ETAG is the STRANGEST food in the Philippines 🤢

By | October 17, 2022

Etag is smoked pork from the Philippines which is smoked in the closets of village elders and is filled with insects! What a crazy food…
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This is a tag a piece of smoked pork Full of maggots that's traditionally Eaten up here in the far north of the Philippines it's a sacred meat commonly Eaten for ceremonies and celebrations Village Elders smoke it in the closets Of their house which invites all sorts Of different insects inside do you like Any duck and with maggots do you care And don't care I don't care before There's no people that brought to Hospital because of eating maggots I Think they live more years It tastes like chewy Serrano ham there Is a little bit of a aftertaste that is A little bit putrid only like one Percent [Music]

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