How to Speak Canadian for Americans

By | December 10, 2022

Are you from the US and heading to Canada, but worried you won't understand the Canadian version of English? Well you are in luck! Today we are teaching you the most important words in Canadian English, so American tourists can fit right in. It is going to help you learn a lot, eh?
Filmed in Toronto, Canada

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Hey there fellow Travelers Mark here With Walters world and today we're Outside the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto the ROM one of my favorite Museums in the world not just in Canada But in the world and anytime you go Travel anywhere it's always a good idea To know the language and sometimes you Might speak the language they speak in The country you're going to but some of The vocabulary words are kind of lost on You and so what I want to do today is Give you a few Canadian English words that Americans And other Travelers might not know so You're not lost when you hang out with Some of the locals when you're here Because they are really nice you're Going to talk to them all right so one If you want to really make some friends If they ask you hey I'm gonna go to that Too far you want to join me well a 2-4 Isn't just a number 2 4 is when you go To the shop and you're going to buy beer Now the first time I heard it I thought 2-4 oh so they're getting like two four Packs so it's eight beers no a two four Is a case of beer 24 cans of beer two Four twenty four beers so that's a Twofer all right now another word you Might hear is Looney and I know when you Think Looney you think Looney Tunes Crazy no no a loony is a one dollar coin Okay and if you got and if you hear the

Word toony toony is a two dollar coin All right and and don't be loony in the Way I say it and throwing away your Loonies because the coins here are Actually worth something so remember That when you're here all right now Another thing I think is important is When you're here it's going to be a bit Chilly okay and you might need a hat or A stocking cap and what they call a Stocking cap here is actually a took Okay so if you say Hey where's my took They're looking for their stocking cap So you have that that's one of my Favorite ones personally it takes me Back to watching you know Doug and Bob And Kenzie you know the Mackenzie Brothers from Strange Brew it's just one Of those things that makes me smile okay Now Which is funny because that reminds me Of another word that sometimes you might Hear which is hoser which just means Like an idiot or a fool you don't hear It as much anymore but yeah hose is kind Of a thing too another word you might Hear is Canuck and so a Canuck is just a Canadian it's a person from Canada kind Of a slang word for that so you do have That now if you're looking to go grab a Bite to eat or you want to get a coffee Your friends might say hey you want to Go to Timmy's and Timmy's isn't Somebody's house Timmy's is Tim Hortons

Timmy it's a it's a coffee shop they Have Donuts 10 bits these little donut Holes you'll like they got sandwiches There it's very common especially if You're on the highway driving Um so they say you want to go to Timmy's They're asking if you want to go to a Specific yeah coffee shop called Tim Hortons now another word you need to Know when you come here and it's Probably the one you're expecting me to Talk about is a Because you know what I'm talking about Eh and this use of a at the end of Sentences in Canada I know Americans Make fun of them quite a bit but it's Actually a word that you use in order to Make any sentence a question or if you Want to confirm something like you want To say it's a beautiful day today eh so You're asking it man it's a beautiful Day you're stating that but you put the A at the end it makes it into a question So if you speak Spanish it's kind of Like at the end of the sentence you put Verdad it's just like that it's just That they use it a lot eh yes they do it Use it a lot so you have that Um some other words that might get in There for you Um some of the cities have their own Nicknames like here in Toronto it's the Six but it's spelled with the number six IX if you hear anybody talk about

Cowtown they're talking about Calgary Which is a really cool City by the way Or if you hear the peg that's Winnipeg So towns have their own nicknames but I Think when I look at it my favorite word That I learned this is somebody told me The other night I don't know if it's Legit they could just be messing with me But they said I have a good Molson Muscle or beer belly okay so um yeah Those are some Canadian words I think That might help any tourist where They're going to be going to the ROM or You're going to be going throughout the Country to help you know some words you Might need to know in English that you Thought you spoke here in Canada oh and If you're looking for a few of the French Canadian words that you might Need Um one is gouche giche is actually ATM In in French well in the French in Quebec also you'll see Sanka set which Is five to seven which means happy hour So you can't go wrong with that and then You'll hear depano or just dep that is Actually a like Corner Shop you'll see Like if you're in Montreal you'll see The depths all over the place so just Wanted to help you know a few words to Help you enjoy Canada even better all Right I'll say bye I gotta go back into The ROM this is the Ausmus Museum I love It bye from here in beautiful Toronto

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