Big Update on “South Sudan Cow Tribe” Video #travel

By | January 10, 2023

Hello South Sudan I'm gonna be spending two full days with The mundari tribe the cow tribe The mandaris are known as cow people Because not only do they permanently Live with cows but they use their milk For eating their urine for showering and They're done for skin protection the Most interesting thing about the shower Is that you don't know when you're gonna Shower like you just have to wait for a Cow to pee And now showering couch fit and the Person last time I'll do that in Mindaric culture cows are at the center Of religion birth and marriage cows are Symbols of wealth and power a man's Status is determined by how many cows he Owns and the size of their horns this is The best story that I've made maybe in My life sadly I posted the full video on My YouTube channel and they flagged it And demonetized it for various graphic Parts which is terrible so I decided to Upload it on my own paywall you can pay What you want if you want to support the Video I really appreciate it check the Link below I love you guys

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