I OPENED MY BALI HOTEL in ONLY 30 days! (Lost Creator House)

By | December 14, 2022

Lost Creator House is Bali's best guest house and hotel for content creators and digital nomads. Apply here to surround yourself with the best: (see you there!)

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Shoutout to @SammaStudio for designing LCH (they're amazing)
Shoutout to @Rig.Asia for the amazing work on the gym
Shoutout to Joko for carpentry +62 813 386 26695 (Whatsapp)
Shoutout to Soni for couches +62 815 581 26884 (Whatsapp)

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In 48 hours I am opening the Lost crater House here in Bali Indonesia the problem Is we're definitely not ready to open [Music] Two hours later and uh I gotta say the Couch is looking like a Vibe we've still Got our floor lamps here wonderful I'm not gonna lie guys it's a little bit Of a concerning check-in today but I'm Gonna stay optimistic and I'm extremely Grateful for another beautiful sunset Tonight let's just hope that when we Have our opening party right on that Rooftop it's a similar night to tonight Let's not think about that just yet We've got enough on our hands as it is Oh yikes that is our movie theater That Was supposed to be finished yesterday [Music] Foreign I love what we've done with the place This looks so good there's some work to Be done but we do it 48 hours that's That's kind of a lot of time I think I just went and asked the gentleman when They'll be finished the bunk beds and They all look at each other and they're Like tomorrow and they all broke out in Laughter We have a few contractors doing Different parts of this guest house and Not all of them are moving at the same Pace but the one MVP holding this whole Team together is Joko he is a legend

Such good workmanship in the couches It's looking really good the couch guy Another MVP Right now it is 4 P.M which means there Are 24 hours left until we open maybe we Can just pretend this is a welcome mat Looks like we are ready to host our Guests She's just tripped on some plywood we Have a bunch of furniture literally Being delivered at midnight the lights Aren't even wired the tables don't stand Bedroom number six is uh currently a Storage facility the bunk beds are now Being painted and uh our Cinema is Lacking a little bit of height right now So I just got back from the Creator House and I straight up don't know if It's gonna happen everyone told me 30 Days is not enough and I'd hate to see Them right but I've got two options Push back the opening or hope that we Can just make it in time [Music] Look around we opened up in eight hours And it's pretty rough around the edges The living room still filled with all Sorts of Furnishings there's dust on the Floor but I think that today we have the Manpower there's gonna be a few missing Things for example we were just told That our prints that we're going to have Decorating the walls that's going to Take three weeks there's a huge wait

List to get that done in any case I want To be in this moment right now and just Be grateful for the fact that we're here So this morning we're having a blessing This is a very typical ceremony that you Have in Bali when you've opened a new Business we did something very similar When I started doing construction for The Lost Villa we had a ceremony where We blessed the first brick that would be Put on the land and then it was buried Beneath the ground today it's a slightly Smaller procession [Music] Is now complete I can't wait to see how Tonight's opening party goes and uh Extreme gratitude for this beautiful Morning as well and I really really hope That it stays that way [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Laughter] And haters will say It's Magic wow are You kidding me right now this is like a Totally new space from when I first Visited here this is unreal here we are We've got our helmet shelf we got some Storage there for shoes now we called in A catering company by the name of Nick's Catering and let me show you the spread Oh my gosh this is so beautiful we've Got all sorts of like burgers sliders

Croissants oh that's a beautiful Indonesian spread right there couldn't Have done it without you this is Nick Buddy they pulled it off this is such an Epic welcome for the guests who are Going to be arriving in the next 60 Minutes are you one of our first guests I am one of the first guests Yes thank you thanks for being the first One here one of the first what's up bro Hey what's up welcome to the last Creator house what do you think bro it's Really amazing just I'm just really Looking forward to just waking up with The ocean the rice field welcome this is The first time I'm seeing it all done up So this is exciting oh my goodness hello Hi this is a beautiful wow this is my First time seeing the coach Thank you Is this the First lost creator has Coffee I'm about to try yes it's Recording already just pointed at me you Nailed it Ian's job is at risk I don't Know it's not focusing okay now again You're still needed It is really good Yes this is it this is what I've worked So hard for this is what my team has Worked so hard for I didn't think the Turnaround would be so miraculous the Way this place came together in the Final hours mind-blowing like this Coffee now it's one thing to have a

Beautiful couch it's another to see how It feels Now I gotta redo the couch at my house Even the color they ran out of the Fabric we wanted so I went for a green That was a little darker but this is Perfect The bean bag chairs Oh there's a few little things here to Be done we've got a few other little Furnishings we've got to get in some Plants they got the lights then this is Uh beyond what I expected when I was Here this morning dude which one's yours This one nicely Smart View to the ocean Wow this is just unreal so we've got Five people that have now checked in and People are just now starting to show up Oh God I didn't prepare a speech thank You so much first of all for making the Time this is seriously a very special Moment in my life since I was creating Videos like four or five years ago and I Started to see Community forming around The channel seeing travelers from around The globe fall in love with tropical Destinations remote places and wanting To meet one another I was like it'd be So cool to build a place where people Can get together in Comfort to Experience some new place and it just so Happens that this is the first of those Places I am so so grateful because every Single step of my career has led me to

Learning something new to achieving a New hurdle and this is one of them that I'm most passionate about and I want to Say thank you to my team [Music] All right then we're gonna go home now [Music] Guys I want to introduce you to lca's Youngest member what's up Arlo they've Been traveling the world with little Arlo I'm Lyndon Nepal they just told me They're like LCA has helped us meet Other families across the world who are Traveling and making content with their Little ones [Music] Nacho I just honestly kept The Vibes High all evening thank you so much bro Thank you so much tonight we have Something very special planned and Nobody knows about it it's a little Secret so I gotta move everyone in here Otherwise they could all perish you'll See In here Foreign [Music] [Applause] The rooftop down [Music] I think it goes without saying Tonight was an epic success tomorrow we Get back to work so I'll see you there Good morning guys it is the day after

The party and the Creator house is in Full swing this is a moment that says a Thousand words people are creating look At them creating all that stuff all that Creativity just flowing honestly most of Us are not very sharp today I think We're all feeling probably 10 after last Night how was your night Four liters of water and I still got Drunk you know how it happened oh no way You want a job today is delivery day I Know some people get hyped about pizza Deliveries Amazon deliveries but you Know what really gets me going that Right there delivery of green beautiful Plants to fill out the Creator house I'm Gonna name him Timon all right this is An exciting update so we now have a Fully functional bunk with curtains International plugs and a little reading Light The microphone wasn't recording so I'm Going to ask you welcome to creators This is Creator world I came to spend Three hours here in the you know opening Party and I'm still here four days later We made already as many friends we Learned a lot from each other it's Amazing like breakfast together I don't Want to leave that is so beautiful to Hear and I can see some more deliveries Check this out we got the beer I mean The picnic table that's what it is but It's so cool like seeing everyone

Collabing that's the best part of this The opening party that was the bang that Was the excitement that was the fun but Now it's like all about the really Meaningful part of why this was all Created I heard that the gym is coming So that's why I'm here it's one hour Away before I start my day though There's one thing I gotta do Barista Kiki ready for Duty and Coco Coco The machine that cost me half my life Savings but will save many others lives Today not only is Kiki our Barista Martin says he knows a thing or two About latte art this is like creative Collaborations in ways I didn't expect Let's try it out Wow it's a sun that is incredible Martin Please I I'm taking every note I can Take this is amazing yeah did you wish I Got everything Tastes like sunshine I can see why You're no longer at barista My second favorite kind of delivery game Equipment look at it yo let's see what We get that's what happens when you work Out with boss equipment very nice oh my God I'm so excited 24 inches All right Christian let's do it let's Chris in this rooftop [Music] [Music] Christmas came early it's really really Nice equipment so I gotta give a shout

Out to rigasia Theo The Legend and of Course the biggest shout out goes to daf And the Sama design team for helping me Take lost Creator house to the next Level with the Furnishings the murals And so much more sounds like the next Shipment just arrived Today is a very exciting day and I'll Tell you why the artwork has arrived so We've gotten a print done for every Single one of the rooms four lined up Here in the co-work area and uh you know I was somewhere in between printing a Bunch of photos of my face then I Thought that might be creepy for Everyone so I was like instead we'll Just go with my photos turned out really Good though the mysterious Creator we've Got of course the classic reaching for The sky and here's me drowning at Ruby And kende just watching it happen lastly But certainly not least the entry point Is finally going to be decorated as it Needs to be with a bunch of beautiful Lush plants kind of messed up my lost Logo but they're gonna go back and fix That okay looks good guys right now we Are actually painting the same pattern You see on the wall onto the Refrigerator and the freezer so we're Gonna have like a Smoothie Bar the Coffee shop is already fully up and Running that actually brings me to a Point guys even if you're not staying

Here at lost Creator house we are going To have the ability to come and do Drop-ins if you do want to come the best Way to contact us is through Instagram You can either DM us or you can go ahead And use this concierge WhatsApp number To get in touch and someone on the team Will make sure that there's a spot Available for you to come hang out here Do some work for the day and meet other Awesome creators Go to the career house go to the Criminals it's time to go to the Creator Have fun You know the drill nope that's That's the wrong one dude Justin how many days in a row now 23. It's almost there the man's been going 23 days in a row and I can't even pull Off too gotta give my head a shake here But we're here we're making it happen I Got some pre-workout from Justin Probably use a good kickstart Meg has joined us yes I was thinking of Installing a cover for the rooftop still A consideration but gotta say this is Where I get the most Sun out of my week Wow what a workout and guys check it out Spent the whole day shopping for some Cool artwork and I'm just seeing now Where it's all been placed so we got a Bit of our tribal touches here in the Common area right now all of our private Rooms are booked so let me see if I can

Ask permission to see someone's room all Right so as you can see we have some of Our prints just now hung up really is a Nice touch my goal is to keep shopping Until these shelves are decorated with All sorts of cool art pieces really Bringing in that homey touch this is Going to get home here we also got this Beautiful guy here boy doors oh hey Albert how you doing oh you agree Dude gives me the chills [Music] I want to let you guys in on a little Something I like to speak things out Publicly I know a lot of people say not To do that they say keep things to Yourself until you're ready to actually Do it but if there's one thing I've seen It's that when I actually talk things Out into the world they typically come To fruition they manifest as much as I Don't love that word this was a dream I Had years ago and today it's a reality The demand has been through the roof and We need a bigger roof we need more rooms So I've come to this place where I've Realized what is lost Creator Academy do We're a community we're a group like Yourself of Travelers of entrepreneurs We're a group of people that want more From our life so the question becomes How do you bring these people together And lastly what does Bali need we still Don't have great gyms changu has some of

The worst Spa scene I've ever seen and The good co-work spaces are fully booked And if there's one thing that I've Experienced with lost Creator house it's The value of bringing good people Together people that want to become Better than they were the day before my Dream I'm saying it right here right now And hopefully one day I'll replay this Clip and remember that moment my dream Is to build all three of those things in One place a health and wellness spa a Co-work space and a gym all in one place It's ambitious I won't be able to do it Alone but if there's one thing I know It's that I've never been alone in this And this will be an opportunity where I'll be coming to you guys to see how we Can make it possible together when the Timing is right It is a good morning because I've got an Exciting update the Great Wall of changu Has been built this is our outdoor Rooftop Cinema where we will be having Movie Nights where creators will be able To proudly showcase what they've been Working so hard on and most of all to Receive feedback from the other creators Here at the house building this wall was Far from Easy we hired the wrong person They built these ridiculous Dimensions That had no place being on this rooftop We had to rip it all down and do it all Over again you live and you learn when

You hire the cheapest guy on the Block You don't always get what you want all In all it took us another 30 days after Opening to get to this point where we Now have a cinema a rooftop gym a Functioning coffee shop and an Incredible family that call this place Home in the last 30 days this Creator House family have gone on to nusa penida To swim with the manta rays they've had A beer pong tournament down below they Climbed a volcano for Sunrise we've Hosted multiple workshops for our Members and most of all so many Beautiful friendships have been formed And that is only the first 30 days of Lch being open it's kind of shocking When I think about what this place is Soon to become there is no telling what The stories will be we just got a Delivery of something that I'm pretty Excited about Oh my God it's huge I didn't realize it Was this big that's what she said [Music] How many people are here right now uh All the private rooms are booked also The dorm so and Kiki said tomorrow is When's that happening Saturday oh you Guys waited for me to leave I'm so good I used to be in a frat don't Mean to flex but well guys uh I gotta Say this is just the most rewarding Thing I think I've ever created I just

Spent like an hour here hanging out Chatting with the people who are staying Here I think that if there's one motto I've discovered in my my lifetime in my Business it's give value and it comes Right back literally half of the crater House is out right now all together Shooting in uluwatu they get back later Tonight it's the biggest gift of all if You want to make this place your home Check that link in the description down Below you don't have to be a member of Lost Creator Academy but it is first Priority to LCA to our family of content Creators and if you're somebody that Doesn't even know what LCA is but you've Dreamed of picking up a camera making a Living as a content creator and I really Recommend starting off with that second Link for just 47 I can guarantee you 10 000 views within 10 videos I'll teach You everything you need to know to get Started as a content creator even if You've never even picked up that first Camera guys let's get lost again in the Next one

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