BOAT LIFE: How we Shower

By | October 3, 2022



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Until hazardous weather patches [Applause] [Music] Oh We just wanted to tell you about our Sale plans so we didn't actually sail 200 nautical miles out into the Atlantic Simply to wash ourselves in the misty Deluge of what is actually millions of Water molecules coalescing at above 10 000 feet until they become saturated and Plumbered to Earth with The Telltale Rush of cold air called the Gus front Noticeable to Sailors preceding a large Downpour often this is referred to as Frank we were actually on day three or Something and had 200 nautical miles to Go up the Gulf Stream and around Hatteras on our way to Annapolis Sky is blue there's squalls around Everything's very beautiful at the Moment [Applause] What's for dinner tonight Ellie sweet Potato burritos I love how you say that sweet potato Burritos sounds very British yes Lenny Come look at this rainbow yeah you can Bring the broom oh yeah Put rainbow is it a big rainbow look Rainbow it's amazing Um [Music] You just want a plane

[Music] How are you showering Alex oh we're Going with the old bucket bath Technique No we just have to not lose Actually pretty warm [Music] We probably would have had a bucket Shower too had this Squall not blown Over us some of my favorite moments at Sea have been the rainwater showers We've had miles from land [Music] It's a shower oh I'm not knocking around Four Walls of water come it's so fun Like each one The other side full of me This is really good too because been out On the ocean for a few days now and the Rig needed a rinse we needed to get the Salt water off I can't recall the last Time I felt this alive no thanks for Being our audience and making your food About this thank you [Music] Thank you [Music] We're always super conservative with Water but I actually ran the water maker Today so realistically we all could have Had normal freshwater showers but we Thought we'd make it fun Ellie is going To have a freshwater shower though just A normal good old shower two minute Shower though

400 liters of water Could last including showers Five adults 12 days so that's drinking water cooking And very small showers now for those of You that might be new Kids running around that's mine and Riley's Kids and Alex and Ellie are Crewing on board for us Ellie's actually Going to sleep with Lenny who's eldest Kid who's three now just to be safe he's Having a sleepover with Ellie which he's Loving thanks Ellie you're welcome Love you Lenny say good night good night Little kiss He usually sleeps with Riley out here in The saloon but when we're underway it Just makes us feel a little bit Uncomfortable in case he wakes up in the Night and he's trying to find someone Who might be on watch outside and Alex And Riley are going to take night shift Tonight I'll be up on the early morning Shift just before the sunrise with Baby Darwin so him and I are going to sleep Together we did pretty well last night He only woke up three times and you Helped me sail this morning didn't you This is the flattest calmest water I'm In the Gulf Stream So it had never Occurred to before and I've never read That current efforts going with you with The wind and with you Smooths out the Ocean and I don't mean you experience

Less lives I mean the ocean is just Flatter love to hear from people about That in the meantime we've got a three Knot current behind us which means that We're able to go further downwind than We normally would and the apparent wind Is coming around and the Mainsail isn't Blanking in the heads out normally if You go directly downwind one the winds From behind you one sail blocks the Other but because we're moving fast We're dragging the wind around and it's Fully on both sails so we're gonna have To Jive we don't want to Jive too early Because then it will have to drive back And then drive again but I want to drive Too late because we could end up getting Drifting way past our protected Corner Because also the wind is going to blow It's going to get stronger as the day Goes on it feels like it's blowing 10 like the ocean is just incredibly Calm we're going five knots Max yeah it Does it's just so smooth it's nuts Alex Mentioned if the ocean is moving like This and the wind is moving like this That there's less friction that's Causing the waves to occur so it's Actually lower so that's all of the Things that we've been potting and Skimming Foreign [Music] [Music]

This is awesome we're doing 12 knots With the wind at 155 degrees we've got Big sales and a lot of sales up the code There we're going very fast downwind so We're running away from the true wind Which is gusting to 22 even a little bit More let's say 23 with one Reef in the Main but everything up there's a Probably a planet or something out here That's it's so bright I thought it was The a light on a mast there's something Really weird and Eerie about tonight I've been working towards making this Trip as safe as possible rounding Hatteras and there's lightning in front Of us and lightning behind us and I'm I've had a bit of coffee and I'm sitting Out there going like Foreign Guys you can now get this extremely Accurate representation of Riley on Night watch in our store pick up the Night watch coffee design via the link In the description below just mad dog on Watch just I'm not not dropping the ball Under any circumstances we've just done Our last job for the trip that was the One I was a little concerned about but We nailed it we did it really smoothly Once we put the code do away Everything's a lot more calm now But we're going way slower so we're Thinking about what the right thing to Do is

That the helm outside and I heard it And I was looking around for the stinky Fish and it had somehow flicked its way Inside More of a line that he's going to be Healing [Music] Which stinks so bad we have a container Ship coming up ahead of us And where I've gone close enough to land That I can I got some cell service so we Got another lot of weather we've got 164 Miles to go so we've still got a long Way to go but certainly the hard part's Been done we've rounded Matters You want a speaker Morning I think I jinx myself Last night was not a very good night for Darwin and I just couldn't sleep for Some reason ah because we've really Picked up speed that's why yeah we just Started flying and then I looked out my Window and I saw a Squall and I was like I hope that's in the school and of Course they had yeah we were just going Really fast so it's a bit bouncy you Know kind of so it's actually too fast For Darwin to be walking around by Himself he just Falls over hits his head On everything Too Rocky today is going to consist of Just

Carrying them around I would clunking on The table on the nav station on the sink Over there he likes the sink he loves Gopross Gentle we could put him in a baby Carrier but he he thinks he's too old For it now and he wants to get out thank You thank you What's your brother We need fresh air Are you giving him a cuddle How you going schmook tell me everything About the sales and what we just did So you and I just shook out a wreath This morning and the wind is coming from Here Alex and I work really really hard Last night to put the boat close to land So that today would be a comfortable Sale with 18 knots blowing from here so Wind coming from Land there's not enough Chance for waves to form so we're very Comfortable last night was nuts and we Exited the Gulf Stream and we rounded Hatteras which is not like that's it That's no main thing really really good Nice job last night Ellie and I I think We had as much sleep as the boys we were Speeding along so quick you know big Ways we heard rain we heard these guys Fussing about a flying fish caught a Flying fish yeah there's one in the Fridge let me show you Alex loves to eat Flying fish I think we're all gonna have To eat one today

Are you gonna try some flying fish Ellie I'll try it yeah I don't even know what It looks like I need to have a look at It [Music] Tiny Try it I'll try anything great that's The spirit yummy where are we going So what is the bolt Yeah Yeah See Hazard wind gusts 34 knots or greater in Wonder spells possible impact Builders And small crafts could be thrown Overboard by subtly higher winds and Waves capsizing their vessel move to Safe Harbor until the hazardous weather Passes Both of the kids are still sleeping so It's free time for the adults yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah no maybe I'm my Hip Dawn does not want to be put down lately He's got new teeth coming I know it's Good for that but look at the wind There's more coming the wind is really Picking up we're gonna just come up a Scout here and then swamp over Here we have arrived showered Feeling alive again we even did a Workout Ellie and I Ellie's just made us Black bean burgers for dinner which is One of our favorite dishes and Alex is

Frying up the fried fish the fried Flying fish he's frying up the Flying Fish whoa I've never eaten a flying fish Before I've seen so many of them on the Boat when they jump aboard sadly and die So this is gonna be an experience for me Oh and some birds have made a nest on The top of the moss in this short time We've been here Lenny is there any bird Poo on the deck already No that's good Can you tell the beds to go away Did they go yes [Music] Foreign [Music] Or something yeah so you just pulled the Meat off there we go that looks great Is that one good Tastes like fish okay Bottoms Up Is the tail the best bit uh [Music] I'm a fan it's not too fishy at all I thought it was gonna be really fishy For some reason because it just reminds Me of Sardine it's definitely not a Hogfish but it's fish so you can eat Them everyone That's really good yeah it's not bad Yeah they say yeah You know George Orwell George Orwell wrote 1984 which you've Read and Animal Farm And Aldous Huxley he wrote Brave New

World have you read that one I think you made me but I didn't okay What all well feared were those who Would ban books what Huxley feared was That there would be no reason to ban a Book for there would be no one who Wanted to read one Orwell feared those who would deprive us Of information Huxley feared those who Would give us so much that we would be Reduced to passivity and egoism Orwell Fear that the truth would be concealed From us Huxley feared the truth would be Drowned in a sea of irrelevance Orwell Feared we would become a captive culture Huxley feared we would become a trivial Culture in 1984 Huxley added people are Controlled by inflicting pain in Brave New World they are controlled by Inflicting pleasure in short Orwell Feared that what we hate will ruin us Huxley feared that what we'd love will Ruin us and that's by Neil Postman and I Thought that that was relevant for Sailing Elena because when we're on land Especially when we're living in a house We get ubereats and Eight high fat diets and drink alcohol And live like dumb westerners and when You're out on the ocean It's the complete opposite I'm much more Concerned with what Aldous Huxley is Concerned with in that with today's Society and I guess if if Orwell was

Living in today's society I think he Would have much more of the opinion that We probably do Thank you for that beautiful bit of Insight Yeah look it was a massive day and I was Nearly asleep and Riley was trying to Get all philosophical on me so I'm sure Riley would love to hear what your Opinion is on this in the comments below

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