ] Congo River with a dead crocodile on my Shoulder and no food anywhere but bush Meat I'm not sure if this adventure is Going horribly or perfectly honestly Here's how it started we were Immediately instructed we must see the Governor he could not believe that a Canadian would meet a Congolese from Goma in Kinshasa he decided we must be Trying to start a rebel group in this Jungle he said he'd decide what to do With us tomorrow the next morning we Received a message from the governor no If we grab motorbikes and left quickly We could evade our lockdown and get out Of the province and out of the hands of The governor we didn't quite know what Was around the corner you see I can see Man we fled the engine I remember we Passed through a tiny village just on The other side of the water so I grab Our dinner and start walking back to the Pygmy Village by the water we've been Given a space in that corner yeah

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