China Emerges as New Global Heavyweight Lender with $240bn in Bailouts for Developing Countries

China has spent $240bn bailing out 22 developing countries between 2008 and 2021, with the amount soaring in recent years as more have struggled to repay loans spent building “Belt & Road” infrastructure, according to a study by researchers from the World Bank, Harvard Kennedy School, Kiel Institute for the World Economy and the US-based research lab AidData.[0] The bailout loans are mainly concentrated in the middle-income countries that make up four-fifths of its lending, due to the risk they pose to Chinese banks' balance sheets.[0] Grace periods and maturity extensions are granted to low-income nations, while middle-income nations are deemed a hazard to the financial stability of Chinese banks.[1] China typically offers rescue loans with an average interest rate of 5%, more than double the rate typically provided by the IMF.[2] The US and International Monetary Funding have for decades been the globe’s lenders of last resort, stepping in to provide emergency loans to countries in financial distress.[3] But a new study shows how China has emerged as a new global heavyweight.[3]

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