Giving Away a Playground in Costa Rica | Sony Vlog Challenge 2022

By | May 22, 2022

Want to win the ultimate vlogging kit? We’ve partnered with Sony who is sponsoring this video to judge (once again) the Sony Vlog Challenge. We want YOU to create a video and publish it to YouTube, Instagram or TikTok sharing one act of good. Show us how one good action can create a ripple effect that touches many people’s lives. Maybe you did a beach clean up or tried zero-waste for a day. Whatever it is, vlog and share your story with us for a chance to win a Sony ZV-E10, 16-50mm kit lens, wireless shooting grip and 128GB SD card. There will be not one, two or three winners…but FOUR winners who will receive this grand prize. We hope this video gives you some inspiration to go out and create your own act of good. We cannot wait to see your entries!

Visit for the full contest details and official rules.

See here to learn more about the prizes:
– Sony’s ZV-E10 vlogging camera kit:
– Wireless shooting grip:
– 128 GB SD card:

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Whether you are a digital content Creator or an aspiring digital content Creator you're going to want to keep Watching this video because we have an Opportunity for you to not only win an Awesome sony vlogging kit that comes With a kick-ass camera but also have Your art showcase in front of some of The top content creators in the world And the team at sony themselves so keep Watching [Music] Hey everyone i'm kristen and i'm sia and We have been digital content creators For 15 years or something yeah and we have Been using sony cameras since the Beginning of it all since we were back In college we're very grateful to Partner with them on a very cool Opportunity for you guys watching last Year we were judges for the sony vlog Challenge where you creators got to make A video on a specific theme you entered The contest and then you could win the New sony zve 10. This year they're doing it again with a New theme and they've asked us to be Judges again so we're super thankful to Partner with sony on this all you have To do is create a video for youtube Instagram or tick tock it can be Horizontal or vertical and the theme is Power of good

I love the theme for this vlog challenge We're not looking for the most cinematic Video out there we're not looking for Perfect lighting but we are looking for A really great story and it doesn't have To be filmed on a sony you can film it On your smartphone you can film it on Like a camera that you have lying around But if you win you will win a sony Camera i want to talk more about the Theme but first let's get into the prize Last year sony announced the new zv e10 Which has basically all the features Modern day creators want in a video Camera it has a three inch flip screen Interchangeable lenses directional three Capsule mic and windscreen shoots in 4k 30 1080p in 120 frames per second has a 24 Megapixel sensor headphone and mic ports And a ton of more features it's Lightweight it's user-friendly and it Can fit in the palm of your hand there Won't be just one or two or three but There'll be four top winners each winner Will receive the ultimate vlogging kit Which includes a zv e10 of course with a 16 to 50 millimeter kit lens a sony Wireless shooting grip And 128 gigabyte memory card that's so Sweet that's really sweet The power of good Small acts of kindness can have a big Impact show us how one good action can

Create a ripple effect that touches many People's lives Maybe you helped a neighbor who is Moving maybe you helped your community By spending some time cleaning up a Local park Or perhaps you tried living zero waste Or became vegan for a day whatever it is Vlog it and tell your story to show how One act of good can create a positive Impact I can love it i love this it's so great It's so great take the sony vlog Challenge and share the power of good we Love this theme so much that we actually Want to create our own video and it's Not entered in the contest but we just Wanted to do something for this theme so I think we should get to our video here It is [Music] So many of my childhood memories are me Playing in playgrounds with my friends It's where our imagination really came To life where the playground would be a Castle or a house or a restaurant where We play marco polo hide and go seek and Spin on the swings so much until we were So dizzy that we'd fall over the place And if you think about all the Playgrounds around the world what they Have in common is they all sound the Same just happy kids playing like think About this sound can you tell what

Country this is in I bet you can't we want to donate a Playground to A school here in costa rica that doesn't Have one so we've collected donations From you guys our viewers and our Readers on our blog as well as put in Our own money And we're going to call our contacts now Here in costa rica and see if we can Make this happen [Music] Yeah so you know the message i sent to You that we want to try to find a school Here that doesn't have a playground Yeah and leo said that his mom yes Oh Oh that's awesome In monteverde okay And they don't have anything like this [Music] That's awesome it's perfect that's Exactly what we were hoping Okay do you know when it can be like all Installed it can be done Oh wow So i'm just going to tell you so um There's a local Um Like a carpet carpenter who said that he Can he wants to be part of this um he Loves what we're doing so he's actually Going to do it cheaper and build the Playground awesome this is so good thank

You so much gracias [Music] Okay i'll talk to you soon Okay bye That's awesome amazing so good yes i Love that like the community also wants To be involved right yeah they want to Help out nice it's happening it's Happening Yeah A few years ago We donated a playground to a school in Guatemala where the kids had never even Played in a playground before in their Lives and it was one of the most i'm Getting goosebumps right now it was one Of the most beautiful things ever [Music] It's such a beautiful gift to give to Kids just the freedom of play no worries Just laughter and fun and this Experience came to us because i mean Hopscotch hopscotch the globe it Hopscotch means to play it's that game That kids know all around the world and That's where the the idea stemmed from To to play giving opportunity for kids To play and have to worry about other Things in life that maybe they have to So going to communities where Things like playgrounds don't exist and We want to continue doing this around The world bringing playgrounds to Communities that that need them so

That's why we want to do it again here In costa rica Looks like i just got some photo updates Of the playground Oh it looks so good Wow It's so special to do this it's like the Most fulfilling thing to do this Wow I love it i have goosebumps it was Important for us to buy the playground Here in costa rica not like buy it Overseas or online and then ship it here We wanted to support a local business Here and everything was local so It looks like people went and installed It and there was even some extra money So the teachers use that money to buy Board games for the kids so that on Rainy days when they can't play outside They can still have fun and play indoors I love that i love that like The whole budget was used and they even Sent us receipts of everything to make Sure that we knew that they used the Whole budget they're such beautiful People and so honest and it's such like A a blessing to be able to support them This way We hope you guys enjoyed our little Contribution to this theme power of good And hopefully it inspires you to go out There and act on your own power of good And film it so we can see it enter this

Contest and i cannot wait to see all of Your entries yeah check the description Box because there's a link and there's There's more details for the contest but Good luck everyone and i look forward to Seeing your videos i think it's gonna Rain It's rainy season in costa rica so uh Yeah we're out

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