Is KOH PHI PHI Thailand Worth the Hype…?

By | October 22, 2022

Maya Bay has changed and Koh Phi Phi is definitely NOT for everyone. Is it really worth the hype?
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I'm sorry if I'm coming down hard on it But it just hasn't really impressed me Yet Good morning guys it is off to an Amazing start here because despite the Rainy season we've got a bit of sun oh Thanks boss He gets it Ryan your position is in Danger right now Thank you so much you might be wondering Why I'm bringing this YouTube's always Been my main business but back in the Day I was actually juggling mostly Instagram photos with my video so it Meant that generally speaking you know We get to a beautiful place we'd spend 30 minutes shooting the best photos we Could now that's kind of a dead game Nobody really cares about photography Anymore yeah rip guys but now the new Animal is Tick Tock that is why I'm Hauling a backpack because I want to Make some Backpacker updates and uh Videos for short form I'm so excited We're actually seeing Blue Water finally When we came here I was like I want to Make it all about Islands we only have One day on the Internet it's all about Bangkok it was all about Bangkok but I Had fun no regrets so we rented this Boat for the next three hours with the Driver for 1800 Bots [Music] All right where's the first stop for the

Day babe This is a Hidden Gem spot guys you only Know about it because of the loss of Long Channel So excited to go swimming with Hi little guys Oh thank you guys they know I have food Oh my God oh my God Oh My God [Music] Jump monkey oh my God [Music] Wow Holy smokes guys it is getting so so Busy right now we got here at the right Time but it's also time to leave I think Because everyone behind us here they're Also coming to Maya Bay with us this is Not our final stop we're making the Crossing now from the co-pp side to the Maya Bay Side and if anyone is wondering Why you recognize the Maya Bay name it's Because it's been blasted all over YouTube and Instagram but most of all It's been made famous by not only its Beauty but also the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio called the beach that movie Completely transformed tourism in Thailand and especially here we got road Trip snacks fresh mango It's all good So apparently that's the cave you can go In for a photo but when you see what's

Currently holding that cave up Better days I think [Music] So a lot of people don't actually know The full story of how they actually came To find Maya Bay because for the longest Time this was no man's land nobody even Knew about it basically what happened Was in Thailand they have a flight School not so far away and crabby one of The planes actually crashed right here And that's how they found it do you know Who the pilot was Alicia Keys No like I'm not gonna Believe it but like he's recording it For the Vlog so he's like telling a real Story that could actually be real the Plain Bird yeah right I think it is real It is real It's where she came like right before Suratani was written she was here for Five nights We just entered a different Universe the Water is so blue even if there's not That much sunlight it's still so blue I Can imagine how blue it would be if There was it's crazy yeah oh my God but There's so many boats everywhere You want the world [Music] Guys a little cut in the middle here Because I just want to say thank you Honestly my heart has been so filled by Seeing the beautiful community so many

People coming together over this series People that I haven't seen in years Commenting again it's been so much fun To have you guys a part of this journey And if you're enjoying this kind of Content I actually have another Channel Dedicated to it and over the last year I've been filming kind of like a behind The scenes to Los LeBlanc a raw Vlog and That has all been posted on lost the Vlog so it's going to be linked down Below and the final travel video of this Thailand series is going to be hosted on Lost the Vlog so make sure to head over There subscribe and it's going to be Going live very soon We've arrived at Maya Bay but I've Actually never come to this way there's A back entrance so between these Cliffs We can actually come in through this way Thanks guys we're over the bridge we go One thing that's very different about Thailand from when I was here last is That when you go around you smell the Laughy grass For uh laughy grass what's that the Grass that only the devil uses Weed maybe I'm trying not to get Demonetized that thing it's been Legalized everywhere you go they're Selling it there's dispensaries like From my experience as a Backpacker back In the day it was always Within Reach if You wanted it but it was extremely risky

Very dangerous certainly not worth it in My eyes you would have strangers always Offering it now it's not illegal Whatsoever literally any tourist area They're going to have at least one to Two to twenty dispensaries big big Changes have come to Thailand that's for Sure I know it's definitely going to Attract a lot more people to come here Here we are guys Famous Beach this is where they film a Movie with Leo oh My gosh that sand is so nice though it's Literally Angelic the white sand is Bouncing all the sun rays and it just Looks like it's glowing the most Beautiful beach It's so soft and cloudy I seriously Can't believe it this is a place where There used to be booze cruises dropping People off in the dozens and now you're Not allowed to swim here at all as you Can see you can go into at least your Feet your knees to get your photo but it It's kind of sad it definitely takes Away from a lot of being here to not be Able to go for a swim but I guess it Does mean it's a slightly more Picture-perfect location but I'm sure There's a good reason behind it probably Has a lot to do with just the Overpopulation coming here but Definitely a bit of a bummer I I They don't feel good on the feet at all

But look at that view All right guys lost LeBlanc news just in I found out why there's no swimming the Baby sharks we just saw one in the water Whoa and then I went and talked to the Marine conservationist here and he said That the sunblock that everybody was Wearing started to basically impact the Population of the sharks so they had to Get everybody to stop swimming I'm not That surprised I guess anymore I would Rather shave the baby save the baby you Want to shave the Sharks I want to save The baby shark you heard it here guys we Have a shark shaver that was amazing Yeah so so lucky to have had that Sun so Now we're gonna head back to the boat We're over three hours but that's okay We'll just pay extra it was so worth it So worth it so fun now I know why people Love Thailand now I'm gonna go ahead and Share my observations but I'll wait till I get back to let you know what I think About PP [Music] But there that little white sand beach That's Maya Bay where we just work and Here is a swimming zone so you can swim You just have to be about a kilometer or Two away from the uh little Reef area That they're trying to protect There's a lot of fish oh my God so cool [Music] So we told our guy to take us home and

Normally guides are like booking it once It's time to go back like their day's Over but I pointed at this cave and all Of a sudden he starts turning towards it And like I didn't tell him to come here But he wants to show us which is kind of Cool there's like this crazy opening in The cliff it looks so awesome there's so Many hidden places around here [Music] Very good day He was such a legend it's not often that You have guides that truly let you Experience it usually they're trying to Rush you back so we had to give him a Big thank you so this trip today was About 2 800 but a three hour one you Could probably negotiate for around 1800 So really really fun day what's your Name Ali Ali yeah thank you so much [Music] I'm ready to eat sure I've had one Coffee and it's like 5 p.m right now as I mentioned I want to talk about PP Because this is my third time back I Think maybe fourth and I feel like every Time I come back I tend to like it less And less I mean literally there's a Burger King behind me there's a McDonald's right there and that's not Really the problem but it's more of a Sign of the problem and that's that it's Become overdeveloped there's just too Much here on this island it loses its

Charm and when you're just surrounded by Gridlock of concrete and I should also Mention it's very very smelly the the Drainage system is just not very good it Totally takes away from it this place Just feels over developed that's all it Is now there is some perks to that oh my God what I take it back there's zero Perks to that really here's my thoughts Maya Bay is really incredible if you Don't mind the crowds then it is a must In my opinion it's so so stunning it's Obviously one of the most beautiful Places on the planet but you don't Actually have to stay here in copi P to Be able to go to Maya Bay it's actually A day trip away from a lot of other Destinations in the province of Krabi so If you stayed in Rayleigh where we were Just the other day it's way more chill Way more beachy and you could have just Taken a day trip to go see the exact Same thing you could stay in Phuket you Can stay in many of the other Surrounding islands and get the same Beautiful getaways but without the chaos Of all of this another thing that Happens in PP is that it loses Electricity for reasons I actually Couldn't even explain to you today we Did not have power all morning now our Hotel had a generator but it meant that Almost all the restaurants were closed Even though they showed open on Google

Maps our Wi-Fi went down we couldn't Upload our video today again you are on An island you can make some exceptions But it's not the most convenient thing And overall I haven't been blown away by The food scene I'm sorry if I'm coming Down hard on it but it just hasn't Really impressed me yet the question at This point is who is co-pp4 I think it's For people that that want to experience Places like Maya Bay have it within Arm's Reach but they most of all want to Be here to party at the end of the day If you don't intend to party there's Better places to stay there's places With more food selection with more Convenience you don't have to worry About the power going out and probably Even a little bit cheaper the main draw Here is Maya Bay plus party it's that Simple Yeah but for real it smells terrible on This island every corner there's a new Smells Do I have like Don't you smell it you're like no it Smells like garlic So they're preparing the food but we Have to wait for 10 extra minutes Because electricity is coming is it There's no electricity right now it just Turned on so they're preparing Everything Our first meal of the day is dinner and

It's not disappointing we mean sour Chicken curry cashew nut chicken orders On point now Fun of the day yay Yay Yeah it smells nice because Ryan decided To scatter his wet clothes as Aromatherapy oh we got an underneath Really strongly in here actually but It's better than yesterday [Music]

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