DAD JUMPED THROUGH THE ICE – Christmas Morning from Whistler, Canada -Ski and Polar Plunge

By | January 8, 2023

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Whistler Canada! Here are some helpful links to each of the places we stayed and some of the products we used to keep us warm:)

The Blackcomb Whistler Ski Resort :

Here is their Instagram :

Our amazing ski in/out VRBO condo on Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler :

The amazing hotel we stayed at for 1 night on the waterfront of Vancouver Canada – The Fairmont :

Our big warm winter coats from Save the Duck :



CHRISTMAS MORNING SNOWED IN! Family Travel Home and Polar Dip Challenge.

WHAT'S INSIDE?? Opening Presents from Santa Claus. Christmas Day Family Special.



Oh Oh Wow Oh race okay Well that was at first what just Happened Did we just have our first ever nice Where those people call collection yeah Immigration like passport check people Here in Canada but that's the first ever First ever and and it's like 3 15 in the Morning Uh oh that's cold Everybody we got him Come on hurry Be careful I might be slippery you might Be slippery It's okay We need to build a snowman we made it Back inside But it's 3am and there's nobody At the rental car place Anyway What do we do Kelly what do we do Thank you for tonight Did you sleep here it was nice come on I Got lots and lots and lots of love for You Are you Know check out this room key All right who wants to do the Room cam Ready Wow Wow

A Christmas tree let me know what did You ask about Stairs Weren't you asking for a room of stairs And I told you I said hotels never have Stairs This is just an extra big special room You stoked How did you do that I feel like you just Have good luck and you manifested the Only hotel room we've ever been in the Stairs oh my gosh whoa how long are we Here Tonight Should we just stay here for all of Christmas Oh wow check out this View Oh the pool Look at me First snowball Oh shoot that got me oh okay no more Okay peace peace wow that's cold Oh shoot your plums And we're going to bed what time were we Supposed to get in we're supposed to We're supposed to put your brain Oh it's the naughty nice jelly beans Well what are those is it like a thing Yeah oh my gosh wait really oh how do You know I got those uh for Christmas why are you Scared you're naughty no no no no There's one that tastes like an old Bandage

All right here it is the test Naughty or Nice go foreign No it's very blue it's either Baby Blue oh it turns out you're the good boy And you got the toothpaste That's not bad Foreign What are the two flavors Jersey it's Um dead fake or strawberries does it Taste like strawberries Oh Okay I told you all the good kind Of ball let's go to the pool Let's go to the pool Go go Take My Breath Away Take My Breath Away Take My Breath Away I'll take my breath away Foreign Thank you Don't run Away Dude I cannot get over winter Cali hey No no no don't no stop eating it bud No I said don't don't need any more Can't wait till we get to the mountains Is he eating Did you use some more Kai Foreign My favorite Where are we right now though we're at

The Christmas Market in Vancouver and It's pretty true we've been to some Pretty epic Christmas markets this one's Really nice Ice skating Daddy hold on Hey Cali full time All done hold on to the park yes Hold on hold on to the bars All right winter report uh we went to The most fabulous Christmas Market well Done Vancouver and now we are driving From Vancouver to Got me worried there was one sweet lady Who stopped us that's hey the buggers Family are you in Vancouver for Christmas I said well we're actually Driving up to Whistling Uh right now she's like oh it's cold up There Like what do you call this we're Freezing we're negative five here We go Two hours to whistle We're still in Vancouver Very sweet Guys how pretty is this drive Upstairs we go carry everything upstairs Guys Oh a Christmas tree Hi good fireplace Guys this is cute Oh I actually like that if you get it

Decorated ourselves Upstairs Okay you want to come upstairs with us These days Three years Oh okay is this Mom and Dad or is this Kid's room Oh I call this one I call Top guys this is Awesome I finally get a bunk bed At home get two pillows this is good Because I've got two pillows this is Good Okay this is how it's gonna do Dorothy Gets top on this one Manila gets topping This one but only if you guys are Willing to share with Cali if you don't Want to share with Cali you gotta go on The bottom so wait wait wait Whoever wins sleeps with Cali Okay ready Foreign Won the first one you're going best out Of three Wait wait no he won that one okay this One's the final Vanilla wins no Cali vanilla won you get to sleep with Manila oh I get it using the middle ones I get to sweeps in Manila nice yeah I Mean there's four beds in here guys you Can sleep in whatever you want a little Foreign

Pizza show me pizza Nice oh that was great Is here Okay you see how it's kind of purple Does it hurt bad well Mommy now we're Matching I know you're matching huh Don't smile Same spot does Kylie want to get back on The horse Okay let go Mundo let go mom You gotta let go Yeah see this see this I got you I got you I got you oh you did It all done hey that's called getting Back on the horse Are you good nice Oh yeah boy hey what's that called Yeah how's your eye feel good all right Can we ski with you Oh nice Manila that's what you look like on day One that's what you look like four days Ago Yeah Kelly okay Okay Wow Yeah Okay Come on little John catch up with Robin Hood Robin Hood Little China walking Through the forest laughing back and Forth with the other had to say Well how about it reminiscing this and That and having such a good time

Okay never ever thinking there was Danger in the water they were drinking They disgustled it down Never dreaming not a scheming sheriff And it's possible watching them and Gathering around Robin Hood and little Johnny running Through the forest jumping fences Dodging trees Nice one buddy you okay That's a good Wipeout And he's back on the horse speed ready Speed Laughs All good nice try All right to the Enchanted Forest That's Worthy yeah Manila you got it Buddy Oh yeah he did it Yeah that was awesome Robin Hood and Little China walking Through the forest laughing back and Forth and what the other had to say Reminiscing this and that and having Such a good time I'm good Wow arrested myself on that way Where'd you come from Well I need a tower here hold it just For a little bit if you drop it I'll be Behind you and I'll pick it up okay well Dad pick it up Whoops Good job Dorothy

Nice That's good Dorothy Okay Wow oh my heart is beautiful I'm not cool anymore Not cool anymore Go for everybody I'd even saying that I Was Worse When I was 20 25 Got them all about their dreams Not cool anymore Not cool anymore Let my shoulders down Oh yo you totally frosted yourself look At me you all right yep Yeah buddy Wow Yeah buddy are you all right Through Christmas Day You ready all right oh my gosh Are you ready are you ready Engines You okay Christmas is coming early for Mom You're seeing it yeah I want to see you I want to see Oh it looks so good looks nice huh Foreign All right let's pray first I'll go all right go for it What was your favorite part of your day Um the hill and then when I did the bump

Coming back yeah that was crazy the big Hill backwards that's what I happened to Me too I was like maybe that's better Daddy I had it in my head but I just forgot it Kelly stop touching yourself please Oh so good I like the snowball fights With you guys oh yeah oh yeah using the Snowballs Ty what was your favorite part Of it today Oh you asked for a surprise Hmm oh this is actually a surprise Now you busted now you're busted guys This might be my favorite Christmas Tradition this is what we would do every Year with my grandma Dorothy Um Is This Please Foreign Can you see some already A flashing light up there no Right there No You can see it do you see that light up There it's blinking oh that one yeah That star yeah no that's not a star Because it's moving and it's blinking It's blinking and it's blinking red Why is it blinking red oh my gosh okay We gotta go we gotta go So that's why we know it's for sure Because it's from the East

Okay Hey Merry Christmas Let me know Merry Christmas Ben Merry Christmas Kelly Merry Christmas Dad Have you guys been awake Come here good morning Merry Christmas Thanks buddy I thought About Santa oh he did yeah did anybody Hear anything last night because I Totally did yeah I did do you guys hear Stuff upstairs pick up on the roof away I could seem to come on and move and Shoot me and put the presents on and it Wasn't flying off you heard all that did You hear any Jingle Bells and I also Heard him like moving stuff oh Well guess what There's stuff out there We're gonna go potty first Do you need to go potty oh no okay are You sure You go potty I'm gonna say one second One second let me peek one more time Yeah there's some awesome toys out here Did they do it Daddy did they do it You're gonna see you're gonna see All right Merry Christmas guys you ready Ready let's go yeah is Just perfect No way this is everything you need to Make videos is that awesome

You got color changers Is that a new one yeah Is because That's the thing already installed let's See Santa Claus I told You yeah I like all the sea creature too what is This well now we got to figure out if They're Color Changers yeah Yeah I bet the cards are color changers But what about the animals Oh oh now we're changing Oh Cool Wow They give me a good thing nice Santa Oh from Cali Thank you That's so nice Kelly Thanks Jordan Okay Kelly's up oh Do you know what that is Paw Patrol But is that game spotted that you love So much From Deeds Be very careful oh okay what is it Oh it's a coupon don't worry Daddy if This note doesn't work then I'll write Even more Can I read it Dear Mama food I really love your store but my family

Would love it even more You brought back the candy kittens My dad can't live without them a lot of Other people think that too but they Won't speak up thank you for taking the Time to listen to our Tour to our democracy with your story With love the G family P.S I'm crying You guys like cute All right what a top podcast You definitely gotta bring that tomorrow Just just kind of 100 Kelly come on Buddy we're doing presents Oh Dad's reading let me go color change Oh thank you Kelly wow That's animals oh that's cool Merry Christmas What is it Look Oh aren't those so cute They are how did you know what they were Already Look how cute they are each of them Oh my gosh Merry Christmas It's a real Christmas Point buddy it's Christmas money You want to know why I got this for you You know what this does it's a Christmas Coin and if you're ever find yourself on The naughty list and you've been on the Edge a few times you can use this and It'll get you back on the nice list

Give it to Mom or Dad and we'll cash it In for you Did you write back on the nice list Oh my God What kind of animal is it Yeah just like you swam with Me Who is this from guys It's from Dad Oh for the bedroom Oh hey Huh Cheetah print These are nice they did spend a lot of Money hey Guess what those aren't for you They're for you yeah I wear those these are awesome Is that how much you like me in sweats Yes sir wait till you see me and see the Prince once Yeah I know it picked that one out oh This is I know picked that one out just for you Yes oh it's probably an even large again Last one is from dad to these three kids Open it up Sketchbooks Dorothy you tell him You drop it everywhere Why are you leaving them You don't need them

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