BUILDING in BALI – My Dream Villa is 50% COMPLETE!

By | January 7, 2023

I'm building a villa in Bali and I'm sharing the whole construction process to show you how to build in Bali for yourself. The bali property market is truly an exciting place to invest and I can't wait to share my next project with you. Skip the waitlist and invest in blue-chip art for the very first time by signing up for Masterworks:

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What's up guys my name is Christian and Right now I'm building my dream home Here in Bali Indonesia and today I want To show you what it looks like when you Are six months deep and in this video I'm also going to be giving you a first Ever sneak peek of The Lost Villas and Wow I got a lot to show you [Music] What you're about to watch is Indonesia's very own Hercules to give You context this is 500 Kilograms what Is this man eating He is single-handedly doing it time to Call in the Canadian guns [Music] Work team Nailed it it's a good workout so now They're actually lowering it a little Bit so that that steel sits right on top Of the other beam but what do I know I'm Not the brains I'm just the bronze we Got it up just in time literally 20 Seconds later Today is a brand new day at the Villa And it's an incredible one because we Now have complete openness in the Concrete structure since I've been Coming in since we had that ceiling has Been full of these structures which you Had to dodge between but now that They're removed it's just so vast and Beautiful in here now they've opened up The wooden Canopy top and you can just

See all the way up into that massive Tree the reason we're actually here Today is because we're cutting this tree This here is triadi triadi is working With Anton and he's going to be leading The pruning team you basically have a Guy right there climbing into a tree With an ax and he's gonna cut down all The extra limbs that's like a good 40 Feet up yeah I mean he's got some sort of harness but It's fastened to the ground I don't know If that's gonna help much not only Without safety equipment he's actually Barefoot I guess if you're gonna go up Without it it probably is easier you Know you get more grip that way in Canada this would not fly He can climb a tree I can climb this Ladder you want to see the best view It's up here what's that Kesha song You'll be the one I won't forget Okay it's a note you might be wondering Christian why are you cutting your trees You literally talked about protecting Them well it's called pruning and Pruning is basically the act of cutting All the extra smaller limbs the reason You do that is because trees just like Us absorb nutrients and those nutrients Are limited there's only so much that Can go through the roots and up into the Tree by pruning by cutting back all the Extra limbs all the extra leaves and

Little branches we actually make sure That there's more Vitality being sent to The main limbs it also tidies it up it Looks a lot cleaner already which I'm Really enjoying this is The Powder Room Basically that's a fancy way of saying a Toilet for gas you'll have a lot of Beautiful daylight coming into the Bathroom but what we're doing that's so Cool is there's actually going to be Glass right here so as you're washing Your hands you'll have glass in front of You and a mirror on top of that glass And behind it will be a little jungle so We're creating this forested look from The bathroom [Music] When it comes to your Villa it's so Critical to figure out the areas to Splurge the areas to spend money and one Of the areas that I've been told so many Times is good to go all in is going to Be your windows and your sliding Components we can all relate to having Those stays at a place where we try to Open up the doors they Creak they get Stuck and so right now I've been Shopping around trying to figure out Who's going to be doing my windows this Is the first sample I've been able to See in person this is by Allure you've Got your locking mechanism here to Unlock and lock and then this right here Is a little pop-out handle to be able to

Open it now I'm actually gonna go visit Them in person and see their entire Warehouse This one's like the middle tier quality Basically the different qualities are Going to be by the strength of the Aluminum usually the thickness believe It or not A forward like this is going to set you About ten thousand dollars now I'll show You the model I'm going with and I Actually think it's more in line with Las Villa it's a thinner bezel and it's Actually more affordable so this one Here is the Astro and this one in the Exact same size that's over there is Going to be about 30 percent less it's a Little bit more squared off it doesn't Have the rounded edges but the mechanism Feels really premium slides well So today is a sight meeting after going To the showroom it's super important to Come back here and make sure that all of The slider doors that we're currently Planning to order are actually necessary It's very easy just to say slider Everything slider there slider there I Definitely don't want to cheap out on This but I don't want to over engineer So when I look at the pricing this is From there to there's 82 million Indonesian rupiah that's five thousand Dollars we have so many spots just like This it's five here five there Seven

Grand here ten Grand there 20 in the Front opening to the living room yeah it Adds up are there any areas right right Now where you're like we might not need Sliding or is it everything should be Sliding yeah yeah especially you have a Garden on the side yeah so it's worth it Okay I am never gonna financially recover From this it is not very often that I Come here at Sunset and so to see the Way this light is just cascading on the Wall there look at that the master wall Is coming up I Ruled my room my room I'm So excited what a Vibe this place unreal This was a bit of an eyesore every time You wanted to look out over the land You'd see this big tarp and a giant mess Of soil and concrete well we are now Starting to create the Bridgeway the Deck area that connects the living room The kitchen actually over to the Beautiful pool and hot tub area guys What's all this dirt what's the dirt for Yeah To build the deck yeah okay got it let's Get a proper sunset tonight and we stick The Landing I almost celebrated too early absurd It's just it's just absurd I mean I have a phone call I'm so busy right Now guys it's the busiest I've ever been Maybe except for when I launched lost Creator Academy this is my favorite kind

Of work coming in here running to Meetings we have just had our first Meeting about the lower plot I'll give You one little sample look we're going To be building vertically into the Canopy giving you a treetop-like Experience imagine like opening your Blinds and being in the trees that is The concept for the next set of homes Down on that lower plot the way the land Is structured and the amount of Landscaping we're putting in here it Won't even phase the privacy of this Lost Villa I'm so proud to see all the Progress and see this this dream become A reality Thank you [Music] Today I have come all the way here to Kel Timber to meet with Guillaume this Is one of the pieces of the home that Will bring so much personality to it and It's what's covering majority of the Surface area it's the flooring when You're building in Bali there's humidity There's rain there's termites and so it Leaves you with basically one wood that Can withstand all of that chaos and that Is Ulin the Ironwood as you guys know The Lost Villa from the ground up it's Been about integrating into Bali it's Been about respecting the landscape and Keeping as many trees as possible so That leads me to why Cal Timber and the

Reason is because all of the iron wood Here that you see it's actually recycled It's been used previously in Old docks It's been used for previous construction Projects that were dismantled and it's Brought back here to this Factory to Basically be given a second life this is Where you guys put the wood when it's Come over from Harbors boats all the Repurposed projects exactly and it Starts here I mean sometimes you'll see Barnacles I mean we still have Nails in There everything comes in a pretty rough Shape but that's the beauty of the Ulen Where it looks as good as new in fact It's even better because all of the Moisture inside of the wood has been Completely dried out over the years Making it stronger than ever when you Get recycled oolin when you step in the Floors of the Lost Villa you might Literally be standing on what used to be An old boat so you can see the density Of the Grain in between Uline and Grain and thick and grain tick Is a lot softer because there's all These spaces what kind of what is that That's a that's a special eatable would Try it out now while teak is a softer Wood it actually grows a lot faster and So in Java they actually have teak tree Plantations because they can Economically grow a bunch of them and Then turn them into new wood with the

Ulen tree it's a very very slow growing Tree this tree we have it for the past Five years to grow that much that would Be 16 years so that gives you a little Bit of context as to why the Sustainability side of Ulin is so Critical because each and every plank That you see used in a construction Project is coming from an old growth Tree one that is not easily replaced [Music] It's my outdoor decking what's going to Be surrounding the whole pool area the Little Terraces and that is this finish Right here this rustic textured feel This is actually the natural texture of The wood it's not something that is Handmade this is the natural color that Ironwood will become when it's exposed To the outdoors a bit of a darker gray Brown sort of color now to show you what I'm using inside my house it's this Right here and it comes in two different Stages at the start it's a bit of a Lighter color but two to four weeks Later of oxidization a bit of washing The surface and a bit of sun exposure And it actually goes a little bit more Dark red between these two finishes the Rugged and the smooth that is how I'm Going to be decorating the Lost Villa Bringing in this homey atmosphere while Also giving a nod to the organic and Natural touches of bali's beautiful

Beautiful environment as of today the Orders are going to be delivered in Stages over the next few weeks and Months okay thank you so much All right guys it is my final up date Video before I leave from Indonesia to Go abroad literally just moments before I arrive a wall caved in this is where We're putting our water tank I'm Learning that we're built up on Clay so Clay is not the firmest of Foundations This little retaining wall just kind of Caved in so they're now collecting all Of the brick that came tumbling down and Apparently this wall right here tipped Two days ago when I first saw this I was Like is it okay is this whole ceiling About to come tumbling down but he's Like no no there's no worry about that That whole brick structure it's actually Not all that much weight and the way Everything's done with four piling and Deep deep foundations this thing is Totally sound as we all know the world Has been getting a little bit hotter Every year and with that some places get Hotter some get cooler and others get Rainier so Bali has been year after year Becoming more and more a rainy Destination which definitely can Complicate your build from what I've Heard the best time to start your build Is the very beginning of dry season that Way way they can start digging

Foundations pouring concrete and getting Your roof up before the rain hits now The rainy season this year came a little Bit early it has caused a couple Complications but for the most part this Is very very Standard Building woes and Nothing to be concerned about Here is a very exciting advancement in The build right here it's a bit of a Mess right now this was a giant gaping Hole to get to the pool you had to play Balance beam but now we can walk over on What's soon to be a beautiful little Outdoor Terrace area that connects the Kitchen all the way to this extremely Grand pool if there's one thing though That I'm so excited about it's that Right there the hot tub is going to be Absolutely insane yes bali's not a very Hot place but when the sun sets the pool Starts to become a little bit too cool And that's when it's perfect to head Over to just a couple days ago I saw my First wall in the home kind of being Smoothed out and now we're starting to See that done across the whole place This is stage one of the wall it's Putting up the bricks so these are Pebble bricks and they're very very Lightweight step number two is to cover It with this and sorry What's this Called I'm not sure the English term but From there they take cement and they Basically just throw it off the wall

Which creates this kind of splotchy Coating that you see here the final Layer on top of here is going to be Decorative this is where we're going to Be putting a bunch of beautiful stones On the inside of this wall which as you Can see in our renders is going to be a Very unique statement piece however for The walls that are going to be painted That's where you get this style which is Called Plastering and Plastering creates This beautiful smooth finish and that's Basically how the walls work [Music] Honestly though as I'm leaving I'm just Thinking about how fortunate I am Because my friends the ones who've Already built in Bali they were telling Me you're going to be here every day You're going to be trying to micromanage You're going to be stressing about People not doing the right thing despite Having clear instructions that's the Average person's experience of Construction mine has been exceptional The only thing I've been involved in is My own personal choices of what finishes To use but in terms of accountability Making sure things were done Professionally everything has been Thought through perfectly I've not had To lift a finger so all I can say is I Get to leave tomorrow go on my own Little workcation and not have to stress

About the fact that I'm leaving the Construction site that is a massive Compliment to Fatin if you guys want the Introduction honestly I would be happy To make it while most people stop after Their first construction project I am Only just getting started they've made It all too easy and too much fun it's It's my favorite part of the week Tomorrow morning I fly to Jakarta I have A meeting to chat about some of our Different finishing options I'm not a Billionaire you're not a billionaire but If there's one thing we've heard about Billionaires is that they love to invest In art but buying a Banksy painting is Going to set you back a few million Dollars so why not buy one tenth or even One one thousandth of it well that is What Masterworks does they allow you to Buy a percentage of a single piece of Art people like you and I are for the First time ever able to get access to an Asset class we never otherwise had a Knee business being it Masterworks has a Wait list but using the link down below You can skip right through it check that Link down below I have flown all the way here to Jakarta For a very special reason and that is to Do a little bit of countertop shopping Now I've received a bunch of these Little tiny decton samples it's been Super helpful to try and choose the

Right look feel and finish but the issue Is samples are this big when you're Installing a countertop it helps a lot To see them in full size and so kindly I'm being shown around here by the team We got anthia Tata and candy right now I'm trying to finalize my decision I am 99.9 sure this right here is what you'll See in the kitchen and living room it's Called Calo it's got a very creamy Colorful finish now the thing that is Killing me is trying to figure out which Of the whites I want to go with in the Master bedroom as well as potentially Even the other bedrooms there are some That are glossy there are some that have More of a soft velvet finish and you Even have some that are a matte finish And now I'm trying to choose between This one this one and that one right There and the idea is that we'll Distinguish the rooms with different Decton finishes but also with different Tiles that way we can make it feel like Each of the rooms have their own Individuality anywhere we can create That extra personality and depth we're Going for it we got a little quick trip I'll see you guys in two and a half Weeks [Music] On top of my life savings these steel Beams are the reason I'm gonna have to Start selling fit tea on my channel link

Down below now look there's not many Updates that haven't been exciting but This is truly a moment where we've gone From functional I understand the walls The parameters but now I'm starting to Feel the style of this building let me Give you a tour before that thunder Cloud comes and destroys everything First of all look at these incredible Doorways as you can see a little bit Oversized the doors are going to be like 11 feet tall we've got the amazing Wooden frames being put in and we're Just now discussing with the Architects What kind of door we're gonna put in but For me it's got to be solid wood it's Got to be something that feels natural And that is why we've gone with these Stones and each of them are being hand Shaped with a mallet to basically fit Into place with this guy right here he Breaks off the sides and inserts them Wherever they fit basically this man is The jigsaw master Foreign That is a nice boulder and now just do That 10 000 more times that's the painstaking Process of fitting each of these rocks But the outcome I mean worth it it looks So beautiful now check this out guys This is one of our rooms that are Starting to take shape here probably one Of the most ready ones what's so cool

About it is you're gonna have a giant Glass sliding door right here this is All going to be a large garden so you're Going to be surrounded by one Garden Here another Garden in front of you You're basically gonna feel like nothing Around you exists other than a forest But right next door to it is my room and While it's not quite as ready you can Definitely feel just how Grand this Space is going to be as you walk down Into the room you're gonna be greeted by What is easily changu's best view this Is going to be a outside deck because we Want to put sliding doors across every Single room in as many spaces as we can Our prices have skyrocketed and that's Going to be almost a hundred thousand Dollars just in glass and doors God We've been getting a lot of the steel Beams up like pretty much everywhere you Look steel upon steel that's basically How we're going to be able to get such a Huge space with an open concept going Down from the pool deck all the way to These steps right here there's pretty Much a sudden draw landscaper Anton has Gotten back to me with a plan and he's Going to basically fill in this whole Space with hundreds of wheelbarrows of Dirt there's going to be a lot of work Here to basically level off this land so It's not such a steep decline I'm even

More excited than ever before to start Up on that land down below the second Project of the Lost Villas I know I keep Alluding to it a lot of you guys have Been emailing me dming me asking how to Invest how to become a part of it my Goal is to start pre-sale at the end of March so it's coming up soon I'm Hustling hard to get everything in place Ready for you and getting those Finalized designs and renders so stay Tuned and make sure to sign up for the Mailing list if you are interested in Learning more but just know that what Happens down below is going to be one of The best Investments available out there All right let's go take a few steps Downstairs beneath the pool into the Dungeon a little bit muddy But it's a room now when I was here last Time it was actually full of water so it Was more of like a pond in here uh Definitely looking like it's coming Together pretty nicely projector is Likely going to be set up right there And this will be a giant white screen We're gonna have like 150 or 200 inches And you'll have like the sunken sofa in Here to get all cozied up pumped to have My friends over I've already told my Parents the second it's ready I'm flying Them out to come stay with me this right Here is another one of the guest rooms Which is got so much privacy so as you

Guys already know my dream right now is To build a tree house on top of there so That you can get more height over the Property to get beautiful sunsets and Have some high tea have some drinks Celebrate life and as of right now it Seems like I might need to find somebody To design that tree house for me and so I'm actually coming to you guys if any Of you are designers you do Interiors if You sell Furnishings or you do art and You want to be a part of what's going on Here I am looking for support on Lost Villa for other future projects you can Message me team and I'd Love to see what we can do together now Just outside of here this is all meant To be a large pond just the other day I Actually went to the Four Seasons and Had the most remarkable spa treatment And it got me thinking we should try to Build our own spa and Recovery Center Right down here in a very similar Fashion this is what I do I get excited And I come up with new ideas I'm gonna See if we can go and rework that into The landscaping design the last space That I want to share with you guys is That one this is going to be a Zen Courtyard Garden but what if it didn't Become one I actually had another idea Just the other day I'm not married to This being a Japanese loose Rock green Moss garden instead I was also thinking

How cool would it be if it was like a Tulum inspired white sand beach Vibe Where you can basically have a long Dining table a bunch of like pillows to Sit on all around inside this kind of Sand pit in the Middle where you'd have Large palm trees beautiful Greenscapes And all sorts of other Tulum inspired Pieces I guess I'm really curious what You guys think do I go Zen or do I go to Loom and that has been another lost Villa update if you want to be kept up To date with the investment project just Down the hill there then make sure to Sign up with the email list and if you Want to be put in touch with my Contractor my architect or literally Anyone along the way then make sure to Join the email list and we even have a WhatsApp concierge service and let's get Lost again in the next one

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