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We left our Airstream in the jungle of Costa Rica during rainy season, while we spent the summer in Canada. Was this a HUGE mistake? Did mold and mildew ruin our Airstream home? Siya flies back to Costa Rica to check on the Airstream and finds out…

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For the past several weeks our Airstream Has been sitting in Costa Rica while we Were out of the country now before we Build a platform for it to be parked on It's currently out in the open exposed To the elements and the longer it sat The more we got worried about damage From weather insects and anything else In the jungle but we knew that we had to Leave for the summer to head back to Canada If you've ever experienced a rainy Season in a tropical country it Literally rains for hours every day it Makes the jungle green but our 45 year Old Airstream might have some issues Our fingers were crossed that we didn't Have any mold but I should have crossed More fingers today's been a hard day Which has been our day soon we're Building a structure for it to be parked Under so it never gets rained on again But for the time being we're battling The elements Out of concern for our Airstream stuck In rainy season I booked a last minute Flight to Costa Rica to check in on the Airstream and our vehicle our land is High up in the mountains and if our car Doesn't turn on I've got more problems Ahead the whole flight I was nervous With anticipation of the coming five Days I'll be living in the Airstream While fixing any issues

Car's still there Step one I flew to Costa Rica from Canada for Only five days to just check in on our Airstream she's been here for a month And a half during rainy season What I just found on the Airstream That's fun At first glance everything seemed to be Good inside but I have my work cut out For me Next step is to see if the car battery Still works it hasn't been on in like a Couple months [Music] I was anticipating this coming home I Didn't disconnect the cables of the Battery when we left there was just no Time there's so many things that were Going on and we just left and went to Canada now I learned my lesson hopefully I don't need a new battery My trip is going to be a lot harder if I Can't get this car started right now I Really really hope the Airstream isn't Full of mold I had this little Dehumidifier going in here to suck out Any moisture and it looks like it worked Because this is all liquid my trip is Either going to be I walk in the Airstream full of mold and mice and who Knows what else and my trip my five days Is going to be chaos or I walk in and There's no issues and I just do some

Tidying up I ate some pizza I go under a Waterfall and have a good time really Hoping for the latter it's absolute Chaos the car did not start we tried to Charge it and it would not charge look At my hands my hands like covered in Grease from trying to remove The battery and it looks like it's Starting to rain and Inside Luna is not looking good The next morning I woke up to Sunshine And the sounds of the Jungle around me It reminded me why we did this why we're Moving here I walked around the community and can Finally see the vision start to come to Life houses were being built this house Right here is being built entirely of Bamboo The garden was erupting with edible Produce I could finally see the Community building called the Hive which Is the largest bamboo structure in Costa Rica [Music] The pool was finally done and hopefully I'll get to go on a swim while I'm here The community areas are coming together I've only seen them in renders online And now I can finally see them in person The vision of the community is to be as Eco-friendly as possible Which involves being at one with nature Although I have a ton of work to do I

Really want to make an effort to enjoy The pool and the gardens while I'm here [Music] I'm so thankful to the taxi driver Allen He stayed with me for hours last night Helping me with the car then in the Morning he came early took me to go buy A new battery and now I can start Working on the Airstream I can go get Food I can buy water I can start a very Busy next four days Kristen and I were Very concerned about mold on the inside Especially wood wood gets hit hard and This Airstream has a lot of wood let's Go inside Welcome inside this fan has been a Lifesaver I bought that recently and set It up but let me turn that off while I'm Filming right now When I walked into the Airstream there Was a tiny layer of green mold on the Wood here now the wood is protected with Like a natural beeswax sealant But maybe it wasn't enough there was Mold on all the horizontal wood surfaces Um so I I've just been like going with Vinegar and cleaning it all and I bought Like a ton of these now I have like I Don't know 15 of those all around but This is the situation I have a fan going Hooked up to my generator I got my Generator fixed this is what I'm seeing See that mold it's like a green mold oh And there's bugs

Great so I'm just separating all the Wood and I'm gonna clean this pile of Wood But yeah sleeping in the back not ideal In rainy season we need shelters ASAP Thankfully it was easily wiped away I Just sprayed some some vinegar and Baking soda and used paper towel and More extreme Parts I'd use like a little Scrubber it all came off there's some Like baking soda that I can still see in Between the cracks here and I don't have A strong vacuum and I want to vacuum all This stuff out before I apply another Layer of the wax sealant So I'm gonna have to wait to do that and Just hope that There's no damage done to the wood while We're gone I don't think so I think I Did a really good job the Sun's shining Right now this fan has been running all Night and I opened the doors open the windows with Screens and the humidity level is Dropping it was at 75 the whole time so Now it's dropping and this is my Sleeping situation right now So I sleep on that side of the bed and Then my stuff goes on this side of the Bed the sleeps have been wonderful I'm Literally the only person sleeping in Alegria right now I have this place to Myself like at night it's only me There's a security guard that patrols

Around But I'm the only one living here When I turn off the lights at night it's Pitch black pitch black I cannot see a Thing and the sounds are phenomenal I Just open up this back window and I Listen to the birds and the Crickets There's birds that chirp at night it's Pretty awesome oh but I do wish our AC Worked I do not know why it's not Working I think it's something with our Batteries or our our switch our switch Is making like a clicking sound it's Like click click click click click click Click like it it's turning on and off It's switching on and off I don't really Understand and I can't figure it out It's never done this before I'm so Thankful that our mattress has no issues Or mold or anything like this is a a Mold proof mattress it's like an All-natural mattress but Wow I am impressed I was worried about This mattress this fan up here was Leaking well it had been leaking for Like a year now and we knew it was Leaking so I went on the roof which is Not easy to do on an Airstream there's Only certain places that you can step on The ribs of the Airstream and then Ripped off the old which was Horrible like I could literally wipe it Away with a finger so obviously that's Where the leak was coming from

And re-cocked it so hopefully it stops Leaking now Kai Kai's room And it looks pretty good Aside from one thing look how nasty and Moldy this is this is Kai's seat uh she Used to put this on like the table and Then could sit in it I'm hoping that It's salvageable I'm hoping we can give It a good wash I can't wait for this to be over and we Actually have a structure that this Airstream is going on and we won't have To deal with the rain forever forever Forever like this is the last drop of Rain this Airstream might feel My number one goal here is to eliminate Moisture moisture is a killer to fabrics And wood so when I leave in a few days The system keeps running but the problem Is the only electricity we have right Now is off our solar panels and with Most of the Skies covered in clouds These months incoming solar energy is Limited so I have to figure out how to Continuously suck out moisture from the Airstream while I'm gone only using Power from the Sun I have this dehumidifier hooked up now Before this dehumidifier was hooked up To a timer but into AC right right here Not DC which is which is like a Cigarette Outlet right that's run by Off DC In the back there I have uh just a

Little converter from DC to AC and a Timer And on the timer I can set how long I Want the dehumidifier to go on so it's On for four hours a day right now and I've been testing it and it works looks Like this is working so I have this Hooked up here And into here So that at least four hours every day This is sucking out moisture And then there's these which are tubs That you don't have to plug in and they Have some sort of little Pebble things That suck out all the moisture and They're pretty good like when I came in Here we had maybe six of those set up And it it sucked out like three liters Of water from the air in here crazy so I Bought a bunch more to scatter around The Airstream When I showed up it was at like 80 Humidity and I got it down to like 50 But right now it's like gonna rain so it Went up a bit hopefully All these uh all these systems to suck Out moisture Help We have solar panels on the roof but They're not very strong I've been Running our generator for like four to Six hours a day just to get our Batteries charged up that way I could Charge my laptop uh I could charge my

Phone using like a fast charge I could Turn on the fans I could I could do more In the Airstream because the batteries Were like near dead when I showed up the First night I got here I didn't have Food it had one bottle of water I didn't Have a working vehicle you can't walk to Anything here like And I'm fighting the rain this whole Time I can only work from 7am to like 3 P.M Outside and then I have to rush indoors Because of the rain Every day One thing I forgot to film was the Dehumidifier only has a one liter tank That fills up with water every few days Here so in order to keep it draining I Drilled a few holes in the plastic tank So that the water would drip out into Our sink which then drains into our 300 Liter gray tank under the Airstream okay I'm on my way to the airport and I'm Gonna Leave the Airstream it's gonna be Here for at least another month and uh I'm I'm nervous about what state it's Going to be in when that happens but I'm Pretty confident in what I did honestly I think by me coming here to Costa Rica I might have saved the Airstream So I'm grateful that I came the damage Actually wasn't that bad it just took a Lot of cleaning but it wasn't it wasn't That bad hopefully when we come back to

Costa Rica Airstream is good [Music]

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