Building a Jungle Shower Out of Bamboo

By | July 5, 2022

We built an outdoor jungle shower out of bamboo on our land in Costa Rica! One of the first things we knew we wanted to build on our land was an outdoor shower. Siya decided to take on the build himself and was able to design, plan and complete it in a couple of days. The result is pretty amazing! I mean, once you take a shower with monkeys and birds in the trees above and butterflies and hummingbirds flying just inches away, it's hard to go back to indoor showering. When it came to choosing the shower head for our outdoor shower, we went with the Nebia by Moen Quattro for the many reasons we talk about in this video. Whether you're building your own outdoor shower or looking to make your indoor shower into more of an ”experience” you'll want to go with the Nebia by Moen Quattro. Starting at $119, you can get yours by clicking here:

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0:00 – 1:03 Finding the Perfect Shower Design
1:03 – 2:02 Our Supplies
2:02 – 3:12 Kristen's Sustainable Journey
3:12 – 5:11 Testing the Shower
5:11 – 8:42 Bamboo Search
8:42 – 12:58 Building the Shower
12:58 – 13:18 Installing the Nebia by Moen Quattro Handshower
13:18 – 15:38 Taking a Shower

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[Applause] We are now living in beautiful costa Rica this isn't our house though we're Renting a house for a few months while We're prepping our land that's maybe Like half an hour away from here for the Past five years we've lived in our Airstream luna we traveled all around Canada we traveled all around the united States and then we shipped our airstream Here to costa rica when we were Designing our land we planned where our Main house was going to be our guest House where the airstream we wanted to Have like a little bonfire and a key Feature to our land was going to be an Outdoor shower After tons of research and looking at Pinterest photos We found Our perfect outdoor shower [Music] Most of the shower is built using bamboo Which is the world's most sustainable Building material now i have to figure Out how to actually build an outdoor Shower These are our supplies Nebia by moen quattro hand shower and it Comes with four unique sprays each mode Saves about fifty percent of our water Consumption which is important to us Living a sustainable lifestyle there's a Version that comes with a fixed rain

Shower or a handheld with magnetic Docking we went for the handheld to make It easier to wash our daughter and our Dog the double shelf is large enough to Hold my loofahs body scrubbers shampoo Conditioner and body wash the bamboo Well we don't have that yet but we're Working on it and the quick dry mat made From diatomaceous earth which is a Silica based material basically rock Round into a fine powder it's germ and Mold resistant it's non-slip and it Dries almost instantly okay this thing Is amazing i i don't know how this works But i put a bit of water on it and it Like Evaporates it just evaporated right away It was really ridiculous [Music] [Applause] I am very passionate about living an Organic non-toxic sustainable Eco-friendly life as best as i possibly Can and i'm always learning when i was In india for six months and this was Like 12 years ago i was surrounded by Other people who are living in a more Conscious way and i've applied what i've Learned Into my life and a couple of years ago When we re-renovated our airstream for The second time I wanted to make sure it was as Non-toxic organic and eco-friendly as

Possible so from our bedding to our like Mattresses our pillows our sheets To Our cushions our pillows on our couch to How we treated the wood all over our our Airstream the paint that we use it's Everything as much as i possibly could And when it came to our airstream shower We used the nebia system because it Allowed you to conserve the water but Also have a really spa-like amazing Shower experience so we knew that when We were gonna build this jungle shower That we had to go with nebia again Right now there's no running water on Our land that's probably going to be Installed in the next few weeks but we Want to test this shower now so we're Going to pre-build it here In the backyard of this rental house Make sure it works and then take it down Move it to our land and install it there If this fits in I think we're good Oh It fits it fits Does that mean we're professional like Shower makers i don't know or Makeshift plumbers Look at this So i'll make this look nicer for the end Result but i just want to do a test to Make sure we have the right parts To even make this thing turn on this is

Our new cat What's your name kitty Meow there's a spider in there you Definitely don't want that In your shower Hello cat My name is cherry cherry cherry cherry This hose hasn't been turned on in a few Months since we shipped the airstream to Costa rica so whoa i just want to Get rid of any debris that might be in There there's probably going to be a lot Of leakage Happening here because i haven't put Plumbing tape on the inside once i do That there shouldn't be any leakage but I'm assuming that this is going to leak [Applause] [Applause] Oh it feels great oh God again [Laughter] [Music] Right now i'm headed to a bamboo shop Near san jose which is the capital of Costa rica it's like a 45 minute drive From here And They said that they have a lot of bamboo To choose from [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] [Music] So that was a bit of a bust the bamboo That they have here uh isn't the right Bamboo that we need it's also different Thicknesses so it's like fat at the Bottom and then gets skinny at the top Which would leave gaps in our wall for Our shower so It's not going to work there's another Place called bambootico which i was Referred to by a few other people it's Like Four or five hours away from here they Make furniture with bamboo they make Cutlery with bamboo they Sell raw bamboo we got on the phone with Them and the lady said that if we send Her our specs what we need how many Pieces of bamboo they have the perfect Stuff for it it would be waterproof and They could possibly ship it to us So i'm gonna do that now i'll send her My specs and we'll see How much it's gonna cost [Music] This bamboo is even more beautiful than I thought it was going to be it's so Smooth Looks beautiful It's got like a coating on it i guess eh It's like a little Sticky to protect it Gorgeous it's so beautiful like i didn't

Think it was gonna be This beautiful right it's yeah wow This makes The shower yeah this absolutely makes The shower wow i could never have done This i could never have Made this This takes years of experience So so it's all one piece like it looks Like they've cut holes And then there's a wire that's running Through it Wow there's one wire here one wire here And i guess one at the bottom too Three right over there ready [Music] Perfect for the shower i measured are You ready everything's good looking good Yeah it is like amazing here it's fun Kai do you like it no Maybe we have to move you a little bit Are you gonna lock me in here You locking me in here Today's the day we put the whole shower Together bamboo arrived yesterday we set It up it looks so beautiful i can't wait For you guys to see it and now i'm just Gonna put all the plumbing together we Know it works so now i'm just gonna Stick it together with this uh this tape Around the thread so that we don't have Any leaks And i'm also gonna use This

Piece of bamboo This beautiful piece of bamboo that's That's thicker than the rest In order To hide the plumbing Look how good that looks I'm really hoping all this works the way I have it in my mind so far so good [Music] [Music] Yep you turn this right yep No you can't do that i know i mean when I'm grown up when you're grown up yes Okay let's get to work And put it over here in this box Did it Yep Grab those two Put them in the box [Music] I've never worked with bamboo before so This is a total new learning experience The way bamboo grows is there's like Natural plugs right halfway Through At each of these little seams So i want to This Should fit and i can I can Open that create a hole so that the pipe Goes right through [Music] [Music]

[Music] [Music] Fits [Music] That looks really cool look at that I probably should have put this tape on After though because now it's kind of Ruined from being jammed through the Bamboo there's a problem This is where i need to make a hole Inside the bamboo but my bit Barely makes it doesn't even make it So I have to Add an attachment Which will make it work But this is what it looks like What is that It's it's meant for like screwing things In like around a corner or you know at a Weird angle because the airstream is Full of weird angles so i had to get one But this should work [Music] And we're in It's coming together how good does this Look Now that the bamboo is covered or that Now that the pipe is covered it looks Pretty cool look at you Making showers out of bamboo No big deal [Music] [Applause]

Time for my not first jungle shower but The first jungle shower and one we made Ourselves So we don't actually know how it's gonna Work it also does not have hot water Oh wow oh wow Oh my god that's so nice It's cold but it's nice oh my gosh [Music] In a shower like this like it's hard to Get out but luckily The system conserves as much water as Possible so I could technically take a longer shower But it would like match a regular shower Inside right right [Music] [Applause] So [Music] So [Music] [Music] You come over here [Music] Like why would you have any other kind Of shower if you can have one in the Jungle it's so nice There's palm trees there's vines there's Flowers There could be a monkey above me one day Who knows Birds and butterflies hummingbirds And just the sounds of it all

So nice [Applause] [Music] [Applause] You

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