Beat Jet Lag on Your European Vacation – Advice for American Tourists

By | November 9, 2022

Flying from the US to Europe can take a lot out of a traveler. It can also mean bad jet lag or just a ruined first day in Europe. To get the most out of your European vacation you need to be able to get back in gear. This video goes through why it might be a good idea to rent your hotel room the night before you arrive, so it is waiting for you when you arrive on that early morning flight.
Filmed in Klaipeda, Lithuania

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Hey there fellow travelers mark here With walter's world and today we're here In collipida lithuania and today i want To give you some words of advice when it Comes to flying to europe if you're Coming from the u.s canada south america Because a lot of times these flights From the u.s when they come in actually Land in europe early morning like you Might get in at 5 30 in the morning into Dublin or 6 30 in the morning into paris Or 8 o'clock in the morning into Amsterdam these things do happen quite Often and the thing is if you're coming Into paris at 6 30 in the morning and You can't check into your hotel until Four and that's almost 10 hours you've Got to lug your bags around and if you Have an airbnb they don't let you just Go and drop your bags off and enjoy the City so what can you do well there's a Few things you can do and one thing i do Recommend is when you're booking your Accommodation Look and see when you're gonna land Because if it's like noon okay i can Probably make it a little bit then drop Myself off and check in we should be Okay but if you have that huge like six Seven hours beforehand talk to your Hotel talk to your airbnb and see hey Could i get check in a little bit early Some hotels are very happy oh yeah sure Come on in i mean we've gone to places

In germany where we got into frankfurt At like 8 a.m we got to our hotel at Nine we're like oh we just want to leave Our bags like oh it's okay leave your Bags you can have breakfast here it's Totally fine no charge i'm like awesome So sometimes you just ask like yeah you Can check in early or just leave your Bags and some places actually have a Place for guests like that to freshen up Because they know so many tourists come In that early on that early morning Flight now not every place is like that One thing you could do is actually book Your accommodation for the night before So you've paid for the night but now You're just going to use that morning Time okay this is really important if You're going to do an airbnb because Airbnb is like nah look you got to pay The day before they're very much less Receptive to helping you than hotels are Okay but hotels airbnbs if you booked The night before then you're like hey Look i'm just coming at eight o'clock in The morning let's meet up give me my key Then versus at three o'clock in the Afternoon Also for your hotel your room is already Saved but what is important if you're Gonna book those rooms for the night Before but get in the next morning you Need to tell them that you're getting in The next morning not that you're coming

In in the evening time because they Might think oh you're not here you're Not going to come we'll rebook your room We'll sell your room to somebody else And you don't want that okay so make Sure you tell them that in your Reservation now some apartment rentals Might actually let you pay like a half Day and some hotels might let you pay a Half day just to get in early because Not everyone's going to be nice and safe Please no problem but it is something to Ask about for like a day raid to do that And i realize that is going to cost more Money if you're going to book the night Before or pay an extra half day here's My kind of thought process on this is it Better to pay an extra day at your hotel But to get to the hotel be able to Shower get cleaned up get your bags Undone put your passport in the safe and Do that and then be refreshed at like 10 30 in the morning and then go enjoy the City like have all day in paris to have It be a real travel tourism day versus Walking around with your bags or being All sweaty and gross because you know Have you had that overnight flight from Rio to paris you're just like i feel Gross do you want to feel like that and Walk around like you're going to hate Every single picture of yourself all Right so sometimes it's worth it just to Get more out of that first day because

I'll tell you after that long flight be Able to go in a real bathroom versus a Airplane bathroom be able to brush your Teeth oh my god that's refreshing but Showering and getting revitalized helps You enjoy your travel a little bit Better so just some words of advice i do Have for you if you're gonna do this Because honestly it will really help out In terms of getting that first day going Better also if you want to take a little Nap when you get in uh hour long nap and Don't go more than an hour and a half Otherwise your jet lag will be all crazy But a little nap to like re-energize can Also help out and that's what you can do In your hotel for that little bit all Right now if you don't want to do any of Those things you want to walk around With your luggage for eight hours that's Fine but another idea i have for you is If you're coming into town from the Airport you might see do they have left Luggage at the train station or the bus Station there's actually companies that Are just out there made to hold tourist Bags so there's a whole system for it so You can actually talk to them and get Those and have your bags left off Someplace in paris for the day then come Back and get it later no problem all Right so i hope this helps you enjoy That first day of travel a little bit Better because i know flying from the

U.s or south america or canada or Whatever coming to the u.s can be kind Of stressful and wear you out a bit but I do hope it helps you know a bit better So you can have more fun on that first Day get more out of your vacation Because come on you came all the way to Lithuania enjoy it Bye from here in claipeda lithuania

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