Bluenose Things to See, Do and Eat in Lunenburg, NS

By | October 26, 2021

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia is home to the Bluenose II schooner. The original Bluenose was once the fastest fishing schooner in the world and is the pride of Canada, even being featured on the Canadian dime. In Lunenburg not only can you get the chance to see the replica Bluenose II in the summer months but there are so many other Bluenose related things to see, do and eat in Lunenburg.

Follow along with the ships schedule and find out when she is setting sail, then grab a boat and some friends and sail alongside her. Visit the Bluenose II Company Store and buy some awesome Bluenose souvenirs. While at the store buy some Bluenose themed food or other commemorative items and drinks from other shops around town. From Lunenburg rum cake and their Bluenose Street dark chocolate with sea salt to Laughing Whale Bluenose Brew Coffee, Peace by Chocolate chocolate bars, and even Bluenose 100 commemorative beer from Shipwright Brewing in collaboration with Garrison Brewing or by Lightship Brewing and Saltbox Brewing. Definitely don't forget the Bluenose Rum from Ironworks Distilling that distills their rum in the same blacksmiths building that first help build the Bluenose.

Be sure to also explore the traveling mobile Bluenose exhibit before heading to the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic. At the museum you can see the newly unveiled Angus Walters bust and many artifacts and pieces of history from the life of the Bluenose. While you are in Lunenburg you should also stay the night at the historic Victorian Gothic 75 year old Bluenose lodge. They have 12 rooms of various sizes and a lovely newly reopened dining room serving breakfast and dinner daily to guests and the public.

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Hey it's caitlin from travel yourself And nova scotia and today I'm doing all things bluenose in Lunenburg Travel yourself Visit bluenose.nova To see the ship's sailing schedule and When you can grab a boat and some Friends and sail alongside her [Music] [Music] They also sell blue noses This is perfect Amos pewter also made these necklaces For the 100th anniversary They have a scroll off at the front of The ship on one side And the imprint of the sail on the back Aside from some great clothing souvenirs At the blue nose store you can also buy Some bluenose themed things to eat in The shop and other stores around town There are also a bunch of blue nose and Luna burke themed treats to celebrate The ship as well we have the laughing Whale blue nose brew the lunemberg rum Cakes has rum cakes and delicious Chocolate we have the blue nose rum from Ironworks distillery then two Commemorative beers one by saltbox and The other by shipwright and garrison and Then piece by chocolate has made a Delicious blue nose 100 chocolate bar That is dark chocolate with almonds and

Sea salt Here is the lunenburg rum cakes blue Nose drive dark chocolate and sea salt Kind of melting on me because it's so Hot today That is so so good Melting all over me But very delicious Oh man you gotta try it Here is the uh rum cake probably Shouldn't be just holding in my hand Like they should have a plate and a Knife but this is what we've got Let's give it a try [Music] It's very good You can definitely taste the rum This is the piece by chocolate chocolate Bar commemorating 100 years of the blue Nose it is also dark chocolate sea salt And almonds Which is very good as well Oh that's very nice very crisp and light Cheers This is iron works distilling they make A delicious blue nose rum and this Building actually originally was a boat Blacksmith shop and they made parts for Ships like the bluenose Hey The fisheries museum of the atlantic has One of the biggest displays of artifacts And historic pieces from the blue nose Let's go check it out

[Music] [Applause] Okay when they launched the bluenose 2 Captain angus walter was named an Honorary captain of the new ship This is a certificate stating that very Cool This is an old schooner beer bottle when The blue nose tube was built it was used For promotional purposes by the olin Brewery for this beer and the boat was Later given to nova scotia This is the actual one dollar bill that Nova scotia paid olin brewery for the Blue nose 2. These are some of the original trophies That the bluenose won [Music] This year traveling around the province With the bluenose is the mobile exhibit She can learn a lot more History about the ship it's kind of like A mini museum on wheels When the blue nose is docked public is Allowed on board for a tour of the top Of the ship That is so high up and they climb all The way up there to tie up the big sails Apparently todd labrador's grandfather Made some of the original hoops like This that hold the sails on [Music] [Music] [Music]

The bluenose lodge is a beautiful Victorian gothic 75 year old boutique Inn with 12 rooms of various sizes for You to stay in they also have a newly Reopened dining room with amazing food For dinner and breakfast available for Guests and the public [Music] [Music] Thanks for watching and don't forget to Subscribe You

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