Get your kid that snack at the airport, everyone will thank you

By | October 30, 2022

Get your kids food at the airport. airline food sucks for adults and it really sucks for kids. No one likes a hangry kid on a plane so don't be a cheapo and grab that snack. #familytravel #travelfamily #kidstravel
No One Likes a HANGRY Kid on a Plane

Parental advice when you're flying in The morning pay the money to get the Kids the bagel or the food in the Airport yes I know it's overpriced but You know what it's still better than the Breakfast options you're going to get on Your plane and they're less likely to be Upset so get on the bagel get in the Biscuit get them whatever because Honestly we don't like the food for Breakfast on planes and the kids don't Either so save yourself the headache That's my advice to you today

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