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The Ongoing Debate on Raising the Debt Ceiling: Proposals, Demands, and the Need for Compromise

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has unveiled a bill aimed at raising the debt ceiling by $1.5 trillion or until March 31, 2024, whichever comes first. The bill also includes $4.5 trillion in spending cuts, which include strengthened work requirements on welfare programs, rescinding unspent pandemic funds, and banning student-loan forgiveness.[0] The bill, called the Limit, […]

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India Set to Overtake China as World’s Most Populous Country by June 2021: United Nations Report Reveals Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

According to the United Nations’ new ‘State of World Population’ report, India is set to overtake China as the world’s most populous country by the end of June.[0] India’s population is expected to reach 1.4286 billion, compared to China’s 1.4257 billion by the middle of this year.[1] As per government data cited by Reuters, India […]

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Moody’s Warns of Potential Negative Impact on Israel’s Credit Rating from Proposed Judicial Overhaul

The Israeli government’s efforts to reform the country’s judiciary have caused concern among credit rating agencies, potentially impacting the nation’s economy. Moody’s, in particular, warned that the planned changes could “materially weaken the strength of the judiciary and as such be credit negative,” and also pose longer-term risks for Israel’s economic prospects, particularly capital inflows […]

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