Book Direct or with a 3rd Party like Expedia?

By | December 28, 2022

One of the big questions in travel is if you should buy your plane tickets or hotels direct from the provider or if you should use a third party like Expedia or Skyscanner. Well, you can find great deals on third party websites, but there may be issues if things go awry. That is why we typically buy direct from airlines or hotels for that piece of mind.
Filmed in New York City
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Hey there fellow Travelers Mark here With Walter's world and today we're in New York City and today we're going to Answer a question from you Joe yusho Wrote Walter's world is it better for me To buy my flights direct from the Airlines or can I use a third-party Service like Expedia well I'll be honest With you I always buy my tickets direct From the airlines however I will use a Site like or or or you know these sites To look and find what cheap options are Out there and then I will go direct to That Airlines website and book a ticket Because if you use a third party your Money goes to the third party and then It goes to the airline whereas if you Are booked directly the airline it just Goes your money goes the airline so Anything happens their money just comes Back from them instead of having going Through a third party that can cause Issues also if you book through a third Party one if you do airline miles you Might not get your airline miles for Flying with that Airline because it's a Third party deal also so if things go Wrong and there's problems to fly There's cancellations third party Purchases are sometimes the ones that Are the first ones to ask to bye-bye off The plane that they have to Unvoluntarily uh not give the flight to

So that's another reason why but Honestly for me I prefer to go direct With the airlines because then I have a Direct line of communication whether It's a phone call a Twitter an email There's something on hey hey I'm on your Flight because if something happens in The flight a lot of the airlines will Just tell you I'm sorry you need to talk To your third party vendor Expedia Priceline whatever okay so my general Advice search for the third party wants To find a good flight and then book it Direct with that Airline now the thing Is though sometimes those third-party Sites have such good deals because They're buying tickets and hotels and Groups so they get sometimes a better Deal than than you might find and that Is something you might miss out on but For certain trips I'm not willing to Take the chance that if something bad Happens but it doesn't always happen but It is something I think you should know When you're trying to debate do I go Third party or an Airlines so the thing Is the prices are closed you always want To book direct with the airline same Thing with your hotels book your hotels Directly with them makes life a lot Easier collecting your points if there's Any issues they can deal with it by Themselves and not have to go through Somebody else and their return policies

Okay and the thing is those companies Like XP like Priceline they do a nice Job too and they have good customer Service too but I'm trying to answer This question it's really what do you do Do you book direct or third party and I Always book to read just because I like That peace of mind all right so what has Been your experiences booking direct Versus with third parties good bad or Somewhere in between let us know in the Comment section below and if you have Questions for us put it down in the Comments as well and we'll try to make Videos to answer your questions in Future videos indeed have a great time I'll say bye from here in New York City

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