Helsinki: The Don’ts of Visiting Helsinki, Finland

By | October 8, 2022

Helsinki is the capital of Finland and has so many fun spots to see, restaurants to eat at, and historic sights to enjoy. However for all there is to do in Helsinki, we also need to know what not to do in Helsinki. So here we go through the best parts, the worst parts, and the don'ts of visiting Helsinki.
Filmed in Helsinki, Finland

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Hey there fellow travelers mark here With walter's world and today we're in Helsinki finland the capital of finland And today i want to talk about are some Of the don'ts that tourists need to know Not to do when they do come here to Helsinki because this city is gorgeous And the first thing i got to tell you is Don't be surprised by all the incredible Modern architecture and just Architecture and design in general you Will find in helsinki i mean this is one Of the homes of design in the world and You will see that when you go around the City whether you're going to the chapel Of silence the rock church you're going To see some of the fantastic museums Here like the chaos i mean just design Is part of helsinki when you're here you Feel that and yes you have the more Traditional like train station kind of Stuff in european pomp and circumstance Buildings but then you have the modern Side of things which is just gorgeous It's where they're going by the fender Hall or wherever you will see incredible Architecture when you are here Incredible design and you really have to Take that in when you're here because It's truly an essence of the city so the Second don't i have for you when you Come here to helsinki is don't worry About getting around the public Transportation system here is super

Efficient and will get you everywhere You want to go so whether it's a bus or A tram you'll be set up when you're here But honestly the best transportation Mode that you're going to use when You're here in helsinki are your two Feet because walking between you know The upinski cathedral and the helsinki Cathedral and the calpers square and the Esplanade and here downtown it's just All walking i mean it's very easy to do And it's nice and flat and even if You're coming here in the winter time They clean it off so you can walk Everywhere you can ride your bike Everywhere and that's what's fantastic About it so it's super easy to get Around because it's so kind of compact And easy to do that you really shouldn't Stay on a boat if you're here on your Cruise or you're thinking about your you Know it's a cold day in november it's Still easy to go see a lot of stuff That's here in the summer time oh my Goodness Don't think the fun stops in summer Because the sun doesn't stop in summer You have you know days where the sun Goes until 10 11. it seems like midnight Sometimes the sun is still out here in The summertime and you can really enjoy That so this city gives you in the Summer a wide opportunity to go and Explore and enjoy so you're not limited

To just normal nine to five hours to Enjoy the city with that architecture Design and buildings okay now when you Are walking around one thing i gotta say Is don't pass up a chance to have a Cinnamon roll or a court of apostiti Because honestly here in helsinki we're In finland in general their cinnamon Rolls are fantastic and they love them Here and they love their coffee so if You want to sit out on the esplanade Downtown oh my god the esplanade it's Just this you know tree-lined walkway With cafes and music playing and just All kinds of great stuff stop and enjoy That you have to have a coat of a That the cinnamon rolls when you're here My youngest son told me dad you're going Back to helsinki you have to have one For me liam i had one for you buddy love You man but that's one thing that Tourists can really do is the outdoor Cafes and stuff that you can really Enjoy here in helsinki in the summertime Is wonderful so get out there and Explore and walk around and all these Things now one of the things my wife Always talks about when she comes here To finland she's like oh my gosh see the Northern lights and and i want to tell You if you're coming to helsinki don't Really expect to see the northern lights I mean if you want to see the northern Lights you want to come here in the

Winter time and go a little bit farther North then you definitely will see them But here in helsinki that's not really Going to be a thing um just to let you Know it could happen but most of time That's not something that tourists will Get and and that's going to be something You're going to do in the winter and i Will say one thing you're going to come Summer is the best time to come i mean Honestly even spring like you can still Have snow in april here but like Early may through early september is a Great time to come but don't come in November i mean november is like the Most dreary and depressing month of the Year here in finland and helsinki is no Different with that like november is Nice because then the lights come out at Christmas time and it's gorgeous but November is just cold wet dark i mean It's like you know 3 30 in the afternoon It's already dark you're like uh so Maybe maybe avoid that time of the year To come but whenever you're going to Come if it's in november one thing you Have to see is don't skip out on the Sumo leaning castle okay or fortress Basically if you go down the capitol Remember that esplanade i talked about You go to the end of that there's a Culpa tour there a market square you can Go to and what's cool is people be Selling foods and crafts that are there

My mom always picks up cool stuff when She's here and goes there the kids and i We go eat down there but there's fairies Like every 10 to 20 minutes in the Summer time and all year round that goes Out to this fortress and it's spread out Over a few islands if you're here in the Summertime take your bathing suit with You or don't and and go hang out there And it's a really cool thing to go check Out it's probably the biggest side of The city that people do but it is a Really nice thing and when you're taking That fair and you're down with the Capital you might look up and see a Church and go wait a minute Are we in russia Look i'm going to tell you this right Now if you're in helsinki don't ask if They're russian don't ask if they speak Russian don't make any association with Finland and russia though they neighbor Each other there was a war they fought To not be part of russia okay and so That is kind of one of those things you Don't deal with but when you look up and See that red domed church up there you Go wait a minute and i want to tell you This don't skip out on the pinsky Cathedral that is the russian orthodox Church that's up on a rocky outcropping You go in there it is gorgeous with the Icons and everything like you really Want to see that but don't let that make

You think that this is a russia kind of Place all right because it's not finland And helsinki is its own thing and when You are here you will notice that Helsinki is very much an international City and people speak english all over The place so you're not gonna have a Problem because i'm gonna tell you uh Don't expect to understand finnish i Mean to give you an idea how difficult Finnish is they don't have prepositions Okay you don't say i'm going to turku or I'm from turkur i'm in turku you say I'm in turku it's like I'm it's turkus turun like it's an Ending it's so complicated but just Don't if you say like quitos which is Thank you or meena halawan which is i Want a new point people will smile go oh You silly tourists and they'll be so Happy about it but yeah don't don't Think you're gonna know any finish when You're here it's just it's just one of Those things and yes there are a lot of Vowels like linked together here so just Be ready for that i don't think it has Anything to do with russian because it Done it's a fennel findlash is a Phenomenal language it's its own thing And one of those things that's really Finished when you're here is sauna first Off don't call it sauna it's sauna it's From here in finland but don't think Just because you're a big city like

Helsinki you have to miss out on sauna Because your hotel it has one you're Here apartment rental there's probably One in the apartment or in the building Or there's actually public saunas you Can go to and yes you go on natural and It's not there's nothing sexual about it You do go with just guys or just girls Okay so you have that but it is one of Those experiences that you have to have When you're in finland so please hit the Sauna all right and don't be silly about It now another thing i think is Important when you're walking around You'll notice there's a lot of International restaurants here and i'm Going to tell you this don't let the Locals talk you out of eating finished Food because the finnish people don't Always talk up their food very much i Mean there's kind of a reason why we Don't see a lot of finnish restaurants Around the world um but there is some Really good food here even you get a Karelian pie which is like this little Rye bread pie thing that's filled with Like a rice porridge kind of stuff this Like buttery eggy stuff on top it's Fantastic you have great salmon here the Meatballs even it's no not reindeer Meatballs you get normal meatballs too With some mashed potatoes lingenberry Jam i mean there's a lot of really good You know finished food here but you kind

Of have to search for it so don't expect To find it because locals aren't going To push on it but you should try it and Even if you can only grab some hesper at The train station when you're heading Out i know it's a it's you know it's a Fast food thing but i love the the Paprika mayonnaise the little like the Dipping mayonnaise they have there it's Fantastic but Have the finished food right here okay Because it is worth it but don't let the Locals talk you out of it now another Thing you're going to see when you see Postcards of helsinki you see helsinki Cathedral it's on senate square and There's this big huge white cathedral With the green dome and it's super Impressive and that i mean we filmed a Lot of videos here a few years ago in Finland because such a great picture but I will tell you this don't expect it to Be super impressive when you go inside As is from the outside especially if You're coming to kupinski cathedral Which got all the icons because the Orthodox church does that when you go in There remember finland is a protestant Nation so Inside it's protestant so it's very Stark very white and it's very Impressive but doesn't have a lot of Stuff in there okay so if you're Thinking man that's a lot of stairs to

Go up there you got bad knees Just know We got videos inside you can see that But but just be realizing those things And i think another thing that's really Important is if you're going to be Coming here one of the churches to see Is the the church the rock church um Which is it's really it's hewn into like The side of a hill kind of thing and the Roof looks like it's hovering over top Of it and it's one of those incredible Design structures here in helsinki and You can go see there and don't think That the the rock church is some kind of New age crazy thing no it's a normal Church that's really cool concerts too Now one of the things i love about Coming to helsinki and people don't Really think about because they think I'm going to see the churches and i'm Going to walk around taking the Architectures there's actually really Cool museums when you're here so don't Forget about the museums my favorite is The chasma which is museum of modern art Contemporary art which is actually just Right over there i've been going to that Since i lived here in the 90s probably If you don't are not big into modern art Or contemporary art go there because They have a really great job they do a Really great job of kind of explaining The pieces but also displaying them

Really creatively so definitely go there Even with your kids the kids really Enjoyed that kind of the modern you know Museum kind of feel to it and it's just A gorgeous building too so you have that You've got the national museum of Finland you can go check out to learn About the history of suomi finland right When you're here there's a design museum Here in helsinki i mean of course there Is it's helsinki but if you're any kind Of design person whether your Architecture interior design clothing Whatever you should go check out the Design museum because you really see That influence in southwark because Finland's not a huge country but it's Had a huge impact on design i mean if You ever go to st louis you see the Saint louis sarge that was designed by a Finn now another great thing about Coming here to finland i've come with my Friends and i've come in with my family Here is you don't have to worry about Your safety helsinki is a super safe City one of the safest cities and Capitals in europe when you come here You don't really worry like i'm not like Staring at my bag 99 of the time when I'm here which is really nice so you can Go out and enjoy yourself but i will say This um Don't forget to pay attention on late Night late late nights friday and

Saturday nights in case people had too Many drinks that's the only thing but Isn't that pretty much every city in Town in the world okay but that's like The only kind of safety thing when you Have um another thing i would say is if You're looking to go around i said you Know don't worry about public Transportation they got plenty of that But if you're looking at taxis and ubers Don't worry it's easier to get a taxi Sometimes than ubers when you are here Uh they'll take you anywhere they're Usually professional It's not cheap okay the taxes aren't Super cheap but i think in general don't Expect helsinki be cheap okay helsinki Is not a budget destination for Travelers now you can stay at hostels And go to like arkioski and pick up some Snacks but it's not a super cheap place To go but you can enjoy things for free Like the architecture and design but Yeah don't expect this to be a great Budget destination now if you go to Other parts of finland it's Significantly cheaper or i would say Less expensive but helsinki yeah it's It's not going to be one of your cheaper Destinations now it's not switzerland or Norway prices but i just want to give You the heads up and i guess one thing i Guess you'd save kind of a little bit of Money is you don't have to tip when

You're here in helsinki they're paid a Good wage so you just pay the bill That's there you can leave tips no Problem but you don't have to now Another thing i think is very important You've noticed like we're just had some Background music because there's Literally a festival starting right over There for me and you don't really notice That much let me tell you this don't be Loud in helsinki whether you're on Public transportation you're going out To eat you're walking around the fans Are very chill and they like everything To be chill and quiet so if you're loud Don't be surprised if someone gives you A look Or someone tells you hey you need you Need to quiet down because this is not a Loud place this is a chill out kind of Place okay so just be aware of that when You're here and i think another couple Really cool things to think about in Terms of don'ts is one don't miss this Out as a layover i know for us we flew Through here a few times going to china And we actually used as a layover Because we had like a day between Flights or what was it one was like 14 Hours when it was like 17 hours before So we just got a hotel stayed here and Explored the city because it's so Walkable you can really see a lot just In the layover and sometimes some of the

Airlines will actually give you that Layover time so you can experience a bit Of helsinki before you get the flight And hey you know what don't worry about Getting in from the airport it's super Easy there's trains that come into here In the station there's buses that come In uh you can get a taxi and it's not Really that expensive coming into this City and you can come and explore it and The traffic isn't bad here so you're not Worried about missing that connection so Don't forget that you can come here for A layover and enjoy some of the stuff And grab that cinnamon roll and the good Coffee when you're here another donut i Have for you when you're in helsinki is Don't forget you can actually rent bikes When you're here and they're really Cheap like five euros a day 10 euros for A week i mean it's next to nothing and They have lots of bike paths around the City so there's a bike path right there You can go around and it's super cheap Super nice and what's cool is that the Bike paths and the bikes and the cars The pedestrians all kind of work Together versus fighting each other Which is really nice and i think Probably the best day trip you're gonna Do from here is don't forget that you Can go to another country very easily From here because actually you can Actually take a ferry over to tallinn

Estonia one of the coolest cities in Europe i mean i love talent it is Awesome i used to work there well worth Visiting with the churches that are There and the whole setup and talent is All about tourism and it's all about Getting the finnish tourists to come There and eat and drink and make merry And it's super cheap compared to Helsinki compared to the baltic snow It's expensive but compared to helsinki Talent's really affordable so don't Forget that you could just do a little You know hour and a half two hour ferry Over there go spend the day in town and Then come back and you got yourself Another country too to go with this Fantastic city all right so i hope this Helps you know some of the Don'ts or actually mostly dues when you Come here in helsinki what are some of Your don'ts about disney helsinki let us Know in the comment section below so Other travelers can have more fun here In the capital of finland because i know I love my time living here in finland And we used to come to helsinki quite Often we always had a good time so Anyway i wish y'all the best i'll say Muay muy from here in helsinki

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