Cape Days on Cape Sable in Barrington, Nova Scotia

By | September 26, 2021

On the second Saturday of August each year the residents of Cape Sable Island and Barrington, Nova Scotia celebrate Cape Days and their love for Cape Sable and it's lighthouse by spending the day exploring the island. Local fisherman donate their time and boats to ferry people from the main land to the island and back. On the island volunteers have hotdogs, lobster rolls and drinks and people spend the day exploring the island, looking for wild sheep and visiting the Cape Sable Lighthouse.

The lighthouse is the tallest in Atlantic Canada and the 3rd tallest in Canada standing at 101 feet tall. Typically on Cape Days about 400 people visit the island for free, however donations are accepted to help protect and maintain the island. You can visit the island year round but you just need to find a person with a boat to take you. On Cape Days they make it easy for you by having the boat rides arranged for free.

You never know what the weather might be like, hot sun, lots of fog, rain, etc. So come prepared and bring water and snacks just incase.

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Hey it's caitlin from travel yourself at Nova scotia and today i am On cape sable for cape days when the Whole community here from kate stable Island and barrington come and celebrate This beautiful island and its lighthouse Which is the third tallest in all of Canada the tallest in the maritimes it Stands 101 feet tall and it's right Behind me And we're gonna walk closer towards it Now so we can actually see it through The fog Travel yourself [Music] [Music] A couple years The ocean is incredibly calm hardly any Waves on this side And then just a few steps away on the Other side The waves are roaring Not only is it foggy but it's very humid Today they say it's about a one Kilometer walk from where they drop you Off on the beach to the lighthouse and i Think i'm almost there because i can Hear it through the fog As cliche as it is to say this is such a Hidden gem it's like paradise it might Be crazy foggy but the weather and the Temperature is just right you definitely Need to come and visit kate stable and You can come any day of the year just as

Long as you find a guy with a boat Whoever told me this was a one kilometer Walk i think they lied to me It's definitely further than that but Also the fog and walking in sand doesn't Help But it's an enjoyable walk [Music] Finally I can start to see it through the fog But not the top of it it's kind of And there it is So [Music] [Music] Once you get to the lighthouse there are Picnic tables and places to stop and Just enjoy the area however the foghorn Goes off about every two minutes and It's very loud [Music] Time for a break be sure to bring water And snacks with you here for cape days They do have a hot dog stand and drinks And also outhouses but the food is Definitely not here year round i'm not Sure about the outhouse Come prepared [Music] I'm also seeing a lot of sheep poop and Tufts of wool and i can hear the wild Sheep But i can't really see them but if you Squint

Way through the fog on the other side of The water there I believe are some sheep but you can't Really see them you can just hear them Too foggy Now i need to hurry back so i don't miss The boat but they have multiple boats Going all day long and they also have a List so they know if they forgot anyone On the island I just left the lighthouse two minutes Ago and people in passing are asking me Where it is but because of this fog you Can't see it even though it is right There [Music] This is the best way to cool off and It's actually not that cold here on the Calmer side of the island [Music] I've made it back to the boat It took me about half an hour to walk Back so i'd say that's more than a Kilometer of a walk Uh But it's a beautiful day the fog is Starting to clear and we're heading back To the mainland now did the tide come up Or did you move closer [Laughter] [Music] I wouldn't [Music] That was a lovely way to spend the day

Cape days are the second saturday in Every august so add it to your calendar Now to come down here and head to the Island next year Thanks for watching don't forget to Subscribe [Music] [Music] You

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