BRAVE KID ADVENTURES on Hilton Head Island

By | July 31, 2022

A special THANK YOU to Hilton Head for hosting us this week. We are so grateful to have finally experienced such a special place. If you have never been, we highly recommend it! Here are some links to some of the wonderful activities and restaurants we experienced.
Visit Hilton Head : , @visithiltonheadSouth Carolina Tourism : 

Our Airbnb host : BESTNEST By Beverly Serral :


Our VRBO : 

We stayed in : Sea Pines Resort @SeaPinesResort 

Coastal Discovery Museum : , @CoastalDiscoveryMuseum

Sea Turtle Conservation : Sea Turtle Patrol Hilton Head Island :

Our Bike Rentals : Wheelz Of Hilton Head :

Our sailboat excursion : Vagabond Cruise , @VagabondCruise 

Restaurants :Hudson’s Seafood House on the Docks @HudsonsSeafood
Skull Creek Boathouse @SkullCreekBoathouse Quarterdeck @QuarterdeckHiltonHead
Board and Basket @BoardAndBasketHHI #BoardAndBasketHHI


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What's up kelly stop We got root beer foods today yeah ready For adventure cali You're about to go bungee jumping my Name's callie i'm four years old And i just conquered i just conquered This rope course Good morning from hilton head south Carolina [Music] Are you sorry All right okay i had a little tube Thank you bud Hey manila got it for you bud Say thank you brother [Music] Okay [Music] Oh thank you [Music] All right we are just arriving almost to The house jessica already is just Drooling over everything she's seeing Literally hands up a little bit wow look At these houses Look at that We're in this area What's up who are we here with jack kay And lucy and natalie and alex i think You found a new favorite place and i Think that you You asked the other day would you trade Hilton head for hawaii you don't even Don't even don't even say it yes and it

Was offensive I love it here we've actually been Trying to come to hilton head for years Uncovered some stuff getting in the way But we're finally finally here and this Week was Natural Looks like we made it Look how far we've come my baby [Music] [Music] You still Is [Music] Is Always true [Music] The only one i Dreamed yeah [Music] [Music] It is Hi Hello sir And when we also rode our bikes we also Saw alligators Dorothy's terrified of them The kids are right There are in fact alligators look at his Eyes looking right at you There's another turtle in there too It's the ones that took instagram So now we're going to talk about the Turtles

They're called There's vogel Water had turtles there are seven types Of turtles There's seven types of turtles and the Main one here is the Logo hedge All right it is Four a.m what what are we doing mom oh We got turtle patrol this morning we're Gonna go look for turtles the kids are Fastest late yesterday oh so you're Still like we're a little jet-lagged but It's all good anything for turtles all Right let's go let's hop out anything For turtles What a cool car Sometimes i land on another moon I thank god i'm breathing And then i pray Don't take me soon I am here for a reason [Music] Look how cute this is ready Oh my gosh 122. 122 113. How many do you guess 100 100. But there's so many eggs and one of them I had a sign that says the bucket list Family on it The hatchlings come out they'll be like Oh We didn't know Okay they lay 128

Per nest perfect 100. You guessed it spot on babe [Music] Around and then it falls out at the Bottom Dorothy you try you can't even reach the Bottom dorothy see if you can reach the Bottom Sometimes they get so deep yeah that we Have to lay on our stomachs to get all The way down there Can you reach the vada Oh look above that oh look look at the Pelicans Oh a wonderful bird is a pelican you see Him All of them and there's a leader look at The leader Kelly who's the leader in our family Roman army Loggerhead turtles Weigh up to 400 pounds One out of 1 000 turtles Survive To be a grown adult It's important to turn off your lights At night so the turtles don't get Confused if you don't get confused on Them feel like you like your ass at Night [Music] [Music] Or just in case it passes and what they Believe is right

Even if all it provides is [Music] A girl in south carolina Standing in the sweet summer wind [Music] Girl in south carolina [Music] That i'll never talk to again Wow [Music] [Applause] [Music] This view is pretty sick [Applause] [Laughter] That was a great normal jump A gray jazz boring Normal pencil jump All right so i'm going to get above the Highest thing in the world Check it out [Music] That's what we're all about [Music] [Music] [Music] Just become [Music] I'm gonna jump Right in i tried We also Did a ropes course it was so Fun and it was really big There's lots of obstacles and dad was

The Most scared we're not going on and You're playing what are we doing Oh ropes course I'm scared of heights I'm not scared okay I'm friends Kelly i'm here for you you just walked To me [Music] You're doing it buddy almost to my hand You're so brave [Music] Wow callie you see my hand Mom's got you wow mom Wow mom Yeah kelly you see my hand Got it Minion how are you doing Is this too hard All right you're cruising Too Easy around this sit on your bum That's a trust fall right there [Music] Wow dorothy Oh he's cruising All right big kids hey dorothy midnight You be careful okay All right step up Step up We got you okay You're all good good job buddy great job Kelly you're being super brave

You got it buddy you're doing great [Music] Mom you're a superhero Babe how symbolic of this is our family And why we're alive all because of mom All the way to my hand you are almost There Yes Yes Look you're ninja i got you kelly i'm so Proud of you how was that one good is This too scary are you having fun All right You want to keep going [Music] All right just one more We got one more mom You want this to be one more Do you need my hand or you got it Oh jeez hey well done We brave mom What do we got next What What is this Okay uh Really cool just go down and then it's Gonna mean just go down just slide off Yeah you're gonna into what you're Ziplining No Do we need that rope no Why are there pine needles on the bottom Like it's never been used before You go first you can ah

What do it stop pushing me i'll tell you I gotta take my all right so we just Slide off the slide Uh why are there pine needles like it's Never been used before at the bottom of The slide well you used to don't make it That far All right trust is in your hands Hate this guy full send it after a full Day of just encouraging my kids to be Brave i have never been more scared Both of them Channel you're christy Mother you got this one pestering me From behind Go i can't i really can't i'm really hot Gosh No ah That was the worst [Music] Go for it Got it That one was fun huh Great i love you give yourself a push Look at that Oh goodbye There's a rub grab this rope Dorothy's got you Wow good job team we did it so when you Swing towards me i'll reach my arm out And grab you okay so just try to get to This step and then look for my arm Okay two arms on that rope yep Try to get to the step

Get nice Mom you wanna do the same Yeah Oh no [Music] All right mom just get to that step Lunge yourself forward And then find my arm Oh reach yourself a little lower Hold on a little lower i think Where was your uh what's your review It's so fun everybody survived my name's Callie my name's callie i'm four years Old And i just conquered i just conquered Just rope course smoke courage we loved Hillary it was so fun thank you so much To hilton head we had an absolute blast I'm putting a link to all the activities And all the restaurants that we ate up Below check them out two things from me First of all Tell me this is the best tourism board We have ever worked with absolutely Right yep major props major thanks to The tourism board for just arranging Like the most beautiful Itinerary and just activities and homes Just being so thoughtful To our family especially with kids like It takes special Thought and care and preparation and They went above and beyond for us and we Felt it and we're so grateful second

Thing You your family you need to come Experience something this place is Awesome this place is awesome we If If i were to explain what hill and head Feels like it feels like summer camp for Families you come so many things to do Everyone's in a good mood it's summer It's magic good food it's music Like all ages it's one of those things Where you're like i'm gonna come back Here with my whole family my mom would Love it my brothers would love it my Nieces and nephews would love it It's awesome I hate to admit it but you were right Oh it's so dreamy i love it Let's move to hillary all right until Next time thanks everyone What's your favorite part of today [Music] Right now right now [Music]

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