Cody, Wyoming – Wild West Town Adventures from Cody to Yellowstone

By | October 2, 2022

Planning a trip to Yellowstone? Don't miss spending time in Cody, Wyoming. This Wild West Town is incredible. Founded by Buffalo Bill Cody, this town is surrounded by gorgeous scenery was the stomping grounds of Butch Cassidy, Hemingway, and Annie Oakley. #wyoming, #cody #yellowstone
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Things to do in Cody Yellowstone
00:01 Introduction to Cody Yellowstone –
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01:02 Old Trail Town
01:59 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
03:54 Meeteetse
04:17 Kirwin Ghost Town Adventures –
06:25 Side by Side ATV Adventures
07:23 Buffalo Bill Center of the West –
07:52 Buffalo Bill Museum
08:21 Plains Indian Museum
09:47 Museum of Natural History
09:30 Whitney Western Art Museum
09:44 Wild Bill Scenic Byway
11:13 Shoshone National Forest Ranger's Station
11:55 Buffalo Bill Dam
13:09 Cody Mural & Museum
13:51 Heart Mountain Interpretive Center –
15:20 Downtown Cody
15:38 Chamberlin Inn & Hemingway's Room –
16:18 Cocktails in Cody Wyoming
16:40 Irma Hotel & Wild West
17:17 Cody Trolley Tour
17:42 Cody Visitor Center and Chamber of Commerce
18:09 Cody Free Museums
18:31 Cody Night Rodeo
18:50 Cody Comfort Inn at Buffalo Bill Village –

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– Welcome to Cody Yellowstone. (Western music) – [Dave] Cody, Wyoming Is the gateway to
Yellowstone National Park. Buffalo Bill founded this
town in 1896 and made sure That anyone approaching
Yellowstone from the east Had to pass through Cody. When planning a visit to the
World's first National Park, Make sure to set aside a couple of days To enjoy all the things to do In this Wild West region. Before we get started, why
not subscribe to our channel? And while you're at it, Click on that bell so you can be notified As soon as we upload a new travel video. Today, we're gonna share The best things to do in Cody Yellowstone. From exploring the ghost
town of Kirwin near Meeteetse To the old stomping grounds Of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (Western music) – We are visiting the old
trail town here in Cody And these are all original buildings From the 1800s and early 1900s. In 1967, they started to gather All of the original buildings 'cause they saw that
they were disappearing And they relocated everything meticulously Piece by piece to this trail town. There's an actual cabin Where Butch Cassidy and
the Sundance Kid stayed. And Jeremiah Johnson, If you haven't seen
the movie, go watch it. Robert Redford stars in it.

He is buried here. They relocated his body here And actually, when they
relocated it and buried it, Robert Redford himself came And was a pall bearer for the funeral. (slow Western music) – So we're in the Hole-in-the-Wall Cabin And what's so cool about this Is this is where Butch
Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, And members of the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang Actually walked through these doors, Sat here, probably played cards. It's pretty amazing to
have these famous outlaws. This is where they actually hung out. Besides the Hole-in-the-Wall Cabin, The Mud Spring Cabin was also
used by the gang as a hideout And is still intact. Several other cabins from
colorful characters in the West Are set up in their original condition. And you'll also see the home
of Indigenous army scout Curly, Who helped to guide
Custer to Little Big Horn. For us, the highlight was
the local general store And the saloon where Butch
Cassidy himself frequented With the Wild Bunch. – Yeah, this is the old saloon here. So again, Butch Cassidy
and the Sundance Kid Would frequent in here. And it really Gives you a good idea of what
the old saloons are like. They're cool inside And I just imagine this
packed with cowboys. – Everything is so well preserved That you can still see the
bullet holes in the doors When entering the saloon.

(Western music) – It's pretty amazing That all these buildings were
removed and rebuilt here. It really walks you
through the history of Cody And what it was originally. – [Deb] There are monuments and graves Dedicated to historical figures, Museums displaying artifacts, And the grounds sit on
the original site of Cody When it was first founded. – I can really see why this was The original site of Cody Town Because look at this backdrop. You have those beautiful
mountains in the background. You're just surrounded by
the beauty of Wyoming here. – A visit to the Old Trail Town
is an excellent introduction To the Cody Yellowstone region. (Western music) We are in Meeteetse, Which is about 30 minutes outside of Cody, And this is the place to get
on your off-road adventure. We're heading up to the Kirwin ghost town And I'm so excited. I hear the scenery is stunning And it's supposed to be a great adventure. – The Kirwin Ghost Town Adventure Is one of the best things
to do in Cody Yellowstone. As our guide and owner Thomas said, ”Anyone from eight months to 80 years old Can get far into the back country To enjoy the striking landscape
of this part of Wyoming.” He rents side-by-side ATVs Where visitors can drive themselves To the abandoned mining town of Kirwin.

– We've made it out here
to Kirwin Ghost Town About two hours in on the 4×4. We're gonna go check out
this ghost town village. It should be pretty cool. Kirwin is located at 9,200 feet And surrounded by snow-capped peaks Of the southern Absaroka Range. – So this is a really cool trip to take. You can rent side-by-sides
and come up here yourself Or you can go on a 4×4 on a tour And come up to these abandoned
houses and structures. This was a mining town at
the height of the Gold Rush In the late 1800s and
it peaked at about 1906. It basically was abandoned
after the Gold Rush. Like so many places, fizzled. But all the structures are left up here In this extraordinary setting. The road is quite rough And you do need to come on a 4×4. I can't imagine them coming up here By horseback and wagon back in the day. Tough work, those gold miners. (upbeat music) I love that you can go inside
of these abandoned buildings. Now there's not a lot left inside, But you can get a feel
for what it was like. You know, you got the skeleton bare bones Of these log cabins. Some of them you don't
necessarily wanna go in too far, They feel like they might fall in on you. But yeah, we went inside
and explored a few And it's really cool. – [Dave] The town is the destination, But it is the adventure along the way

That makes this full-day excursion One of our top picks for the
best things to do in Cody. – Well, this has been
a spectacular day here On the Kirwin Ghost Town Adventures. It's just one spectacular
view after another. Now, it's not only just the ghost town. You wanna follow the
directions that Tom gives you So that you can actually go And see all of these amazing landscapes. I feel like I'm on the
African Savannah right now. It's so breathtaking. And to actually get to see
this and nobody is around, That's what makes this
so special to visit. You know, in other places around the world That have views like this, You're fighting the crowds. We've hardly seen anybody all day today, Just been driving the roads, Looking at one amazing scene, All kinds of wildlife. You really have to do this When you come to Cody Yellowstone. – Amazing. (Western music) – When you come to Cody, One of the first places you should visit Is the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. It gives you an overview of the city, The Wild West history, and
Buffalo Bill Cody himself. The Buffalo Bill Center of the West Is a massive complex of
five museums under one roof. When you purchase a ticket, It is good for two days And you are going to need it.

The Buffalo Bill Museum is
definitely the highlight With authentic memorabilia From the possessions of
Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley. You'll see old stage
coaches, chuck wagons, Buffalo Bill's costumes, his gear, And all the performance attire That made him the greatest
showman of his time. (Western music) – Let's go. Make sure not to limit your time To just the Buffalo Bill Museum. We thoroughly enjoyed
the Great Plains Museum To learn about the history and the culture Of the Native American people Who have inhabited these
plains for centuries. (Western music) – Well, this museum is fascinating. There's the Buffalo
Bill part of the museum And now we're going into The Natural History part of the museum. So, pretty spectacular. Let's go. The Natural History Museum is phenomenal With displays showcasing
the greater Yellowstone area Taking you into the sites, sounds, And smells of each environment. (nature calls) – [Dave] Firearms are a
big part of the Old West And this museum has the most
comprehensive collection Of American firearms in the world. And finally, don't miss seeing The Whitney Western Art Museum And make sure to walk
through to the window To see the best view of Buffalo Bill's Impressive bronze statue, ”The Scout.”

(upbeat music) – We are driving the
beautiful Buffalo Bill Highway Between Cody and
Yellowstone National Park. To put how beautiful it is into context, President Roosevelt said It was the most beautiful
stretch of highway in the world. There are a lot of stops on the way To Yellowstone National Park from Cody, So give yourself some
time if you wanna see it. Buffalo Bill had a really smart idea. He wanted to make sure
that anybody coming through From the east had to drive through Cody To get to Yellowstone and that
tradition has stayed forever. So make sure you spend
a couple of days in Cody Before you visit
Yellowstone National Park. You won't regret it. (upbeat music) – [Dave] The 52 mile route
has many sites to see, Including the Buffalo Bill Reservoir, Buffalo Bill State
Park, the Wapiti Valley, And the Shoshone National Forest. You can download an app
called Travel Stories That will narrate interesting stops To keep an eye out for along the way. You'll see places like the Dr.
Seuss-inspired Smith Mansion, Working ranches, And incredible rock
formations lining the highway. – There are so many scenic
views along this highway. Don't speed through it. There's lots of pullouts where
you can take in the views And there's a lot of historic places, Like the oldest ranger
station in all of America Is right here. Shoshone National Forest

Is the very first national
forest in America, Which is fitting because
Yellowstone National Park, Just down the road, Is the very first national
park in the entire world. So this has been used for over a century And they still use it today. When you stop in at the ranger station You'll be able to get information On Yellowstone National Park And hikes in the Shoshone Forest. Plus you can see the original cabin That they used more than 100 years ago. It's still standing and
it's still in service. When you come to visit the
dam, it is free to enter. They even have a free shuttle, And there's a fantastic
visitor center inside To learn all about it. This was once the highest dam
in America when it was built And they used this model
to build the Hoover Dam. So it's very much worth stopping When you are visiting the city of Cody. (quiet music) – [Dave] The Buffalo Build Dam Was truly a wonder of
engineering for its time. When you visit, you can
walk right across the dam And look down either side. On one side you'll look
down the Shoshone River 280 feet below. And on the other is the
Buffalo Bill Reservoir. The dam was built to create
irrigation in the area And today it provides water For more than 93,000 acres of farmland. – Inside there is an
interesting visitor center Where you can learn about the building

And benefits of the dam And watch a welcome video. This is one of the free things
to do in Cody Yellowstone That is not to be missed. – And you even get a shuttle So you don't have to walk to the dam. – Well this is interesting, The Cody Mural is in the
Church of the Mormons, The Church of the Latter-Day Saints. So apparently there's a
really beautiful mural Up on the ceiling. So we're gonna go in and check it out. A unique stop is the
Cody Mural and Museum. The free museum houses
a one-of-a-kind mural On the ceiling of the rotunda. It tells the history
of the Mormon pioneers And how they brought water
and irrigation to the land. After watching the story Of the history of the Latter-Day Saints, There is a museum that
houses works by local artists And images of original settlers Where you will learn all about How this community thrived and survived In the harsh conditions. – [Dave] The Heart Mountain
Interpretive Center in Powell Is just a few minutes outside of Cody And is an important stop on
any Cody Yellowstone journey. The foundation has preserved What remains of this confinement site That unjustly incarcerated
14,000 Japanese Americans During World War II. The tour begins with a film
telling firsthand accounts Of what life was like As people were ripped from their homes

And placed in this camp for several years. It's a sobering experience And something that we all need to see. Sadly, we continue to see the human race Repeating past mistakes, But with sites like this
we can hopefully learn And make sure we stop things Like this from happening in the future. (quiet music) – So just a little farther up From the Interpretive Center Is an interpretive walk you can do Where they have some lookouts Where you can actually see Where all the old buildings used to be. Some of them are still standing, Like the guard tower and the root cellar. And here you'll find a memorial To all of the soldiers,
the Japanese soldiers, That served in the World War. (quiet music) (upbeat music) – Just hanging out with
my pal Buffalo Bill here. – [Deb] Downtown Cody was made for tourism And there are plenty of things to do. We stayed at the historic Chamberlain Inn That was walking distance to everything. This was the choice
hotel of Ernest Hemingway During his day in Cody. And you can tour his room
if it isn't occupied. You can see his typewriter,
his signature in the log book, And how the room was laid out When this legendary writer stayed here. – We're at the Chamberlain
Inn in Cody, Wyoming.

And, you know, he was
here, he was writing. The register's right up there, Typewriter over there. Hm, that Hemingway really does get around. – [Deb] There's historic
memorabilia throughout the hotel And the rooms are chic and comfortable, Yet they have kept the historic look, Feeling as if you have
stepped back in time. The Chamberlain is also home
to the best cocktails in town. – So they say when you come
to the Chamberlain Inn here, You have to have their old fashioned. So here I am having an old fashioned. Ooh, now I know why. (upbeat music) – Located across the street Is the historic Irma Hotel That was built by Buffalo Bill Cody And named after his daughter Irma. There is a nightly shootout at 6:00 PM Where you can enjoy some laughs, And no trip to Cody would be complete Without going inside for a steak dinner And a tour of the iconic location. Well, when you come to Cody, You have to eat at the Irma Because it was the first hotel
and restaurant in the area, Built by Buffalo Bill himself. – Yeah, you have to come
here 'cause it's so historic. – And don't forget to check
out the cherry wood bar. It was a gift from Queen Victoria herself. A great overview of Cody
is the Cody Trolley Tour And it is really entertaining. They put on a good show. I highly recommend it.

It's only $30 and they
are just great guides. They tell a lot of great stories, Give you the history of the city And of course Buffalo Bill himself. So take this tour, You're gonna get out and
see all the major sites That you can go and check out on your own. (upbeat music) It's worth stopping at
the Cody Visitor Center. The log cabin is modeled after Buffalo Bill's very own
log cabin from his ranch. It was the original site
of the Buffalo Bill Museum Until 1969 and today it houses artwork, And get information on
attractions in Cody Yellowstone. Cody has a very storied and rich history And it has the museums to prove it. There are a lot of free museums here, And one of my favorite
is the Dug Up Gun Museum. You can't take any photos inside, But trust me it's really
worth going inside to see. (Western music) Wyoming is the rodeo capital of the world, With more sanctioned rodeos
than anywhere else on earth. And in the summertime they have a rodeo Every night at Stampede Park. It's not far from town so
make sure to get out there. If you're driving through Cody, Another great place to
stay is the Comfort Inn Located at Buffalo Bill Village. The rooms have all been renovated And you can walk to all
the downtown attractions. (Western music) – [Dave] And those were
all the best things to do In Cody, Wyoming.

If you are planning a trip
to Yellowstone National Park, Make sure to spend a
couple of days in Cody. It's where you'll find
the authentic Wild West That you've always been looking for. If you enjoyed our video, Make sure to subscribe to our channel, And remember to click
on that bell for updates 'cause we have a new travel
video coming next week. (Western music)

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