Exploring the Fundy Trail Parkway in New Brunswick

By | December 1, 2021

The Fundy Trail Parkway is a 30km drivable trail along the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, Canada. All along the parkway there are various view points to stop and enjoy the stunning views, there are places to picnics, tons of hikes to do, beaches to swim at and many waterfalls to see. A popular hike is to the observation deck at overlooking the Walton Glen Gorge, New Brunswick's own Gran Canyon.
Open from May to October the Fundy Trail Parkway is New Brunswicks version of Cape Breton. Visit to see the leaves changing, go for a hike, walk across the suspension bridge and more. Visiting the Funday Trail Parkway is one of the best ways to explore nature in New Brunswick.

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Hey it's kaylen from travel yourself at Nova scotia explorer.com come with me Today as i explore the fundy trail Parkway here in new brunswick Travel yourself [Music] The west gate of the fundy trail parkway Opened in 1994 however the east gate Didn't open until 2020. You can now explore this 30 kilometer Trail through the forest along the coast Here in new brunswick very similar to Nova scotia's cabin trail [Music] There are four waterfalls in the park This one is the most accessible it's Called fuller falls however there still Is a steep set of stairs that you have To go up and down [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] We're stopped now in the middle of the Park near the interpretive center we Just went by the cook house where we had Pre-ordered a meal we have some cookies Vegetables and Sandwich lemonade and water and it's all Served in a pail and this is similar to A meal that the men who used to work in The lumber yards here used to eat and This is the lumberjack Meal

[Music] [Music] We are now on the big salmon river Suspension bridge near the interpretive Center at p8 [Music] We have now made it to long beach which Is actually the widest beach on the bay Of fun day it's currently high tide but At low tide it is 1200 feet wide [Applause] [Music] There are two different ways to get to The observation deck here there is a Flat trail that takes about 2.2 Kilometers one way or you can take Another trail that's about one kilometer With 65 steps down going and a big hill Up And of course the opposite coming back [Music] The steps and the hill weren't that bad The hill was a little bit bad But the distance is more deceiving than Anything So just keep that in mind [Music] Oh [Music] Wow [Music] I have now made it to the walton glen Gorge which is affectionately known as The grand canyon of new brunswick

[Music] Here at the walton glen gorge is the end Of my trip along the fundy trail parkway I went from west to east however many Recommend you drive east to west but It's all up to you either way it sure is Gorgeous [Music] Definitely wear good shoes and bring Some water Did i mention That i don't really like hiking [Music] [Applause] I'm out of breath but most people could Probably do this trail pretty easily Or breath because of the hills of course At the end of the 2021 season they Completed the connector road to alma and When they did that they actually changed Their opening times So the park actually closes now at 5 p.m But the gates don't close till 6 pm so If there's an extra Sight you want to see or trail you want To walk like this one You have an hour of extra time to get it Done if you're already inside the park [Music] The last steps My lungs are on fire [Music] Much better Take water with you

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