Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia Road Trip

By | November 23, 2021

The Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia is quite often the least visited area of the province. Locals and tourists a like will more often visit Cape Breton, the south shore or Annapolis Valley before visiting the Eastern Shore. However the eastern shore of Nova Scotia is a unique gem with tons of things to offer. From great places to eat to gorgeous white sand beaches where you can surf, lots of places to hike, ocean side campgrounds, a craft beer brewery and so much more. Here are some of the best things to see, do and eat on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.

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Hey it's caitlin from travel yourself And nova scotiaexplorer.com Come with me as i explore the eastern Shore of nova scotia one of the most Untouched parts of the province Travel yourself Of course the best way to start any road Trip is with some delicious food I got the chicken caesar wrap a side Salad A rhubarb italian soda and tea biscuit So many delicious local greens [Music] [Music] This is martinique beach just outside of Muscadabid in nova scotia this is one of The longest white sand beaches in the Province and also one of the most Beautiful beaches people come here to Surf year round and in the summertime on A hot sunny day it's a great place to Come hang out on the sand and go for a Swim although the water can be a bit Cold [Music] I am now out on a boat tour with silver Island boat tours and you can also enjoy A silver island beer on the tour Cheers When you drive through east ship harbor Make sure that you stop and see barry Culpit's house and all of his beautiful Folk art and whirly gigs and if you're Lucky maybe you'll see him as well

That's uh an angel there with her color Instead of winning And Great Wow There's so much at once I am now at memory lane a 1940s heritage Village that's right everything here is Like it was back in the 1940s even the Clothes the people wear [Music] [Music] [Music] Here at memory lane they can also Organize a few activities for you and One of them is to go clam digging here In clam harbor with a local clam Fisherman you also get to try steamed Clams and they give you this awesome Bumper sticker [Music] Today i am out in clam harbor nova Scotia with darcy baker who is a fifth Generation clam fisherman and he's gonna Show me how to fish or dig clams [Music] Try to put the prom The hole between your prongs let's try a Little bit wiggle it down Oh that's a pretty good size [Music] Uh make sure you put your holes between Your diggers so you don't crack anything

At least try not to crack [Music] Hoe and this is where you measure two Inches so that you know you have the Right size And then here's a bucket of clams Darcy dug that in about 10 20 minutes One of them is mine All right so i made it back to land After trying clam digging for the first Time the hardest part was actually Getting to the spot where you dig for The clams we probably walked about a Kilometer that way in some very sticky Mud but also some flat spots and through The water to get to the best spot it was Very fun experience but it is not easy To do a lot of hard work for a small Reward but they're so delicious If you're in the area you also can't Miss a visit to clam harbor beach Another perfect destination to go Surfing in nova scotia [Music] These are fresh clams that have been Steamed they were just caught here in Clam harbor yesterday and we have some Butter and vinegar on the side And it just should peel right off There we go that one was better [Music] So I am now in the taylor head park which Is said to be one of the most beautiful

Parks in the area and here on the Eastern shore it's kind of a point that Goes right out into the ocean so there's A bunch of beautiful coastline and Beaches to explore here there are Several different hikes that you can Take one of them is over five hours However i'm doing the shortest one which Is about 45 minutes to an hour [Music] [Music] It is overcast today But it is still hot out This is a beautiful day to come to Taylor head park For a hike A must visit in the sheet harbor area is To sober island brewing co For a flight of delicious locally craft Beer And if you are hungry stop in next door To the henley host pub for some lovely Fish [Music] I am headed further down the eastern Shore now and i've reached the liskom Lodge area there is a hiking trail that You can take here with a really cool Suspension bridge however i just saw a Note that there are bears in the area And then if you do the hike to go with a Friend and i'm traveling solo and i Don't want to be eaten by a bear today So i think i might skip that

For today but i definitely recommend you Come check it out because it's beautiful Here [Music] [Music] The heart general store in boylston nova Scotia just outside of guys borough is a Great place to stop on your road trip to Grab some pre-made food to heat up in Your accommodations or to see some great Work by local artisans they also feature An array of different locally made nova Scotia food products and also make fresh Daily the best sandwiches ever for you To grab and eat on the road or some Lovely desserts The art in this park depicts the Acadians journey to nova scotia and once They were here and how they came to live In torbay nova scotia [Music] [Music] This is torbay provincial park it is Gorgeous and so secluded i saw two other People and i'm surprised i even saw that It's just me the ocean and the birds and The bugs Cheers and thanks for watching please Don't forget to subscribe

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