I’m Building my DREAM Bali Villa & YOU CAN TOO (Part 2)

By | October 29, 2022

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What's up guys my name is Christian and Right now I'm building my dream home Here in Bali Indonesia you are looking At the Lost Villa and I'm documenting The entire process of building it from The ground up if you want to see how This started from a jungle plot of land Then you're going to want to start with The first 90 days the first three months Of the build which was documented in Part one linked below now it's time to Show you what happens over the next Three months [Music] For two weeks I've been super busy I've Been traveling to the north of Bali went Back to wapa di ume now I'm back here And it looks like literally two months Worth of work has been done in just These 14 days so this is really cool This entire rectangular area is a pond And the pond is a very very special Piece to me because I told Nico and Kiko With cassettes and twists my Architects That I wanted to have green and blue Everywhere you look and they created This pondscape that you're gonna Basically have a bridge that floats so You'll walk across the pond water on Both sides Fountain will be gushing Water out right here and then you're Gonna take like a big hard cut and like A thunderbolt it kind of zigs and zags And then the path will take you right

Here to the front door I haven't yet Found my door but I'm looking for Manufacturers that do massive Grand Doors if I were to pick one style that Was really important to me in this home It's kind of like Japanese minimalism so As you come through here this will be One of the areas where you feel that Japanese inspiration this little Courtyard in the middle of the home Lighting the rooms from the living room And so I've actually just now hired my Landscaper and I went with Anton so Anton when he visited the land when it Was still a jungle was immediately like I want to work on this project because He is one of the most famous now he's The most famous arborist and landscaper On the island it's also kind of one of The most expensive but he is somebody That truly is just passionate about what He does trees plants they're his thing So the moment he saw what we were doing With lost Villa he's like look I want to Work with you I'm very pumped about this Project and so just the other day we Made it official the contract is signed He's already shown me some of the Renders that he believes would be cool Designs so I'll give you a little bird's Eye view of how this zen garden is going To be done Japan has just announced that They're reopening their doors and I Actually want to go there just to find

Some key little Furnishings for the home One of the things that is really cool is I want to find one of those single piece Steel teapot sets for myself and for you If you decide to stay a little area to Enjoy a Zen Garden Tea experience I feel Like we gotta name this tree if you guys Have a name just comment it down below This is uh my favorite tree of the Property just because it is literally Built into the home aside from that one Tree over there that's probably the Second biggest tree on the plot all you See is beautiful Treetops hovering above This building even when the ceiling goes Up you won't lose sight of that because Of all the openings we've created Looking out into the jungle and actually You can hear the cicadas have just Decided to start a little choir this is One of the biggest updates that I have For you we now have a swimming pool Before you could see basically into the Basement area where the cinema will be And the extra spare room now this is all Filled with concrete and you actually See just how long this pool is Definitely enough to do a few lengths After your morning coffee so this is Going to be a separated kitchen now as Much as a separate kitchen area feels a Little weird to me it's not just about Building for me here as I said I'm not Gonna be here all the time sometimes I'm

Going to be setting off on a trip and so When this place is up for rent it's not Going to be exactly the cheapest place On the Block so one of the things we're Looking to include is going to be a chef We want to include 24 7 cleaning and Servicing for this property and so we Also have here an expansive Maids Quarters which will basically allow for Staff to always be on the premise Without taking away from the privacy of The guests and same applies for this Kitchen to be able to prepare food while You're still enjoying the living area Without the smells of food or all the Sounds of preparing it this building is Moving so lightning fast so I have not Actually seen down here in a little While let's go take a look Foreign [Music] Even with an expansive piece of land You're starting to see how we've pretty Much built on a single floor which means That instead of building upwards we're Starting to build outwards and we've Expanded quite a bit on our land and the Tip of this large pool brings it out to A neighbor's area this is the reality is We have to now plan around others who Are starting to build we can see here The neighbor is actually building the Back side of their home towards us which Is really quite ideal but even if they

Hadn't we're working with the best Landscapers to completely erase any Existence of outside world we're gonna Have probably about a hundred trees Planted all across the property so you Will not have even a single clue of any Neighbor's existence which is again the Concept of this home privacy escaping Changu without leaving changu so here we Are at the front end of the pool the Furthest part away from the house what You'll see is this is basically going to Be the first spare room that I would Have guests today in because it's under The pool you've got the privacy of being Hidden away in this property and having An expansive Garden where nobody else Can see into The best things about this home is Something that I can't show you you have To listen for You hear birds you hear the chirping you Can hear the sound of the leaves blowing In the wind one of the trickiest things When finding land is trying to predict What's not already there the beauty of This land was that majority of the home Is actually already surrounded by things That aren't going anywhere that provide Peace and quiet and basically protection And predictability for what's going to Be there tomorrow the scariest thing is When your neighbor has a plot of land And you have no idea what they're going

To build luckily my neighbor to the Front and the back have already started Building and they're building beautiful Three-bedroom Villas that will once Built cause absolutely no disturbance And won't even slightly impact the Privacy of the Lost Villa it's time to Go into Uncharted Territory for both you And I time to see the property from a Different height let's go up to the Rooftop Foreign I feel like I need a viewing Deck up here this is so cool so check This out right here the tree poking out Of the roof and this is the beautiful Canopy that was saved by my Architects Being absolute geez and cutting out a Hole into the roof now I have to be Honest with you currently there is no Use of the Upper Floor but standing up Here all I can think of is how do we Make a way with all the designs being Complete to use the space and I know my Architects will hate me if I go to them Saying we have to use an upper space but Damn look at this imagine a little Viewing platform here sunset's right Over there One of the huge benefits of keeping all These trees isn't just the Privacy it's Actually what I feel right now so Bali Is a hot place we all know that but with All these beautiful trees it's actually Incredibly cool up here we actually have

A really nice natural Breeze coming Through there's even a good chance that With all these sliding doors throughout The house we won't really need to be Using too much AC to keep the place cool This entire Bridge looking structure in The next week to two weeks will be be Spanning all the way across to the other Side it's going to basically act as a Rain cover that way you can always get From side to side in the house without Ever having to be soaked in the rain I Just heard a Splat and this thing fell Out of a tree onto the roof look at it Wow it's beautiful you see a lot of Lizards but food what No All right little construction update We'll be building a little Tombstone for Philip in the Zen Garden so stay tuned All right so today we've got two very Important meetings whenever you're Building a home you're not just making a Decision on who you hire to build it You're also having to make 100 other Decisions like what countertops are you Gonna do if you're getting a hot tub are You going for a five-seater or a Six-seater or a lay flat style well These are some of the decisions we have To make today and this is the office of My Architects and they've just received Some samples so let's go take a look at The countertops we're going to be going

With [Music] So there's many different ways that you Can outfit your house countertops can be Done in different synthetic Plastics it Can be done with marble and they can Also be done with this material now this Is a material that Nico and Kiko The Architects have been working closely With have been recommending and Basically raving about so I've been to The Taj Mahal the Taj Mahal is made out Of marble but what you might not realize Is the Taj Mahal is constantly changing Color marble is porous and because of That despite it being a very high end And high quality desirable finish it Does come with some levels of Aging Especially in a kitchen if you leave a Coffee mug or a glass of water you're Actually going to start to see forms of Staining that will happen over time the Solution is this this is called dectin It's a man-made marble it's kind of the Best way I could describe it they Basically have this giant factory with a Giga press they get all of these Minerals together and then they press it And then what you're looking at right Here it looks completely real you get The benefits of a natural looking marble You get the story that gets told through This kind of stripes and striations but You don't have any sign of aging and you

Don't have any of these stains that will Happen which is great in the high impact Areas especially like the kitchen Islands [Music] So this is the deckton handbook there's Nothing quite like having it and being Able to touch it feel it understand how It's going to look in your countertops This is a pattern called callow now it's A more of a glossy finish which I quite Like especially for the kitchen island If you want to see a bigger slab that's Kind of what you would get so you got a Lot of Stories being told through that It's a statement piece really now in Terms of pricing dectin is actually more Expensive than most marbles are you can Get Italian marbles that are Significantly more but your average Balinese marble that most people are Using here are going to be less Expensive but this is kind of like Future proofing yourself especially if You're going to have a property that's Getting rented people are not as careful With your things as you are so it's kind Of like an investment and it also gives Me infinitely more choices and colors Callow is going to be the color used in The main area it'll be used in the Living room on some of the coffee tables It's going to be used on the island this Is a very similar finish to what we're

Looking for in the master bathroom here Are two different finishes that I'm Considering for the downstairs bedroom I Like the the glossy finish for the Kitchen I think that'll be nice for Especially an area of high impact to be Able to just clean it off like that but Then for the bathrooms I kind of like The grittiness of the matte finish this Is Sky liquid you can see a big slab Here it's a lot of Personality a lot of Stripe striations Striations means a series of ridges Furrows or linear marks and is used in Several ways I think you're right I Don't think it's a decision I can make In one sitting I'll keep you posted on Which of the finishes we go with but we Do have another meeting so let's go as You can see I'm glistening and that's Because it's hot it's humid here in Bali But while it's hot during the day in the Evenings it gets kind of cold and it Gets way too cold to ever want to go in A pool which is why I'm currently on the Market looking for a Jacuzzi hot tub for My villa I pretty much don't know any Other Villas that have one but this is The Lost Villa so All of these jacuzzis are actually Fitted by them they import all the Pieces from abroad and then they are Actually assembled here and they handle All the after service I've done a little

Bit of research and so far this is the Only one that actually fits the bill for What we're looking for you can do kind Of like a more budget way of doing a Jacuzzi hot tub which is to basically Install a pump and some Jets inside of Like a concrete handmade tub but it will Never provide a sophisticated of a hot Tub experience like probably about 50 to 60 jets in this you couldn't really do That without having a proper assembled Jacuzzi like this guys this is karthikao Hi today kartika has prepared a few Choices and styles for me next to the Pool there's a big concrete square it Was intentionally left larger than the Hot tub will be because you need to have Access points for being able to do Maintenance on the hot tub so with that It gave us the choice of basically doing A six seater a five-seater or a Four-seater this model like a model Camellia four-seater and one later as We've all probably experienced at least Once there's some hot tubs that have lay Flats and then there's some that are Just standard seats so standard seats You can fit more people in which is Great but it's also kind of nice when You've got a glass of wine maybe it's Just reading a book hanging out yourself I think I need to get one lay flat so This right here is their best seller It's got two lay Flats but in total you

Can only see four people we're gonna go For four standard seats one leg flat Which is going to be their Camellia Model oh wow say less yeah the cool Thing is you get to choose the interior Color of your hot tub but because LED Lights especially at night are going to Be such a big part of this partico Saying that the whites generally reflect The best I think I like how white looks Anyways it's probably just a little bit More premium looking for me what I'll Say to you right now is if you struggle At making decisions good luck building a House because it's literally the process Of making a thousand decisions these are All the whites I get to choose from So a lot of you guys have been asking When can I invest in the Lost Villas Let's talk about it [Music] Thunderstorm later and we're back at the Lost Villa as we all know we're in a Very interesting place in the world of Investment a lot of things have been Going downhill in the market inflation Is eating away at everyone's savings and I have to say the Lost Villa is one of The best if not the best part of my Portfolio the Bali property Market has Been absolutely crazy super high demand Even in a time where most markets are Starting to hit the brakes and reverse Now if you've been following the series

You already know that that lower plot of Land down there is going to be my next Project that land right there is going To have between six to eight different Homes on it depending on how we cut it Up just like the Lost Villa it is Surrounded by beautiful tall trees and The design will be a contemporary modern Just like the one you're seeing Here My Hope Is by December January at the Latest we're going to have the renders The designs and the blueprints all Finished up to be able to see what may Be your future home whether it becomes Your personal home or just an incredible Investment property these properties Will be on sale and I would love to have You as my neighbor if you're interested In investing in my Properties or you're Looking to build your own you're going To want to join the email list down Below where I'll be sharing all of the Best vendors I've worked with it's also Where you'll be the first to be notified When those pre-sale properties go up Because there's only six to seven I'm Gonna be living in the other so they're Gonna go like this now I don't know About yourself I've had a bit of a rough Go in my investing career I kind of got In in 2020 and since then we've been hit With inflation we've seen the collapse Of the index funds even gold and silver Are getting hit hard but while few

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Bali you can get your house up faster do It for less money but then the real Concern is what happens when things go Wrong when there's an earthquake when There's insane amounts of rain in a year Which happens almost every year that's When you start to run into problems with This lost Villa we're building something That's made to last for hopefully Decades upon decades and this is one of Those parts this is a very very Expensive steel support we've got Several of them and it's all also what's Going to make this part of the home so Unique this is all going to be open Concept there's not a single support That's going to come down in the middle Of the home and as you can imagine with That much weight you need to make sure The weights being distributed with Something incredibly strong I found it Very interesting to see a lot of the Processes and how they're doing things They're applying enough pressure just to Bend them into shape these rectangles Are all tied around a series of poles to Create almost like these skeletal like Spines that will be existing beneath the Concrete so there we go a rectangle is Made thrown on there that is enough for Today let's let a few days go by and see What happens It's time for another update because I've just gotten back from backpacking

To Thailand and today we have an Important site meeting with the Contractor and The Architects one of the Things that I'm learning as a first time Home builder is that every construction Site no matter how finished the plans Are involves a hundred a thousand and Ten thousand different decisions that Need to be made over the course of these 12 months and most of the decisions I'm Completely uninvolved from which has Been beautiful but every now and then There are moments where I have to step In and kind of play the middleman trying To explain to the architect what the Contractor said and vice versa look I'm Not a builder and so things sometimes Get a little tricky so today's meeting Is all about bringing these people face To face having that conversation so that Instead of having these five or ten Questions that are lingering we can get Through it all in a matter of 10 minutes One very exciting update this entire Roof line is now complete Foreign Steel beam that goes from side to side Apparently that was lifted by hand They've got like some sort of mechanism Where everyone's just pulling how many People have to pull it up five only five Yeah Oh my gosh how big are they Don't underestimate Nasi Goreng a lot of

Protein in there I guess I gotta give credit where credit is due Nico and Kiko Kiko's not here today but You guys have done such a good job Cassettes and twos I can never say the Name is that I say right You guys should definitely check it out I'll have Nico's information down below If you guys want to reach out they've Been so good one of the things that We're doing is we're going to put glass Along the entire border of the pool Because I love those Instagram photos When people are like leaning over and You can see the water being held back by The glass Here's the reality of building you may Have a plan but that plan will always Change and as this rooftop got built I Had my first opportunity to see this Property from a totally different view This is the roof and it wasn't supposed To be in use but if you look down here This triangular zen garden is going to Be an incredible photo opportunity so I Want to create some sort of ladder or Small staircase that allows us to take Photos from above and that way when you Are here you can capture the memory in The most beautiful candid way you can Have somebody drinking high tea down Below and get that photo from above you Can then maybe follow a walkway to this Treetop and have a treehouse experience

I might shoot myself in the foot here This might not ever come to be true if We find a reason it can't be done this Wasn't in the original blueprints but The cool thing is Nico and Kiko they Only take projects they're excited about And when I told Nico he seems to be Pretty open to finding a way to make it Work So today is a very exciting meeting for Me as you guys know I'm not the 21 year Old Backpacker that I used to be Starting to become a man and with that I Have become a gardener a green thumb and That's one of the main points of this Property it's to feel like you are in The jungle and the man that's going to Help make that happen even more than it Is now is this guy right here Anton hi Everybody he is a professional Landscaper you've been on the island for How long now Um 16 years in Bali 18 years in Indonesia wow so a long time to Experience Landscapes Tropical Paradise Yeah everything to do with Bali and just Like all parts of this house I didn't Work with the first person I met I Talked up to a few people tried to Figure out who had the vision who had The skill set to be able to help me take Lost Villa to that next level and I'll Give you a little preview of kind of Where Anton thinks that this could go we

Are looking at building a man-made River Man-made River terracing the garden to Follow that classical Wood Terrace Hearing feel at the top here we have a Small pond cascading through Courtyards of grass and integrating the Landscape into the house finishing at The end of the beautiful Pond and small Jelly Couldn't have said it any better so just Like Anton explained we've got this Man-made River there's gonna be like Almost like a little bit of a walkway Going across it and we'll have a pump System that basically sends the water Back up so completely sustainable I'm Pumped and he's got some big ideas for Some unique trees we're going to bring To the land one of the most beautiful Trees that I think I've ever seen is Called the Bodhi Tree not to be confused With the Banyan Tree they look very Similar they've got these very unique Creeping roots that kind of scatter Which can also be very invasive to Building so you have to be careful but The Banyan tree is sacred so you're Actually not allowed to plant them am I Right in saying that correct they hold Spirits so Balinese are wary about Having bunion um onion trees in the Landscape yeah so we're using the Bodhi Tree that still has the unique beautiful Stand it'll be an ancient tree probably

60 years old and we'll import that into The garden wow where are you going to Get it from I believe they come from West Bali or East Java you were telling Me that in Bali it's like the greatest Gift what grows in six months to you Said six years in Australia so long yeah Yeah you can do instant things here like You wouldn't believe yeah and so this Bodhi Tree he said it's going to come in Around six meters I think yeah six Meters tall and a girth this big it's Gonna be super huge the last one we Moved took 18 people to bring in How tall will it grow it will eventually Become probably a 20 25 meter tree Um I expect to see probably three to Four meters of growth in the first six Months of the new sapling growth wow and Eventually grow and that's a 60 year old Tree a 60 year old tree I gotta say like I'm super into the interior design I'm Super into choosing the cabinets and the Surface tops but I think the gardening Is probably the thing that has me most Excited Foreign Told you guys this needs to be in a Photo op like something iconic not just Another Garden but something like you See the photo and you know it's the Lost Villa that's kind of why I've hired the Best of the best I mean I need somebody That can help me take that Vision to the

Next level and so with gardening with Like passageways and maybe even the use Of like those Japanese style Stones We're gonna try to find a way to make That photo that everybody wants because Let's face it that's how businesses are Built in 2022 it's not enough to just Like provide beds you have to provide an Experience you were saying we might need To trim this one back right yeah um What's important is that horticulturally We look after these trees so because We've affected what we've touched the Root systems of the trees we need to Touch the canopy to balance what we've Done below the surface and get the Vega Back by by pruning well the trees is it Reasonable that this could be turned Into an additional outdoor platform for For seating up here we need to know the Design first but it's not too late to Make that choice it's just more of the Architecture if you were left to your Creative controls like what would you Recommend with this because we have a Lot of beautiful space up here although I think you can have lounges I think you Could have outdoor dining I think you Could have barbecue areas I mean it's Just a fabulous Terrace well that's Pretty much how it goes every time I Visit there's new ideas and some of them Will come to be some will just not all I Can say is there's definitely a need for

Another update and I'm gonna end the Video here if you want to see the Playlist from the very start how to buy Land and Bali all of that it's linked Down below now if you want to get all of The details of how much things are Costing the grand total as well as what Suppliers I'm using my landscaper my Architect my contractor and everyone Else I trust through this process then Make sure you join the email list it's Going to be linked down below and that's Where I'll be keeping up with the most Detailed information all right guys Let's get lost again in the next one

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