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I'm opening a content creator hotel in Bali Indonesia called Lost Creator House and somehow, I'm going to try to do it in 30 days. Join LCA today during our Black Friday Sale: (literally our biggest sale ever)

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This is where my story began a young and Unconfident accountant trying to fit in And trying to be loved now at this point In my life I had landed a dream job or At least that's what I was told I Accepted an offer to work with one of The four largest accounting firms in the Entire world Ernst and Young and I truly Believe that this would be the thing That would make me successful so I did What everyone does bought a cool suit And rented an apartment I could barely Afford it was time to start building my Dream life a few months went by and it Started to become apparent I wasn't Actually building my dream life in fact I was doing everything but you see like Many of us I was trying so hard to keep Up with the lifestyle that at the end of Every month I looked in my bank account And I had barely made any progress I was Working 10 to 12 hour days and when I Would come home I had no energy left the People that I was working so hard for to Win the approval of I didn't even have Time to see them anymore but the Absolute worst part of all this was that I hated what I was doing I was not meant For this career now sadly most people Including you probably hate your job I Recently did an Instagram survey and Found that 82 percent of people did not Love their jobs now this video is about Building a guest house but the story

Starts right here that accounting job Was the best job I've ever had it's the Job that taught me that I could not wait Till I'm older to do what I love in fact With all of the health problems that Were springing up on a nearly weekly Basis due to the stress I may not have Even had a when I'm older moment to wait For this job pushed me to quit to sell Everything I own and with twenty five Hundred dollars to my name I bought a One-way ticket to Thailand and began the Early stages of becoming a content Creator single-handedly the best Decision I've ever made over the next Few years I'd go on to create hundreds Of videos and I would learn lessons from Each 20 view video till I could Eventually hit the multi-million view Videos I would go on to launch products With most of them absolutely flopping Until I learned how to have a million Dollar product launch and that is how Lost LeBlanc lost Creator Academy and Loss create house the video you're about To watch came to be maybe the story I've Shared is basically your story right now You're working a job you hate and you're Looking for a way out maybe you've been Deep into content creation but you've Retired your camera into a drawer only To collect dust or maybe you haven't Even picked one up in the first place Because you're scared of what others

Will think I've been there too my life Was radically changed through social Media and the crazy thing is there's a Massive Demand right now for skilled Content creators and well-told stories Over the last three years I have built The Lost Creator Academy it's quite Literally everything I've ever learned Through mistakes through successes of Being a content creator it has over 200 Tutorials but while the training is Amazing the best part is we are a family 4 500 members strong spanning all across The globe content creators who are just Beginning and content creators who are Mastering their craft and today I want To invite you to join this family I want To invite you to take a hold of your Life for just three days more we have The Black Friday sale going on which is The best opportunity we've ever had to Join lost Creator Academy not only will You be entered to win a one-month Mentorship with the lead editor of lost LeBlanc and in Early Access to our 10-day Creator challenge which is a 10-day actionable step-by-step guide to Taking off as a content creator this is Exceptionally valuable for anyone that's A beginner or if you're just in the Early stages but by joining today during Our Black Friday sale you are entering Yourself to win a seven-day trip to Bali For what is going to be the ultimate

Creator getaway you're going to be Living in the Lost Creator house Surrounded by other content creators Chasing their dreams you're going to get Mentorship one-on-one with me and Everything from flights to your living Expenses will be covered we will work Together to give your channel the Direction and strategy that it needs to Turn your dream life into your actual Life those are just a few of the Benefits of the Black Friday sale but There's actually many more you'll Definitely want to check that web link Down below so that you can see what's All involved if a former accountant was Terrified of the camera and had no film Experience can make it in this industry Then so can you and like in every Everything that I do my goal is to make Sure that you are winning we have a 30-day money-back guarantee if your Investment isn't working for you then I'm going to fully refund every single Penny that you invested you have 30 days To try it out make sure it's the right Fit and if it's not no hard feelings I Got to where I am today by helping People and I'm not about to change that You come first all right now let me show You how a former accountant achieved his Next and biggest dreams of opening a Guest house in Bali Indonesia this is Not click bait this is the story of

Opening a guest house here in Bali Indonesia in just 30 days Foreign Okay so technically it wasn't actually 30 days because about five years ago I Had this dream of creating a kick-ass Community space that would bring people Together I always dreamed it being built On a remote island but hey it ended up Being an island even one year ago I Actually filmed myself putting these Words out into the world well six months Ago I began searching for that space I Visited about a dozen large villas that Had between five to eight bedrooms and The idea was I'd rent out these large Spaces and rent each of the individual Rooms independently while many had great Communal spaces the issue was the layout Just wasn't optimized for what I was Looking for I started to question if I Could really step into this business Right now to build what I wanted from Scratch would take me at least a couple Years and with all this going on with The Lost Villa and Villas I simply Didn't have the capacity to build this Right now I made one final attempt I Went and visited a guest house and to be Honest it wasn't the right fit but right Next door was this massive empty and Beautiful white structure it was brand New just the right size and let me just To say this area is perfect on the back

Side of the building is rice fields as Far as the eye can see and on the front Side is a sunset-facing Oceanside view That honestly I couldn't have ever Imagined in my wildest dreams when I saw How good it was I thought this must be Rented out but I thought I'd ask anyways I got on a phone call with the owner and This is exactly how the call went is This Nigel yes sir nice to meet you Nigel could you tell me a little bit About your guest house this is an Exquisite property you can even get And Alicia Keys was totally impressed When she visited she even wrote a little Song these gas houses Baby Wow sounds really good so far so how Much would this cost to rent per year Two million billion trillion dollars Okay yeah uh how about ten dollars deal That wasn't the actual call but this is Showbiz baby If you want to see the actual call it Went like this thanks so much bye Guys it is finally finally time to show You our new home the day has come the Contract is now officially signed and in 30 days this is the guest house that the Lost Creator Academy is going to be Taking over to be honest I've never done This before and everything about this Business May pivot and change but in the Meantime what we need to do is with 30

Days we have to make every single day Count and there's a lot to be done but Luckily I have an amazing team Kiki is Going to be the guest house manager We've never done this before have we I Managed hospital before but this is a Totally different level so I'm really Excited for this guy this is awesome let Me start by showing you a few of the Things that need to be done now there's Going to be food and beverage here so we Need to a hire a barista and B actually Get the coffee machine as well as some Sort of fridge to be able to store Ready-made food we'll need a table right There we need some Positano style Recliners a super cozy u-shaped couch a Large work table as well as the comfiest Of work chairs we need to install glass And make this into an air-conditioned Workspace we need a sea view workout Facility we're gonna need this wall Painted we need artwork we need plants And we need all those finishing touches This is going to be a very busy next 30 Days it's already in incredible space And I believe we're going to be able to Transform it to make it absolutely Perfect for a digital Nomad so I'm a big Believer that in order to get the best Results you have to hire the best and After interviewing with several local Design Studios we found the team that Would take the Lost Creator house to

That next level you guys have done such A good job I love the layout the design There's not going to be a lot of Revisions now if there's one thing I've Learned over the years it's the value of Invest testing putting in a little bit Of money today so that you can have much More tomorrow and that is exactly what I Need to tell myself right now as I look At the price of coffee machines I Thought 500 maybe a thousand this is More money than my first car at the end Of the day investing in my first GoPro Led to a multi-million dollar business So I guess I'm just gonna have to Believe this is my next GoPro [Music] It's official it is rainy season and I've got a meeting today a very very Important one I'm gonna be taking you to Meet the people that are going to be Designing the Lost Creator house bless You It's called a rainy season fashion honey [Music] All right it stopped raining and I'm no Longer in my pink suit right now we're In ketopacon this is where I'm gonna try To find myself some gym equipment for The rooftop and this is Theo come in all Right good to see you Theo makes custom Gym equipment for all of the big gyms Here on the island we're gonna be a Perfect collection for a 16 person

Capacity so we want to find a squat rack We want to find a good bench all sorts Of dumbbells and other equipment to make Sure that the people staying at the Guesthouse can stay fit here we have a Full squat rack it has the the Jayhawk Safety arm a connector where you can add Your own logo if you want this is Probably my number one thing that I'd Want it's just a good squat ride it's Also awesome that you got the chin up Bar there we're also going to want Something like this so that people can Do either incline or decline flat bench We'll get some bars let's keep going and See what else they got Okay so we have an outdoor gym and if There's one thing you should know about Bali is that it destroys everything Humidity is a killer so this is kind of Cool because it's like a motorbike seat Finish so it's a very very resilient Fabric it should hopefully withstand the Beating of rain and humidity and Sun for At least a while it should be good I Think so too yeah all right man that's Everything for today yeah we got another Meeting let's go all right so as you can Imagine designing a guest house it's a Lot of work and so I wanted to find Somebody that could help me take this Guest house to the next level after Interviewing a few people this is who I Went with and this is the legend himself

Hello your outfit just gives me Confidence that you know design and daff Is about to show me the renders that They've created they came into the guest House they measured it all out and then From there they've gone off with their Creativity their imagination Imagination to basically create our lost Creator house this is something that is Extremely epic this right here a Dedicated recording studio for creators I just think that's the coolest thing it Was a bit tricky giving up one of the Rental rooms but I think that the the Value of it just it makes complete sense And on the top floor this is the dorm Room where we're gonna have six beds and An outdoor cinema this is epic the only Question is can we pull it off before we Open you guys are so good at what you do Ridiculous when you hire the right People you can take projects to new Heights and somehow they literally turn These designs around and what was it two Weeks yeah it's just two weeks now this Is incredible but let's face it designs Are just the starting point the problem Is we haven't sourced any of our Furniture yet I have definitely built a Few connections with what I'm doing with The Lost Villa my villa that I'm Currently developing and building but There's definitely some parts of the Creator house that I'm gonna have to try

And Source do you guys have connections With people yeah we have contacts for That that's the really cool thing about Indonesia pretty much everything can be Made so now it's off to you doc good to See you man good to see you cheers the Amount of decision making that has been Going on is absurd what kind of speakers Do we get what kind of chairs do we get What color of couch should be in the Recording studio how many squat racks Should we have this is definitely not a Task for indecisive people it's been a Lot but I'm only doing this because I Really believe it's going to all be Worth it No time's being wasted we are here Installing the glass so this downstairs Area will all be a seed we have Coco Here today is going to be fitting the Guest house with workspace tables a lot Of measurements are being taken today so Really successful first meeting here With some of the trades workers some Very awesome people coming through and Hopefully we'll help take this space to The next level but everybody's saying The same thing they're like you're crazy But we're gonna make it work I hope Now Theo with rig Asia said he could Have the gym equipment here literally in The next few days which is insane I Don't know how he turns it around so Fast but we're actually having an

Opening party and this is going to be Our dance floor so we're gonna have a DJ We're gonna have catering everything That you'd want from a launch party Gonna be happening on the rooftop here So we're gonna actually hold off on Getting all the gym equipment brought in Just so we can keep that open space and It'll be brought the day after we're Gonna have like a fully functional Coffee shop we're gonna have smoothies And this whole wall is going to be Painted with these beautiful ferns a LED Neon style light people can order from The pool or they can walk up to the side And we'll have a picnic table right There All right the first delivery begins You're looking at the bunk bed Mattresses [Music] Look tomorrow is a milestone it's one of The most incredible days of my career we Are officially going to be moving into The Lost Creator house we've got Painters we've got bunk bed Builders We've got the whole freaking Squad ready To roll to start moving things in Because that begins our seven day Countdown until we open the Lost crater House and as much as I'm excited I have To say I'm also equally nervous we've All seen a handful of reality shows Where you've got that guy with a

Megaphone Us ES That is actually how it's going right Now the bunk beds are just a bunch of Lumber they're not even built yet we Have to train the entire process of Check-in we've got to figure out our Team who have not even met yet for Cleaning and all of this is going on During the busiest period of my business If I look back just 12 months ago I Actually have a second Channel video I Talk to myself in that video basically Describing what I'm doing now opening a Guest house a place of community for Like-minded people to get together and It's unbelievable to see when an idea Becomes a reality and I never thought it Would happen this fast so on one hand I'm so proud and this is a very big Moment of my life but on the other hand I am nervous nobody has trained me how To run a guest house successfully but It's a concept that I'm so invested in That I'm willing to take the risk I'm Willing to be wrong with my money with My reputation but I truly believe that With all the energy that's going into This we will find a way to be successful Let's just hope this is not another Beyond loss to my career [Music] All right we are now five days to launch Hello hello look at that that looks so

Cool so we got some of the shelving Coming in boxes are being dropped off in The masses we've got a bunch of office Chairs this here is gonna be for shoes And for helmets right there what do you Think Coda pretty cool we got our little Private working area here so you can sit Here with some high chairs and that'll Be a really nice feel so you're facing The wall we're gonna get four paintings All done up right across that wall in Indonesia one of the interesting things Is that a lot of the time the Furnishings will actually be built on Site so this here is not yet finished so They have to actually assemble it all But overall looking really really good Ooh these are cool there are four Recliner chairs which are gonna go right There wow nice work That's looking good all right so the Realities of rushing things rushing Decisions we have two Carpenters two Woodworkers I should say and we use both Companies so far I'm actually finding That our more budget Carpenter and Woodworker has actually made the better Work we have a shelving unit at the Front there that it's honestly a little Bit shaky and you know we didn't pay top Dollar but we certainly didn't pay Bottom dollars so we're gonna have to Get that looked at but I gotta say this Stand-up desk is freaking Rock Solid we

Literally paid 150 bucks for this I paid 250 for a rocky shelf amazing and Disappointing all the same time people Are gonna think there's an earthquake [Music] We've got these two Street dogs that Have let themselves in and this is my Street dog but I kind of like them maybe They won't be loud inside but they'll Definitely have some food outside for Them whenever they want we're not going To get it right on the first go but Something about this shelf just feels Wrong it's almost too deep and it Doesn't really make sense where it is We'll probably have to invite in the Guide and installed it he did a really Solid job but design wise we might want To rework that another thing too is when We first took over the guest house there Was just cables everywhere we're gonna Get them tucked away we'll put some Artificial plants up here some paintings It's all going to tie together quite Nicely this right here is currently not A very good privacy curtain when I took Over the guest house there was a few Design things I was like what that's one Of them so we got to fix that Immediately there's still so much to do Oh my God to be honest I'm right now Feeling a little bit underprepared for The launch okay wow wow wow this is a Moment that makes me feel a little more

Prepared check this out that's super Cool do we tell them there's a couch in Front of that Nobody's gonna see his awesome Jaguar Overall the right things are happening Everything's coming together but Sometimes people don't see the things That you see and right now I'm looking At this this is our recording wall and The guys had actually painted on the Wrong wall which turned out to be the Right decision actually it's a great Wall to use it has a little bit more Space but nobody's dealt with this and This is now in our recording studio and They've even painted over the plug which You know is the right thing for him to Do but we as the decision makers need to Figure out how to work around that I Think these plugs need to be relocated Or something I don't even know this is Why they say if you're building a home You kind of have to be there every day So we just have to find a solution now Guys it's looking so good thank you so Much Oh this one's pretty good oh this is Cool basically the bunks are going to be Upstairs and so we wanted to have an Area where people can safely store Luggage so that's plenty deep for a Full-size luggage and even more so we Should get a little basket here so People can keep their toiletries within

Easy access let's check the upstairs wow Out oh my gosh these are solid deep beds This is going to give people actually a Lot of space for sleeping we're gonna Install some curtains and these are Going to be more for the nightly stays At least that's the current plan so Right now we have only five of the Downstairs private rooms and those rooms Are gonna be in high demand for the People who are the weekly stays and of Course the monthly stays the goal here Is not to have a Nightly Business we Don't want everyone to be coming and Going so quickly because we really want To have a community which is kind of Hard to find in most guest houses so Where these are really great is that you Can find a bunk that gets you access to A gym a coffee shop digital Nomad focus Workspaces and check this out we have Left the best view of the entire place For the bunks I'm not gonna lie I was a Little bit like people are gonna have to Squeeze through but I just realized There's literally like a half meter Where this can all be brought back in so All right the beauty of Bali is you can Make big things for not so much money This is going to be hiding our water Tank which is pretty dope so we're Getting a bunch of bricks laid here We're gonna basically just paint it all White we're gonna have about eight or

Ten bean bag chairs so that you can Watch a movie or turn them around and You've got a beautiful sunset literally One of the best views I've seen in Bali So we have two sets of these six bunkers Cozy comfy and uh super affordable for Our guests which is gonna be awesome hey Guys The Lost LED sign and we're gonna Politely tell people to get lost Sama Design had this really cool idea for This mural and uh it kind of fits our Tropical theme we're actually going to Be putting a get lost LED light here Which I think is gonna look really good This is a coffee machine that ultimately Is on our coffee machine we have a hard Opening date and luckily the vendor We're working with on the coffee side Was understanding they couldn't get the Machine here from Jakarta until next Week but they're like okay look if you Put a deposit down by the machine we'll Go ahead and set you up with one so we Could serve coffee when people get here And we even have a little training Session about to start but this is our Grind there and this is a beast and it's Gonna be some good coffee with oat milk And almond milk maybe not almond milk We'll have all the milks except for some But most I watched one YouTube video I Feel like I can make a good coffee now You just do this coffee's made

There are now two days left and look at The sunset tonight unbelievable now this Is where the opening party is happening And I just oh I keep my fingers crossed That we have an evening like tonight to Celebrate it all with you guys now one Really cool update let me see if you can Figure out what it is The guest house is now lost Creator Academy green guys this is part one of Opening a guest house in 30 days and of Course we're gonna have the completion Story in the next one so if you want to Be staying here in a private room or a Shared room check that link down below And apply to stay and I can't wait to Welcome you to our beautiful home let's Get lost again in the next one

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