How to Survive Traveling with Your Parents When You Are an Adult

By | November 23, 2022

How to travel with your adult parents. How to travel with your grandchildren. How to have a successful multi-generational trip. There are a lot of factors that families need to consider when they are preparing for a big family adventure. From talking about the location, the money, the sights, and a lot more that can cause problems in the family. So ask these questions before you travel with your family to make sure you come home one happy family.
Filmed in Turku, Finland
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Hey there fellow traveler it's time for Us to have the talk The talk about traveling With your family yes the most stressful Travels you have can be with your family But they also can be the most rewarding Trips you can have out there building up Those memories with your grandparents or With your kids or with your cousins and Just bringing your family together Travel can do a fantastic job with that But also sometimes travis your family Can actually pull families apart and we Don't want that to happen so what i want To talk about today is basically some of Those main sticking points that kind of Come between families when it comes to Travel and it could be you know adult Children going with their parents or Grandparents parents and grandkids or Skip generation travel where it's Grandparents taking their grandkids or An aunt or your cousins or whatever There's a lot of different people that Can be involved and what you have to Realize is Everyone needs to be involved okay it Can't just be one person doing it all Everyone has to have a buy-in and so When everyone has a say in where you're Going or some influence in it they're More likely to want to do it so let them Give you ideas maybe the destination Maybe some of the sites at the

Destination that might be nice for you i Know caleb we have a teenager who's not The biggest fan of traveling anymore but You know what when we were driving Through west virginia he's like hey can We go to the mothman museum and see What's there i'm like Sure and he got excited about going to Some place because he chose it he Brought it up and that's just it if you Have everyone giving their ideas maybe You can't go to every place but you're Taking that into account that goes a Long way to kind of building bridges and Getting people to all be going because What you have to realize is if you're Doing a multi-generation trip or a skip Generation trip it just can't be Grandma's trip okay well grandma's Paying for it so we're gonna do whatever Grandma wants no that's not how you make A family trip work that's how you cause Resentment and people not liking grandma Okay you want to make sure you have Stuff that's for the kids you want to Have stuff that is for grandma that has For the parents because if you don't Then it's just well i'm just on Grandma's vacation so why am i using my 10 days of vacation i have this year for Her trip and not my own that's where Some resentment can come which seems Like just one person is making all the Decisions so what you need to think

About is your family who all is going to Go what are their needs you know if i'm Going to travel with my family i know With my dad okay we need to have Internet because i know my dad's getting Older now and i know he loves his Internet but i also know He can't do Two days in one city two days in another City two days in another city all that Packing so i know like looking at Accommodation look we're gonna go i'm Like okay i need to do four days in the City and four days in a city and of Those four days i know one day grandpa's Not gonna come with the scene stuff okay That helps you kind of plan but also Then i have to think okay then i got the Boy so i got to find some adventure Stuff so we're here in finland and i've Been here with my family i've been here With my kids and my parents and i know That okay so on the day my dad is going To be down well i know my mom and Jocelyn like to shop so we'll do the Shopping things but then my kids what Are we going to do for them ah they've Got moomin land i can take them to the Moomin you know land like amusement park And i can go there with them and what You're doing is you're finding different Things for everybody because no not Every day is going to be the kid day not Everybody's going to be shopping day and

That's important but you have stuff for People and you're looking at what's Going to work for them and another thing I think is really important if you're Looking at accessibility especially if You're going with grandma or grandpa is You know the the ada disability american Disabilities act in the us where you Have all the ramps and the elevators There's something like that a lot of Places in the world but it's not as good Like the us is the best place for people With limited mobility and if you have Limited mobility or grandma does you're Really gonna have to think about the Destinations you go to so that's why Make sure you ask me hey what are some Of your limitations what don't you want To do what can't you do and you get that From everybody and factor that into the Decision-making process okay and the Thing is sometimes people just say look I want to do something like europe with Kids is sometimes tough because there's Not always outdoor activities whereas Going to central and south america it's Great for kids because there's tons of Outdoor stuff but if you like museums Like me well europe is fantastic and so Get that information get it in from People so you understand what everybody Would like to get out of a trip now i Know sometimes it's hard to get little Kids and teenagers excited about going

To destinations heck it's hard to get Older people to get excited to go to Certain destinations one thing you can Do to try to inspire your kids is find Cartoons or movies that are set in the Cities you're looking to go to because What's cool is that gives them a kind of An idea of what to expect and if there's Food in it and they showed local foods Then the kids don't freak out when they See it the first time in person like oh I saw that in a movie it goes a long way I know for us when our kids were little We would find old looney tunes videos And cartoons where they go to the Coliseum or do they go to france or Wherever and then the kids were like oh I saw that in bugs bunny or i saw that In ben 10. you know they were excited by That and it got them more interested in Going so Maybe you're going someplace you show The kids some cartoons and then you go There you let your kids point out oh It's the eiffel tower oh it's the Coliseum because they saw from their Cartoons and then it's they're fine Though you already knew it was there but It makes them feel better about Traveling and it gets them excited but More importantly you get the buy-in from Them because they feel like they help Choose a destination they they know that Destination so they have something there

And something that's theirs okay now Probably the biggest thing that will Cause stress in a big family trip with Your cousins your aunts and your uncles Your grandparents and all this thing is Money and you have to have the talk About money before you go i mean before You even decide to do the trip you need To talk about money because people are Different points of their lives like Grandma is retired and has plenty of Money i'm working my butt off my kids Don't even jobs yet you know like There's different levels of stuff and so You have to decide who's paying and Who's paying for what and who can afford To pay what because that needs influence Because if you're like oh i want to stay At five star hotels and your brother Doesn't make much more than minimum wage He can't afford to stay there so you Have to think about us what's our budget Going to be who's going to pay for what And you need to assign that okay for all You excel spreadsheet people this is Actually a good thing when you're buying The plane tickets how much would people Pay you are you buying your own plane Tickets or is everyone buying it Together as a group how are we doing That who's paying you want to keep track Of all those things when you're going Out to eat who's paying for it or you're Just doing like by family or is grandma

Picking up the check i mean you have to Think about these things because looking At who's paying you know if it's going To be grandma paying for everything well Is grandma paying for breakfast lunch Dinner hotel And souvenirs like do i need to say Grandma could you get me a t-shirt or am I getting that i mean i know it sounds Silly but those kind of budget things Really can drive a wedge between a Family that people don't want to travel Together anymore because people do have Different budgets so you want to talk About your food budget okay are we going To eat out every meal are we going to Nice restaurants are we going to middle Class are we hitting up hessberger which Is like a mcdonald's here you know to Save some money like you have to have Those talks before you go okay also with Accommodation you have to think about How we're going to pay because that five Star versus getting a uh rent in a house Where everyone can stay there that's Gonna be something too and so money talk Before you even do anything is important Not like when you get there but before You're even like setting the trip up Because the money talk might dictate Where you can actually go too now Another thing i think is important that You actually set down some kind of Ground rules about the trip like like

Whenever we travel with family we're Like hey look my kids are your kids and Your kids are my kids okay if your kid's Doing something stupid i'm gonna have to Tell them no because i don't want to get In trouble and same thing my kids are Doing something you got to tell them no And that makes things a lot better okay Because everyone's on the same page so Talk about those things okay and another Thing i would say is whenever you go Travel with your family Give yourself a free day Every fourth day just like hey i'm not We don't think plan this day so if you Want to do something you want you do you That will make life a lot easier and Give everybody that break because you Know what you haven't lived with your Parents for 30 years so it's kind of Hard to live with them again when you Travel because here's the thing when you Travel with your family it's all for one And one for all and those sometimes you Want to ring each other's necks We all still love each other and travel Can make you love each other even better Because i know all of our travels with Our family has brought us closer Together because my mom and my dad will Talk to our kids about their travels in Africa and asia together and europe and It just brings them closer together that Sometimes you don't get that opportunity

So if you do get a chance to travel your Family go do it but don't forget to have These conversations before you go and That is your public service announcement From walters world bye from here in Turku finland

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