BOAT TOUR! Our Arctic Expedition Vessel! ( Part 2/5 )

By | November 7, 2022

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[Music] Thank you When you're in svalbard surrounded by Arctic conditions the feeling of Adventure is Indescribable It's no surprise that there have been Many famous explorers in this part of The world including perhaps the most Famous amundsen whom the Norwegians that We've met are intensely proud of In many ways today's episode can be Thought of as meeting a 100 year old Explorer You can feel the history coming through Her wooden decks in the imperfections of Her hole the grain of the wood in the Boom and the stitches of her repaired Sails there's something about stepping Aboard a vessel for the first time Nervous excitement anxious trepidation The feeling that precedes Adventure we Were about to learn all about this Vessel where she'd been the lives that She had touched and the dreams that she Had fulfilled on her journey through the Arctic and around the world [Music] So all these vessels here in the marina Are mostly powerful Adventure boats Expedition boats with engines or really Heavy sailboats mostly amount of Aluminum I haven't seen a fiberglass Boat yet Here it is these guys finish touring

This area in two weeks time because it's Winter icebergs it's all snowed in we're Like the last trip Oh sick That is pretty kid friendly Look how high the edges are there's no Way darling's climbing over that yes Christian I'm so happy right good Morning how you going mate morning Last week the LA Vagabond crew arrived In Oslo Traveled North to Long Urban with the Rare free time we've found ourselves With moving from our old boat to our new Trimaran we're about to weigh anchor and We couldn't be more thrilled with our New surroundings [Music] So Christian has let us come on board a Day early when they're changing Everything out they're bringing Suppliers on taking supplies off and Elena and I have pressured him into Letting us come on board we can film This video for you guys before we set Sail tonight so everything's just in Chaos and turmoil at the moment it's Exciting yeah Adventure yes we have About eight hours to get everything Ready for the next trip yeah and we're Interrupting so that's why I don't worry This is the first time we're seeing uh Not In 1910 which makes it 112 years old uh

And it's a twin mastered schooner Very heavy I'll put the weight here First up we're going to check out the Bow sprit and rigging hang on can you Hold this awk health and safety isn't a Massive thing on this boat we would not Be allowed to do this on other trips This is awesome all right Indeed [Music] I'm going to do a polar punch I just Realized I don't need you yeah would it it's so Cold yeah Do it So I've got three head sales and two Marks so there's a sail there That's the furthest forwards than this One And then there's one there So I'm just going around looking at all The ringing there's a lot of different Things to think about I'm always going Okay well if the weather Came up it was massive Squall came and It goes from 30 knots to 60 or something Like that what would I do and I've got To be honest I'd have no idea at All what to do on this boat I'm looking Around and I'm picking up a few Different things but this is just a Completely completely different animal So what Elena and I have been dealing With over the last eight years I'm

Really looking forward to seeing just How they do it like even how they get Off the dock Yeah Speaking of leaving the dock let's go And check out the anchor chain [Music] Put your hand on Christian is that a good ringer yeah Okay this is the anchor area uh I'm not Gonna touch it but Don't touch anything a lot of Work oh Elena you're not suggesting that We're going to turn that to pull up the Anchor are you Yeah no is this just a backup that's I Don't know what that is but we're not Spinning that to pull up the anchor any Old chips though they do this no babe Again we have no idea like a butterfly Trying to lift a car So we're debating whether to put this in The video and I've convinced Elena she Said oh but I don't want to seem dumb But we're going to leave it in aren't we Babe because that's why we love you [Laughter] No no no it's like how could you Possibly know how to pick up the anchor On a brand new boat Now for some parts of the boat that I Myself am definitely more familiar with The four deck and the help this is the Four deck and you can see the hatches

Here pop up there's little ladders Inside I'm seeing some beautiful Further opportunities here like this is So picturesque And this ladies and gentlemen is one of My favorite words in all of marine Lexicon the Foxhole [Music] So they've got a backup dinghy they're Having their real one at the back and They have three life rafts on this boat No This is so cool I think you could handle her in a storm Five you're a hell of a Helms one Thanks don't know how to anger I Wouldn't know how to Anchor Geez this is an ancient gear I've got Here it's held together with duct tape This is the quarter deck Q is for Quarterback that's actually um one of The letters in my abc book I'm releasing For little Sailors a little kid book so Welcome to the court attack this is the Other life raft Look at how beautiful this boom is With all the lashings down and holding The sail down It's just stunning one of the reasons Why they told us to bring knee-high Boots which I actually didn't Because I didn't want to buy another Pair of boots I'll probably regret that Later but uh it's because this is the

Dinghy and getting to the beach can be Difficult sometimes it's Gotta jump in The water looks pretty good I don't know What horsepower the engine is just yet It's a four-stroke Yamaha looks like it Might be 20 maybe a 20. can I sit on This the Driftwood drone yes you can The Driftwood throne [Applause] That's short for us [Laughter] [Music] And here Marco yes yes it's also the Navigation Chasing our captain down below we Arrived in the navigation room Captain's Quarters and crew quarters they're going Out of their way to let us explore on The change over day so this is It's they Keep apologizing for how messy it is but It's not so in here we have the Emergency rules the muscle list so we've Got the different rules of what happens In case of an emergency okay it's a Firefighting Abandon Ship Man Overboard Yep we're also going to do some drills We're doing for example an abandoned Chip drill yeah we change quite a lot of Crews so also a fire drill will be done Soonish most likely we do that this Evening or with the crew on board So how to wear a survival suits and yeah Yeah this is our small office which is Very crowded at the moment so we have to

Make a bit space yeah and over there There's a reindeer antlers oh yeah yeah So maybe we'll make a galleon's head out Of it we'll be cool why not This is the captain's horn It's not very luxurious Fabian uh no it Isn't this is crew quarters just a bunch Of bunks and apparently they have a new Bathroom oh this is news [Music] Is that the rum this is where you can Find the rock so we call it the wine Cellar yeah yeah and there is all the Storage uh of the of the drinks yeah the Rum and wine I love this it's a real part but yeah This is the Gun Locker and as you can See Captain only so Polar bear so it's really important to Have that stuff around so don't get Excited you Americans now to show you Where we'll mostly be hanging out during Our Voyage welcome to the saloon so this Appears to be the main sort of saloon Area where everyone hangs out we've got Some safety equipment here I'm going to Open this door laundry Ah that's a Relief thank you Woohoo jealous Elena Does that mean food's ready food ready Yeah yeah anything this is where we'll Be chilling there's a globe Oh is that a heater yeah and look at That that is just gorgeous too heavy for

A carbon trim around of course but very Very beautiful [Music] Oh Foreign [Music] Future here in the tropics where you'll Be joining us in video in only a few Weeks in the meantime I want to quickly Jump in here to share with you today's Sponsor who are doing incredible things For people from all around the world Including me I'm so happy to be living In a time where health and wellness is Considered to be cool and Noom has been A really great tool for me on my fitness Journey providing me with that little Bit of routine and holding me Accountable for my daily choices amongst All the Mayhem of traveling kids videos Numerous science base which we love and They use proven psychology and cognitive Behavioral therapy techniques to help Guide us into making sustainable changes For the better and they have great Recipes on here which is one of the Features I love as well as the ability To log your meals when I was trying to Lose some extra kilos after having a Second baby how many calories myself was Never going to happen I love that gnome Can easily do that for me when I just Type in what I've eaten for the day and Voila and they also use a color system

For foods which has definitely made me More aware of what I'm consuming the Green foods not to be shy on yellow to Enjoy in moderation and orange to be More careful of if you'd like to learn More about nutrition and help with Tracking your water intake and your Fitness and just learn how to change bad Habits we all have them Noom also Provides you with trained coaches real People and I can tell you the group chat Has definitely inspired me on Sundays to Just get out there and do it you can Click the link in the description to Take your free Noom evaluation it Doesn't take too long by answering a few Questions they'll come up with a custom Plan for you to help you achieve your Fitness goals you can just visit forward slash SLV or click the Link in the description below back to The Arctic we'd only scratched the Surface with our bow tour but for now we Had to hit pause and head back to our Motel to pack up before checkout time Then we'd grab the two wombats and Rachel and officially move aboard the Norda league with the rest of her Passengers Since we've come into the cold and been Traveling a lot we've managed to get our Packing time from unacceptable all the Way down to not not too bad at all which I'm very happy with we're very

Experienced now with packing our winter Clothes and bags and children's bags and Children's winter clothes and we're very Efficient and makes me happy [Music] I don't think I lost my gloves but I Cannot find them and I don't want to Risk not having them because you just Can't be outside on the boat without Gloves can't touch anything So we're gonna get a bus I'm just in Case just a real cheap cat [Music] Difficult Amelia [Music] Come on Lenny push it that's a boy good Man there we go time to explore the Cabins deep deep down in the hull of the Ship This thing is huge I thought that was a Mirror like reflecting this room but It's in fact another room just as big so Where are we this is like the lounge Room I would say it's not the saloon Downstairs Saloon not sure where people Would eat and drink rum you want to come This way yeah that we're moving forwards At the moment and it is These are all the crow chords I'll put How many rooms it has up here on the Screen I'm going to Ask a minute how many rooms does this Have Ben this has ten rooms Kevin's not rooms cabins yes come on

Gotta get the lingo right [Music] This is mine Come on give it back to your little Brother next up we're checking out this Monster of an engine room okay so I've Got Marco the captain here and Daniel The boson presumably you've got one Engine uh yeah it won't mean engine this Is this guy over here yeah or uh how Many horsepower is that is about 250 Kilowatts so it's uh a good 300 350 Horsepower it's an old caterpillar uh D343 yeah a legendary engine Girls Follow the yellow monster of Course requires quite some maintenance And love and occasionally something Break down but it's very repairable Engine so we can see this one going for Another few years before depending on The speed It's about 20 liters an hour economic You've got three generations on board as Well yeah three generators Um the winds at the moment are from the West so that means we have had winds if The winds change a little bit and They're not headwinds anymore we might Hoist some canvas the entire crew was so Welcoming and surprisingly to us all Fairly young it was so good to see to Help keep us safe the crew ran us Through a pretty thorough safety Briefing which put a lot of us at ease

Until only moments later when I noticed That a certain someone had gone Walkabout and no it wasn't the children This is uh this is the other cool spot To hang out up here what a view hi And I shall read to you a bit about the History of the nordelict the nordelict Which I'm going to pronounce incorrectly For the duration of this talk is a 200 Ton vessel it's 46 meters long that's Including the bowstrip it sleeps 20 Guests and seven crew built in 1910 in Germany as a floating Lighthouse at a Place called calc grund and that was the First name of the vessel in 1963 this Boat was replaced by a real Lighthouse And then this boat became a clubhouse For a sailing school in Germany near the Danish border In 1990 it was found discarded in a Channel in the Netherlands the specific Location of that is still unknown the Entire superstructure of it had been Removed and it was just left derelict And abandoned at this point two families From the Netherlands obtained The Vessel Again the details of how they acquired It are a little nebulous but they began Fixing her up until in 1994 she was Renamed the nordelict and did its first Season sailing in the Baltic nor the Licht incidentally is Dutch for Northern Lights So during the 90s the nordelict was one

Of scant few vessels operating in Svalbard which at that point was Completely Uncharted so this was just a Wild adventure for those two families And it may have been the first sailing Charter vessel in the area ever and you Would think that that was enough but For 13 years it operated as a boutique Hotel where it was taken around into a River and frozen into the ice over Winters most boats at that point were Sailing down to the Canary Islands and Chartering out of there this boat would Stay overwinters and people would come To svalbard and go and stay on it as the Ship in the Ice Hotel [Music] Foreign We are setting the sails Hold up one two three Next week we're heading offshore get Ready for a very different looking sale Be sure to hit subscribe which is Free By the way so you don't miss the next One this bow is so beautiful like it's Amazing it's just Just [Music] Foreign

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