By | December 30, 2022


Here are my top seven experiences of the Year number seven going to the world's Hottest city it's called in Kuwait and I Went in the middle of summer when it was 135 degrees Fahrenheit heat stroke is Real number six beating the world's Longest living people in Okinawa Japan The average life expectancy is 97 so I Went there to learn why it's the Healthiest place in the world number Five going to the world's largest Ginger Fest it's pretty cool to be here and be With other genders who probably feel the Same as me number four living with the Akha tribe in Laos I met a very special Tribe who told me they've never seen a Foreigner number three going to chabahar Iran this is a region that looks feels And tastes like Pakistan number two Entering the last known island with Cannibals I just went to Papua Island Indonesia in search of the last tribe Who practices cannibalism and what I Found will blow your mind [Music] Number one meeting the cow tribe of South Sudan I spent two Incredible Days With the mandari tribe who treat their Cows as humans happy holidays guys and I'll see you in 2023

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