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Thank you Yep that's right for a variety of Reasons which we'll be explaining later In this episode we've departed Vietnam And our new trimaran build in a mad rush And have arrived back in Bali for a few Weeks Anything Thank you Good morning So in this episode we're going to be Telling you the truth about what's kind Of been going on behind the scenes yeah All of the things which have been Causing huge dramas these videos for me Are just intensely difficult because I'm Acutely aware of the fact that I'm being Filmed so I feel like I'm acting even if I'm not no matter what happens there's This like recursive yeah we're both Dressed the same again we keep doing This so we've spoken about this before But there's a thing which I'm constantly Trying to avoid which is portraying A perfect life when it's not like that And then it feels unrealistic you're Heading to Instagram territory and then I feel like people our audience or young Impressionable people or whoever looks At it and they just feel horrible about Their own life and I do that when I look At other people's lives on Instagram oh My gosh me too I really do can we just Pause there because we've got to go and

Tell this until the clan is and The Nanny and the chef and all that to keep It down in the background there Don't put that in so that's one of the Motivations behind A video like this they'll always be some Boring cliched Old person Old bitter person who goes oh how dare You complain when you're you know X Y And Z what a beautiful Indonesian Villa Yeah and this really is a beautiful Indonesian Villa stunning we can't just We get it but we can't not Um tell the truth We think you guys will appreciate this Anyway One Two It's just awkward when it's really wide Bali is so beautiful in so many places And then you go around the corner and There's a whole pile of trash and it's Yeah again I feel like I should not film Those dirty Parts because it doesn't Look good in video but that's the Reality there's always trash somewhere Thank you Lenny's been annoying lately he's been He's been playing up he's a kid and we Understand that but uncharacteristically Like Short-tempered and Moody just just sad Hello how you going Mike

By the time I internalized what he is Currently doing and explain it to Friends and family he changes so we get That he's going through a phase but this One is you know not awesome fun for us Yeah and we're just wondering if maybe It's because of how much we've been Moving lately we went up to spell abide We moved off of Vagabond oh definitely Elena and I will explain to each other How Lenny was behaving and how we Thought and felt about that and then we Realized at some point that it was Probably a lot of it was our fault for Dragging him around to different places I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner To be honest when we left La Vagabond The second he was super sad and crying And we can really tell that recently he Has needed a place to call home every Airbnb we get to he's like is this a new Home and we've had to say like no like We're gonna keep going we keep going we Need to wait until the new boat is Launched and that's going to be home Good deal yeah beautiful yeah Thank you Good morning So that's another reason why we found it Super important right now to set up a Land home base here in Bali um it's Crazy it helps that he's felt in limbo As well because we really did drag him Into the Arctic all around Europe on all

Around Europe but over around Europe Norway Spain and then back over to the Us we did and then here we did heaps of Travelers yeah and he's been amazing Throughout that whole trip Um but now he's being a bit difficult Looking chill dude Yeah feeling pretty chill this is Actually really exciting for us we found A house that we could rent for a whole Year so we're not paying Airbnb prices Anymore the rent for this house is much Less than what it would be in Australia Or the us and we're able to sublease it We came up with a bit of a business plan And we think if we Airbnb this we'll be Able to make more than half of our money Back which is amazing so we get to call This place home this is a place that Lennon gets to return back to and they Can leave their toys here already it's Been actually it's been a lot of work Just getting this house ready So as I was saying it's nice that we get To call this place home for a year we Are actually about to go and buy some Plants for our house so although it has Been difficult at times and it has felt A bit much just getting a live set up The way we want and yeah we really can't Complain definitely had a huge win here Okay so just a quick question before we Go Um why did we come back to Bali from

Vietnam why didn't we stay for the boat Build our job was to mainly make videos And then my ulterior motive was to learn As much as I could about bow building The videos that we wanted to make and The jobs that needed to be done in that Time period all sort of happened and There wasn't going to be so much Happening over the next month so we said That we'd all come back I agreed it was A good idea so did we it was fine yeah So maybe to say we can we're going to go Back when there's more for us to do He We're happy with that do you want me to Say all that again You'd think that after eight years of Making videos I wouldn't still have to Prompt Riley into vlogging I swear he'll Never change and I wouldn't want him to To be honest he'll always be a wise Carefree sailor who often forgets about Our camera Then there's me just jumping in here to Share with you today's sponsor which is Better health couldn't have been a Benefit for us because we've actually Been using their services and seeing Therapists for over a year now both Riley and I we've shared a little bit About my anxiety in the past and Riley's Mental health him really battling with That at some stage there is absolutely No shame in seeing a therapist

I think I'm actually in love with mine Don't know if I should say that might Need to change therapists at this point I'm just kidding but I've been able to Realize so many things about my Childhood that I can trace back to that Stage like habits of mine now Personality traits and things that are No longer serving me so I'm super Thankful I couldn't rate better help Highly enough I'm going to tell you how And why you should tap into the network Of over 25 000 license and experienced Therapists online today for starters There's more scheduling flexibility Which was a huge selling point for us if You're on the move are you just busy Better help isn't a crisis line it's Professional counseling and it's Actually more affordable and convenient In my opinion than in office therapy but Without losing the professionalism or Quality so to get started you just Answer a few questions about your needs And your preferences and better help can Match you with the right therapist from Their Network and don't stress if you're Not vibing with your therapist to begin With OR they're just you feel like They're just not the right fit for you It's super easy to switch and at no Additional charge you can talk to your Therapist however you feel comfortable Via text phone call video call and you

Can message them anytime it's so nice to Know that I have someone right there at A moment's notice that has my back and Actually cares about me if you've been Meaning to do this for yourself you can Get 10 off your first month at forward slash sailing I'm Also going to pop that link in the Description box below and you can pause This video and scan the QR code and you Can also get started that way I don't Even know how this works technology has Come so far but I'm here for it Oh well we tried plant mission was a Fail Got a green juice things aren't all bad There's this constant Interruption hello Hello We're going to tell you more about why Things have been quite difficult but I Just wanted to mention how we left the Boat so in the last few days we're in Vietnam I went back into the factory uh And all the wallpapers had arrived and They all looked really great the stone Wash wallpaper was kind of like abstract It looked a bit blurry but I think I Think it's meant to be like that anyway It was nice to see the wallpapers They're all pretty good the whisper Walls had arrived for the roof it's a Beautiful cream color and I got my new Samples back and sadly the Hague blew Where after it still wasn't Hague blue

It was like a disgusting ocean really Blue So we have to get another round of Samples I also had to take in a giant Bag of life jackets and just stuff to Keep in storage at the factory that we Brought and carried with us in our Luggage since our Arctic trip there were A few construction changes I had to look At like a small shelf being built in the Master bedroom even small things like This have to be adjusted in our interior PDF so that we know we have the right Amount of materials for decorating and That's how we left the boat and the boys Got haircuts at this cute little Roadside Barber yeah I took Darwin in While he was quite sleepy he was due for His nap and he just sat there and took It like a boss and he looked so big now Doesn't he with his haircut he doesn't Look like a baby he just grew into a man Like Overnight and the two of them I've got So much to say about the boys they've Just this age is my favorite so far they All they play with each other and it Just melts my heart everything they do Even if they're destroying the house uh Oh that one's gone actually a quick Little story for you which you might Have seen on my Instagram but if not as Soon as we got back to Bali little Darwin fell off the couch and split his

Head open on a toy wooden block it Wasn't the best timing because we were All exhausted from the trip over and Getting settled back in yeah what am I Saying there's really no right time for This to happen anyway luckily from our History in medical training I was able To compress his head until the bleeding Completely stopped it was bizarre and he Enjoyed his midday nap without a care in The world the doctors decided to glue it Rather than Stitch which wasn't ideal Given how deep it was but a lot less Traumatic for Darwin That is just me He's not waking up Elena asked me to Speak a little bit about the boat and The delays or any problems that we've Had there basically so covert has caused A lot of delays it's um Any large project that's taking place Pretty much anywhere in the world over The last few years has had to deal with The delays that have been caused by Covert so We're not immune To that there are ships just stacked up Out the front of La waiting to get Through the Panama Canal and back again And it's just shipping's now triple or Quadruple what it was 12 months ago And there's just no guarantee that stuff Is actually going to get through smaller Manufacturing companies like let's just

Take BNG for example they haven't been a Problem at all they've been amazing and We love their equipment but they're Having problems getting their component Parts from various places to put Together to build the thing to get to us So that we can use it on our boat same With lithium batteries etc etc every Piece of equipment that you might expect To use on a boat is delays because of Covert that's just how it is our Specific project has a fairly Complicated electrical system we wanted To have the electric engines the ocean Volt engines it's a layer of complexity Which wouldn't necessarily be in any Other boat build so that's specific to Ours one of the things with our boat That after I got to the factory that I Discussed with the guys or that they let Me in on is the fact that it's Completely custom and I hadn't been Thinking about it that way they're Saying to me every time you make a Change it might not necessarily cost too Much money but there's going to be a Delay Riley which is amazing because We're going to end up with the exact Vessel that we want and we couldn't have Done that with Any many any other manufacturer it's Very very custom the whole project has Evolved and it looks completely Different now to what it looked like

When we were thinking about it 18 months ago So yes building a boat from across the Other side of the world has been really Really difficult so it's good that we're Here now things are going to move a lot Faster it's going to feel nicer in my Mind Um but on top of that We've had all the projects we've been Working on lately I was just about to Talk about mucho projectos Do you want to elaborate well the first One that we could talk about would be Vagabond Adventures so we've had Flags re reflagging we had to get the Boat set up for that Um we had to Register Insurance register it in Jamaica there's been yeah insurance Going on and Jack's done most of this But there's just been a bunch of back And forth difficulties so there's that There is please book a trip with Vagabond Adventures by the way yeah put The link in the description below Jack Still has some spaces Jack and Anna There's the YCA and we're actually Building an app with that and again I'm So excited about this we're working With just incredible people that have Quickly become like family yeah so we Won't talk about the details of the app But most people if you're sailing yeah

If you're sailing around you probably if You think about what we need Um then you probably could come up with The idea for the app everyone knows that We need it with independent people have Come up with the idea but not executed It I've heard it like a bunch of Different times everyone knows that we Need we needed something like this app That we are currently creating and will Be released soon no matter how busy you Were you would say yes to the same Things that Elena and I had and you Would encourage us to as well you just Say just get through this bit just get Through this bit Um because there's some really big and Incredible opportunities that you would Just be nuts to not go for yeah one Thing like we've had to remind ourselves Is just to you hate cheesy stuff but Like today today is real life like to be Present today and not to live in the Future like yes we are doing all these Things and staying busy and and trying To build something amazing for us and The whole family but we are staying Present day to day and trying to spend As much time with the kids as we can and Oh that was great I thought you're gonna Roll out some cliche Well awesome mindless Pat that was great Yeah that's one thing I think that's Something you can all agree on we're not

Like just work work all the time but There is a lot of it but yeah just being Needed now we're needed by the kids too So we're just Locked in yeah and I don't think we've Even mentioned like we've moved house Twice two and a half times I guess we Haven't even been able to concentrate on Making the movies as much as we used to All right that that's been uh That's been something that There's really like no planning going Into yours at all Sorry for complaining we'll look back to What we were saying at the start then my Apologies for adult for mentioning any Sort of hardship that we've endured it's Wild man it it is the that we're Doing is insane we created a platform Where we can do anything that we want And like I can write a book and I know you guys Will support me on that like everything We do we're so lucky that we have you Here who Has our backs really Hmm so freaking grateful I'm intensely Proud of our audience I've met Thousands and thousands maybe tens of Thousands of you guys by now and I'm Always really surprised about how Awesome you are you're real people that I actually enjoy talking to Um so please keep watching the show and

Following really because Um I like you you're good yeah we're so Sweet thank you it's weird I never would Have suspected because weird people from The internet but you meet them in real Life and it's cool even the Annapolis Boat show so I was out with my friend The other day and five of you guys came And said hello at various times And they're like oh my gosh I watched This show and my friend was like whoa These people look really cool like and I Was like yeah like I could be friends With a lot of you anyway That's all we will say thanks for being Real people very cool I'm sorry if this video this is weird This is all gonna make the cut as well Yeah the whole thing is going to be a Messy weird you'd think after eight Years we'd be like less awkward on film Okay Do you think we're all good on film Lenny

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