Eating Mambas with a Pygmy Tribe in Congo 🐍

By | November 1, 2022

Lost in Congo and hunting for snakes with the Pygmies.
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While lost in the Congo we got attacked By a green mamba and then we ate it Here's the story Oh man a snake just came at us big thing Like maybe two meters there's a piece It's a Jameson's Mamba it's a kill you In three hours kind of snake but that Doesn't mean it's off the menu we bring It back to camp [Music] Cut it into pieces Tenderize it And then put it on the fire with some Caterpillars and after about 20 minutes It's time for lunch Foreign Mamba cooked twice by the way and I Appreciate that it's kind of ironic Don't you think eating an animal that Can kill you one of the most venomous in The planet hopefully not poisonous Though because if it's poisonous and I Won't be around much longer oh look at That skin [Music]

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