Bolzano: The Don’ts of Visiting Bolzano, Italy

By | October 29, 2022

What to do & Not do when you visit Bolzano, Italy. Bolzano is a city that represents both Austria and Italy in its cuisine, architecture, and culture. For travelers in the Dolomites or northern Italy Bolzano makes a wonderful day or two stop over. Take in Otzi the Iceman or walk under the porticos lining the main shopping street. Bolzano is famous for its Christmas market during the holidays as well. Tourist information on Bolzano, Italy
Filmed in Bolzano, Italy

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Ciao fellow Travelers or should I say Grouse got fellow Travelers Mark here With Walter's world and today we're in Bolsano Italy though when you come here You'll swear that you got off when you Were in Austria because bolsano Definitely has an Austrian Vibe because Don't think this place was always in Italy because actually was part of Austria for a while that's why when you See Walters statue on voltesplatz when He's there looking he's looking to the South toward Italy because when it was Built this was in Austria so just Remember that when you're here and today What we have for you are the don'ts of Visiting bolsano Italy and I think Another thing you need to realize is a Lot of people come here to visit botsano For the coolest guy in Europe and I Gotta tell you don't think it's weird if You go to a museum that's dedicated to a Frozen human popsicle who's been frozen For 5 000 years yes it'd see the Iceman You know of the 19 different History Channel documentaries yeah he's here There's actually a museum just for him In the suit tiwola archeology Museum and They actually found him relatively close To here near the Austrian border and I'm Going to tell you right now don't bring Up the fact that it was only about 95 to 100 meters into Italy when they found it Because the austrians are still a little

Bitter about that one but I will say When you go there don't expect to see a Lot of Etsy because you literally get a Window about this big to look at him and You gotta wait in the line so Liam and I Went in there together to kind of see Them at the same time and then Jocelyn Came in so the Line to See Him can be a Bit long and you don't really get to Like look at them a lot also don't think You can take pictures of them as well The entire floor where utsi is in his Refrigerator and they have his clothing And his arrows you can't take any Pictures there so don't think you can Take pictures of them when you're here And also don't forget to reserve your Time slot to go see him because you can Just come up and wait in line and get in They have that but when it gets really Busy especially here in the summer or During the trip Christmas time when the Christmas Market's here the lines can be Pretty long and you can just go online And reserve a spot and you don't even Pay for the ticket online you just Reserve your spot and then you have that Like fast pass line to go in which is Really good so make sure you check that Out but but you know what there's plenty Of other things to do here aside from Talking about let's see the Iceman all Right and I really want to kind of go Into something that was important that I

Alluded to before and that is don't be Surprised if you feel like you're in Austria when you are here because like I Said it was part of Austria for a long Time and so when you're looking at the Architecture when you're looking at the People when you're looking at the food You will definitely get much more of a Austria Vibe than an Italy Vibe now You'll see the Italian you know Influence here and there with the shops And the pasta and pizza is still Available here it's not all canoodle and Schwetzel here and pretzels though there Are a lot but that is something I think You want to know and that's why Something that's going to be interesting For you is don't be surprised if you Hear more German here then you hear Italian because still a lot of people Are speaking German when live here and So when you're here like when we went Out to eat I ordered in German I talked To people in German when I was at the Shops I spoke German when I was at the Museum I spoke German I speak both German and Italian and it was easy to do The Germans I felt people were more Likely to go to German first when you're Here so make sure you remember Danka Which is thank you in German right and Yeah which is yes in German and nine Which is no in German because there is That here if you want to kind of have it

Reinforced in your mind that this was Actually a former part of Austria Remember this is called sutiro so South Troll but it's in the northern part of Italy yeah because the other part is up In Austria now as I've alluded to before Don't expect to find a lot of pasta and Pizza when you're here in balsano that's Not why you come here you come here for The bolsano food the Austrian food You're having your canoodle the Dumplings yeah maybe a spinach dumpling Or a bread dumpling or liver dumpling Soup you might have that the shpatsu the Their pasta they love from here with Some cheese in it oh my goodness the oh The pretzels when you're here these big Soft pretzels you're gonna just gnaw When you're here or just the desserts And you're having this strudel that's Here or go to one of the bakeries or the Cafes here and sit down and have the Cakes that are here it's very very Different Cafe cake eating here than in Other parts of Italy so take advantage Of that and when you're walking around You're gonna notice that different vibe With uh with the architecture and Obviously with the mountains all around It's just a gorgeous place and what I Want to say is don't pass up the potichi Which is basically don't pass up the Porticos here because what you'll see is There's some streets here that just have

Porticos where all the shops are in the Portico so there's the road here and Then the walls come up and then you have This all this enclosed space so if You're here in the winter time and it's Snowy and cold which it does get here You're protected from the elements and It's really kind of a beautiful walk to Go down and yes there's the the local Shops are there and of course the you Know traditional you know Zara kind of Shops are there as well so you have that But the Portico are really pretty to Walk through okay and I know I said when It's winter time those Portage here Really helpful but also they're really Helpful in the summertime too because I Want to tell you this don't think just Because we're here in the mountains that It's actually cool here in the summer it Actually gets very hot here in the Summer so you will want to be doing your Shorts and t-shirts if you're going to Be coming here in the summertime but Don't worry if you come at Christmas Time you'll have a snowy Christmas all Right so it does get chilly in the Winter now another thing I think is Important for all of our Walters World Fans here is don't think that Volta Platz is named after me no no Walter Plaza is named after somebody completely Different sadly it's not my square but Honestly you want to go to valte plots

Um or or Piazza di Walter and it's just This pretty square with restaurants all Around you get some ice cream there get Your cafe or whatever and enjoy a cake Or something or they actually have pasta And pizza that's Square too but you can Have the local food as well but it's Really beautiful and right there is the Duomo the cathedral or the Dome you can Go there and when you look at the Cathedral you really get a feeling like Wait a minute I don't really feel like I'm in Italy right now because the the Duomo the cathedral definitely has much More of an Austrian feel than an Italian Feel okay and so I think to go along With it obviously don't skip out on Going into the Duomo into the cathedral Because it is beautiful to check out and And there are a number of beautiful Churches to see when you're here you've Got the Dominican church you can go to You can go to Franciscan Monastery to See that I mean there's a lot of Ecclesiastical things you can visit in This town it's not just eating Austrian Food and drinking the good beer when You're here and and I think drinking a Good beer reads me to another don't I Have for you don't forget to have a Drink when you're here the thing is the Best beers in Italy are brewed here by Balsano so you need like a forest beer Which is my favorite Italian beer to

Have you can grab that but there's a lot Of local Brews you can have here but Also the more important local brew that You'll see that around here is when You're taking the train in you're gonna See all those Vineyards and there's Fantastic wine here so don't pass up a Chance to do a Vineyard tour because There are so many here to have and if You're going have some of those great Wines there's a lot of the white wines You know you've got the the Reese things That are here but there's also red wines You can have when you hear that the Grind is one that we really liked and Then there's the red wines the same Magdalena which was nice but honestly The Le grind was way better for us Another white wine you might want to Have when you're here is the gavoots Tamina that's also really nice for like A cool white wine to have another Dome I Do have for you when you're here in Bolsano is if you're more used to the Way outgoing super friendly Italian Nature of other parts of Italy you might Not get as much of that here in balsano When you're shopping and eating as you Do in other parts of Italy they're not Bad it's just not that same Thing I invite Friendliness and outgoingness so just Want to give you the heads up on that One which I'm sure people will point out

Because this was not part of Italy until About 100 years ago so I do understand That but I just want people to come in Here to make sure they do understand the Difference that you're going to have When it comes to service when you're Here in bolsano versus other parts of Italy just letting you know and I would Be remiss if I don't talk about the hot Dog stands or the dirt stands that are Around here in both sondo because you Can get quesa cleaner this is my Favorite bratwurst kind of thing it's Got a little just extra bit of cheesy Deliciousness in there you can obviously Grab the pretzels like Liam did they've Got hot dogs they have Vice verse which Is white sausage that's always good but You get all kinds of good stuff in your Hair when you're on the go so don't Forget to grab these two when you're Eating here in Baltimore okay and Another thing you'll see when you're Coming in on the train is you're going To see all the beautiful mountains Around here we are in the capital of the Dolomites this is one of the most Popular places for Italians to come and Do hiking and wandering in the mountains Because they're gorgeous mountains to Visit when you're here so my dump for That is don't forget and don't pass up a Chance to do some hikes to go explore The dolomites because it is gorgeous

When you're here whether you're hiking Whether you're going to take one of the Funiculars up oh yeah don't pass up one Of the funiculars to go up there and Visit some of these places it's gorgeous To explore the mountains renting a car And going around and honestly don't be Afraid to run a car when you're here to Go explore around this area because There's a lot of great Villages and Towns nearby in other cities you can see Very very easily and very very quickly From here and I think one of the things That the car is going to help you for And you can do some of these by walking Is don't skip out on going to some of The castles that are here by bolsano the Moracchio castle is nearby it's not that Far to get to you can actually walk to That one but probably the one that's Most famous is the roncolo castle or the Castello roncolo because they have all Of the um risque frescoes that people Like to take pictures of and and get Postcards for and send with their Friends back home to make them feel Uncomfortable and it shows up at their Door you know so you have a number of Casserole on here that you can go Explore so definitely go out and do that Don't just stay in the town now don't Feel you have to wander outside the town Because there's so much to see when You're here whether you're going to Casa

Del anime where all the little market Stalls are or like I told you the Portici you can walk through there just Take it in the architecture and in here And the atmosphere is really great The Piazza del Grano there's a lot of Different things you can see and do to Wander around in the city but honestly If you can get out explore and go to Those castles and see the the churches In the hills and stuff it's just in the Mountains it's just it's just gorgeous When you're here when you see the Scraggly Dolomite Peaks it just it just Adds the adventure and one thing I got To tell you is don't forget to fortify Yourself before you go on these hikes And you go adventuring well fortifying Yourself and letting people know where You're gonna go and know your hikes and Having the right gear but also don't Forget to go to those pastry shops and Those bakeries so go to a liquor when You are here to get some of the good Treats so you can fortify yourself for The hike ahead and I think it's Important for me to mention it look Don't think botsano is just an ice man In a church in some mountains there's Actually a number of museums that are Here you got the Messer Mountain Museum You got a Nature Museum here you got Museum of Mercantile a Mercantile Museum To talk about like trade and stuff so

It's actually kind of cool because this Area really was a trade hub for a long Time and it is still a relatively decent Business Center as well and then I gotta Say if you can come here at Christmas Time Don't skip out on coming here at Christmas time because they have Probably some of the best Christmas Markets in Italy to come visit and the Thing is when you come here you're more Likely to have that snow and Christmas Vibe and that that hot wine will just Hit a little bit nicer and that that Warm apple strudel would just go down a Little bit better than anywhere else You're gonna have it when you are in Italy during the holidays so I hope this Helps you know a bit better what to do And not to do when you do come here to Pulsano if you want to learn more go Over to our Walters World East Channel We actually have a video on what to eat When you come here to bolsano so I'll Say bye from here from the dolomites

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