Living in a Tree House for $12 (Thailand Vlog 6)

By | October 9, 2022

Khao Sok National park is one of the BEST parts of Thailand and yet few travel here. Here's 1 reason you now just might. Start from the beginning of our trip HERE:

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On the last episode of lost the block [Music] Good morning guys we've just been Dropped off here in suratani we took the Night train and all the way here to the South from Bangkok and uh yeah a Thousand or so kilometers later we have Been doing everything without plans and I mean literally everything right now The world is our oyster we could go all The way to the East and do kotao but I Think we're actually probably gonna go Somewhere Inland I think we want to go To Also National Park you have ticket already no 300 Baht for the one person about five Minutes leaving in five minutes Okay that was easy 300 that's uh It's like seven and a half dollars Per person it's pretty good can I go to 7-Eleven okay okay a little fun fact for All you guys before Alicia Keys wrote in New York she was actually planning to Write it about suratani but then last Minute uh yeah her her manager stepped In and made her write it about New York Whoa Whoa Oh my God I hate you dude it's so early To be like making people use my brains It's never too early for a little LOL am I right I'll tell you what else is never Too early for

7-Eleven's been disabling their sound Boxes not okay That's crazy the clouds are so low right Now you might be wondering where are we Going and the funny thing is we Literally decided on a whim and uh We've Hired a very kind Taxi Driver here to Take us to kosak National Park and Honestly this is one of my favorite Places in Thailand I think I love it so Much because of its natural beauty but Also because it's like one of the least Visited places of the country at least For how beautiful it is very very few People go here it doesn't get nearly as Much love as the islands do and if you Look on the map it's actually Inland all Right we had to stop here because look At this guys these mountains these are The famous famous Thai mountains that You see just completely shooting out of The ground they're covered in these Beautiful trees it's just exceptional There's very few places in the world That can offer you this very jungle Aesthetico So we have just arrived in the jungle We're coming up on our doorstep here This is where we're going to be spending The next night maybe two I don't know We'll plan tomorrow tomorrow no the Thing is they said like if um the fish Bite two reasons one because you stay Still you will like you know hang out so

We need to like move yeah and the second One if you still if you move and then They still come and bite you because you Pee-pee I don't know the second theory but every Time somebody got beaten I asked did you Pee they never answered Well I don't want to be the proof of Your theory I'm gonna try not to your English is amazing yeah thank you Because I have someone like you guys I Have to keep fighting Just to deal with people like you I love her so much roasted this is the River with the uh the puffer fish that We were warned about oh hello So kawasak is a national park and we are Deep in this beautiful beautiful jungle And tonight we're actually staying at a Tree house and the best part is it ain't Gonna break our budget four of us get to Stay in this place this will be the Cheapest place we've had actually guys Really yeah this one's gonna be 12.5 Dollars per person wow what that's crazy That's value what's the catch poisonous Fish is the catch Hello that is a beautiful tree Look at that thing yo for real oh my God This is so cool wow are you pouring your Ass per your ass I'm trying do you have A key yeah oh I left it at the Front no no you didn't cut out Oh God

These jokes today did you know Alicia Keys actually came here to write Suratani yeah For a second all right let's check it Out Oh my God it's so cute wow This is really cool okay all right I'll Let you have bottom bunk if you want wow This is so cool I kind of want there to Be like a crazy storm coming through Like this will be so cozy in here Wow look at that we're right next to This beautiful Cliff holy schnauzers and Trousers come see this mountain Look at that mountain right next to us It's so tall oh and look at this tree It's got like a hairstyle wow it's got Like a weave yo sick weave bro all right Guys the adventure begins oh can I ride In the back Let's go my name is Christian oh this is sick so truly back To the basics now just an action camera With ngum if action cameras were this Good back in the day I wouldn't have had To really change much this is um the new DJI action 3 not sponsored but uh it's Been really really enjoying this camera It's so so dope to be able to just go Like and it looks perfectly stable and It makes my life so much easier wow what A beautiful place yeah you live here Full time uh I born here you're born Here wow okay amazing

Crazy like no one else All right Let's go me too All right I'm so excited guys we are Going river rafting or River Tubing you Call it that water it looks like it's Flowing really fast too oh my gosh I see All the little fishies in the water are You recording yeah Shut up I have the best boyfriend in the World know what no fun that is true We're gonna get wet food Oh Music don't leave me everyone hold hands We're gonna hold each other It's like aggressive it's so fast crash Down no all right Loki might need to pee But if you pee the poisonous fish Apparently come for you Baby hold my hand Up your mouth [Music] Oh my God the water's so wet oh really It's cold this is what life is about Though it's like you backpack to have These moments Foreign [Music] I'm quite concerned about my skin but This is such a dream right now just Going down the river through the National park birds chirping bugs Squirming It's a Vibe we gotta finish the rhyme

All right birds chirping worm squirming Vermin Vermin I'm like a better rapper Than most rappers in the top 40 right Now I slay bars Ruby let's hear your rap Bunch of Shores what What what Wait wait There's a python oh there it is there it Is there it is oh my God I see it Literally a black and yellow black and Yellow snake monkeys black and yellow we Go uh The next time they come down in the Water Guys the boat ride is done how much does It cost to do it again All right we just got back to the hotel And I want to share with you a perfect Moment Look at this This is so so beautiful Birds Sure black we're connecting with nature I feel like I'm in a dream right now you Did not expect this you guys I just Ordered a masaman curry with some Roti Bread this is the best Curry I've had no Life it's so good ridiculously good just Like that I wasn't expecting that I just woke up from one of the best best Naps of my entire life that was so so Good there's something about being out In the jungle where there's very little Lighting I guess there's an absence of

Blue light here like you know we didn't Really have our phone out much we Weren't looking at any electronic Screens and I just ko'd when I came back To the room at 4 30. totally missed Sunset whatever Now this is where elephant pans really Come to life they're perfect for Stopping mosquitoes and yet they have Such great ventilation these are the Stripes of an experienced Traveler Wow Cicada or many of them all right tonight We have something very exciting in store For you Now mostly for me Definitely for me Hello massage Okay thank you all right so we have a One hour oil massage not a Thai massage I'm sorry Thailand but uh I think one Was enough but I'm so excited Foreign [Music] S together it makes it even better Fan of the day yay

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