Living on a Sailing Yacht in Croatia

By | November 15, 2022

Ever wonder what it's like to live on a sailing yacht? Me too! That's why I traded in my land legs for sea legs and spent 10 days sailing around Croatia on a sailing yacht and super yacht…and not alone. I surprised my best friend of 30 years with this dream trip. Her and I left the husbands and kiddos at home (yes you can do that), and took a bestie trip to one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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I've always dreamed of calling up my Best friend from childhood and Surprising her with a once in a lifetime Trip somewhere magical and beautiful Well this week this dream can finally Get a big fat check mark beside it Ashley and I had been friends since we Were six years old we lived on the same Street went to the same school and saw Each other daily she's definitely my Sister from another mister yeah When her and I are together it's a Guaranteed fun and hilarious time these Days we don't get to see each other as Often I pursued a career in travel that Has me in new places all the time and Ashley pursued a career in figure Skating and even went on to win the World Championships in 2009 and is now a Synchronized skating coach we're also Both married with daughters so it's safe To say we're pretty busy but when we do See each other it's like no time has Passed and we know it is on I'm so Excited I get to finally surprise her With a dream trip Ashley and I will be Spending 10 days sailing around Croatia Hitting up both the islands and Mainland Five days will be spent on this sailing Yacht and another five days on this Super yacht Will someone puke a hundred percent but Let's not get ahead of ourselves while I Have a lot of experience with RB and Van

Life living on a boat is something I Know very little about Popular shows like below deck and more And more people trading in their land Homes for homes on the sea I've been Intrigued to give sailing or yacht life A try for myself If this is something you're also Interested in you're going to want to Stick around first let's give my bestie A call and surprise her with this trip Hi hello yay I want to know if you want To go to Croatia with me on a luxurious Yacht Available I'm available I figured All expenses paid I was gonna say mom's week away but it's 10 days and our first time going away Together like officially I feel like an Official trip international trip besides The states in Mexico That was a resort trip this is like Full-on travel experience and I've Always wanted to do this with you so I'm Really cool I'm so excited after a Bajillion hours of flying we've finally Arrived in Croatia and to our sailing Out before we get into all of the Shenanigans let's meet the crew we'll be Spending the next five days with El Capitan of the sailing art all we Could say was a damn right am I right The captain's son and deckhand the chef

And our lovely Stewart and the guests Dean AKA The Yacht chef and videographer Allison Dean's special lady Debbie day Luxury content creator Shema also luxury Content creator Ashley well you know her Already and of course Moi you're Probably wondering what the sailing out Looks like let me take you on a tour Right here actually there there and Behind we have bedroom Every room Has a washroom so everyone has their own Washroom which is really nice It hurts someone to say this is the Galley I think that's wrong I have but It could be right but I'm gonna call it The workstation because this is where We've been like chilling and doing some Work while we're moving so down there is The kitchen where the chef does all of His magic and there's another few Bedrooms so this is where we've been Having all of our meals this is where The captain Over here steers the boat This is where I stay the boat I did that We'd probably bump into something is There a name for the back of the boat Stern the stern we've been spending a Lot of time here too because it's less Rocky and also the sun is perfect That's our little dinghy this is what Gets us to Mainland Or the island so we can explore a little

Bit and In front of the boat I'm sure it has a Name but I'm calling it the front and Lots of sales actually I think it's just Two how many sales are there on a Sailboat Dude let's count we didn't really get Together there's a lot of lines that's That's what I know just be careful Because it's a sneaky sneaky door this Is where all this stuff sleeves and they Just pop up out of nowhere I'm always Scare us and if it opens now sticky Sneaky I am sitting in my cabin Ashley And I have two separate cabins with our Own double bed And it's pretty cozy in here but this Boat is a rocking We uh just finished dinner Ashley didn't Even start dinner well she a little bit But then she had to peace out to her Room and puke and then puke and then Puke and then puke and then puke again I Have confidence that she is going to Pass through this and come out fabulous On the other end and if not there's Medicine for that and there's these like Bands as well that have actually been Helping pretty pretty good this is the First time I've used them and I seem to Be fine and now I'm going to sleep for 12 hours because I haven't slept in like Two days and I'm very excited I'm hoping This rocking will put me to sleep as if

I were in the womb again Are you Fearless Better but that's I didn't know what Camera was going to be in the morning It's okay right I'm glad you're feeling Better oh God you wore your bands last Night Maybe they helped I haven't taken them Off no Taking anything off try getting ready on A rocking boat that's a whole other Whole other thing I want to know from my Friends who have been traveling on Sailboats for years living on them for Years at what point does it feel like You're not even rocking anymore it just Feels normal I'd say it took us a good 12 hours to get our sea legs and then Being on land started to actually feel Weird but even when the boat was rocking All night waking up to a view like this Made all the puking worth it Well this is a pretty spectacular view To wake up to And the weather's so nice it's like it's A little cool it's like Sweater Weather Which I love This feels really nice but wow October And Croatia is considered off season but Seriously I highly recommend this time Of year to sail around this beautiful Country there's way less tourists things Are cheaper the weather is fantastic and Even though the sea is a bit cold

Jumping in in the morning is better than Coffee [Music] Morning dip [Music] [Applause] [Music] So glad I did that Oh my God Refreshing yeah Yeah now that was good [Music] After spending the night docked in Dubrovnik we set sail to Palace a Village in the western part of the Northern coast of the island of But first let's see what's cooking good Looking with the first episode of dining With Ashley hi guys we're having a local Cooking today that says pashti Sada I Hope I got that correct Um and it's a beach here that's been Marinated for 24 hours in wine and then Anoki What does it taste like Um roast beef but like in pulled pork Style is it sweet salty Rustic after a few hours of sailing we Dr yacht jumped into our dinghy and made Our way to Palace here we'll be Exploring by bike and heading to the National Park to swim in a saltwater Lake this is something you're definitely Going to want to do when you're here we

Are in Palace Of Italian we're in palachi And we're going to be renting bikes and Just exploring this little town and There's a national park here that's Supposed to be beautiful are you excited To explore a new place by bike it's like One of the best ways to do it and we're Gonna go swimming and it's a little Chilly but we're Canadian so we have no Excuses we gotta go in the upside about A sailing trip is you get to see so many Beautiful places in such a short time The downside is you only have a short Time in each place so take advantage of It go out explore every second you are Docked you never know what you'll find They're so slow The water is a little nipply but I am Canadian so I have to go in because I Just have to But not like all the way right no I went In this much Okay my turn yes yes Do It Go Ariel go We rode our bikes into the national park And paid ten dollars To get in and we're at this beautiful Lake apparently a Salt Lake saltwater Lake saltwater lake water is a little Cold but it's still worth going in and It's beautiful the scenery and the ride Down here was So nice [Applause]

[Music] Check out this View and we can see our Boat There's our boat right here [Music] It's at your destination yeah this is This is my home Is it great it is your home so it's been A few days now since we've been in Croatia and I've been feeling a little Off So I made the decision to get myself Checked out at the nearest emergency Clinic I came to the emergency here in one of The islands and um because I've been Feeling short short of breath since my Flight I just wanted to make sure it's not like A blood clot So we're doing some tests Did this too this thing like suction it To adjust your heart Um ECG know what it's called A blood test waiting for the results now I just got out of the emergency Croatia Emergency room actually wait it took us 30 minutes 30 minutes for everything There was no one else It's amazing she's like the most people Wait like 10 minutes and they get mad I'm like you gotta go to Canada Everything is good everything looks good They uh took my blood they did like an

ECG they checked my oxygen they checked My heart everything looked good Um and then they gave me they literally Gave me a chill pill They literally gave me a Chill Bill no I Might although I might have to come back For more of those all right so my bill Let me see it it's in Kuna 900 kuna which is like 90. 90 Euros a Hundred dollars you don't have travel Insurance when you're traveling what are You doing you need to always have it no Matter what now that I've taken a chill Pill we're heading to cortula to do some Evening exploring and shopping Foreign [Music] Get a nice panoramic view of the whole Day This place is so cute it's like Everything I want a European little town To be like foreign [Music] I would recommend I mean it's really Lovely to be up here at night but I Think it would be even better during the Day See a lot more but it's also cool to Look at like the little alleyways Because those are all lit up with all The shops and stuff Beautiful After a night on the town we're heading Back to the yacht and the rest of the

Crew and well this Is [Music] Crazy [Applause] Yachting is all about balance exploring Partying and relaxing Good morning we are making our way to Havar which is one of the more popular Areas of Croatia and it's where the most Famous Carpe Diem nightclub is located Which is supposed to be one of the best Clubs in all of Europe but unfortunately It is closed for the season so I'm gonna Just have to come back looking forward To just walking around and in the Meantime enjoying four hours of sailing Soaking up the Sun and doing all the Sailboat stuff that you do Before we arrive in a bar we're gonna Stop for some stand-up paddle boarding But first another episode of dining with Ashley So today we're having a traditional Croatian meal that they apparently have At least once a week and it's uh their Version of veal with some potatoes and Vegetables Like a genuine reaction I hope so I'm so Good it looks very thank you it's so Good okay like literally it falling Apart in my mouth Something that you have to do when You're staying on a ceiling yacht is

Take advantage of all the water toys and We're going to be doing one of my Favorite things to do on the water stand Up paddle boarding I've actually never done two on one Control I'm not in control On the front it's so sexy [Music] This is a great taxi service I love it this is so hard so Harmony Muscles are hurting Harder Faster come on what is it [Music] Now continuing on to havar we happen to Be in the right place at the right time And stumbled upon this old sailboat Festival yes that music is coming from The town so magical right [Music] It's early in the morning I am the only One up from our group besides the crew Of the odd of course because I'm going To the market we stayed up late but I Said I'm gonna get up early I really Want to go to the market before we Depart to our next destination so it's Just me and the captain I'm such a Market girl I'll do whatever I can to Get to a market when I travel even if That's sleeping a couple hours less than Everyone else I mean look at this Produce And fresh dried figs yes please This place is so so amazing and I just

Want to stay here much longer so that Just means I have to come back Definitely bringing Kai and Sia And I really want to come back in October because it's so quiet peaceful It's mostly locals and the weather is Beautiful there's things still happening It's just a really nice time to be here While our time on the sailing yacht has Come to an end the adventure is far from Over we'll be trading in these sales for A super yacht where we'll be continuing Our adventures around Croatia for Another five days [Music] Behind us

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